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Fieldking Tractor Implements In India

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Recently Asked Question about Fieldking Tractor Implements:

The price of fieldking farm implements in India starts from Rs. 15000.
Rotavator, cultivator, tipping trailer, combine harvester, baler, harrow, plough and many more implements are made by Fieldking.
60+ models are available in fieldking implements.
At tractorgyan, you can find the updated Fieldking tractor implements price list.
Fieldking Multi Crop Harvester is the most popular fieldking implement among farmers.
Fieldking tractor implements are compatable with all tractors so there is no specific requirement of hp.
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About Fieldking Implements 

Fieldking tractor implements is a renowned brand that works for providing great and efficient build models of tractor implements or agricultural implements like disc harrows, rotavators, mulchers, and tillers, and the list is long. One of the highly advantageous things about fieldking implements is that it provides a product that is easily available, accessible, and highly budget-friendly for the farmers of our country. The fieldking tractor implements price is super affordable for Indian farmers.

Types of Fieldking Farm Equipments

Harrows, rotavators, cultivators, ploughs, trailers, laser land levelers, and many other goods are available from Fieldking Implements. A list of Fieldking farm implements is also available for efficient work. 

All the Fieldking agriculture Implements categories, such as tillage, landscaping, haulage, seeding & plantation, post-harvest, crop protection, and others, are also available here.

1. Fieldking Harrow

One of the most important Fieldking tractor implements is tillage tools that farmers may purchase to boost yields is the harrow. This tillage tool is also employed in secondary tillage because it facilitates breaking up soil clumps quickly, effectively, and easily to provide the soil with a rich finish while preparing a final seedbed. Once the crop has been planted and grown, it also enables farmers to control weeds around the plants.

The price of Fieldking disc harrows starts from 15,000*.

2. Fieldking Cultivator 

The fieldking tractor implement i.e cultivator is best suited for its usage in soil with stone and root obstructions. It is made for the most demanding operations it is further used to aerate and loosen the soil up to a nine-inch depth the cultivator from fieldking tractor implements helps to prepare the seed beds rapidly. It is ideal for the tractor having a power range of 40 - 75 hp respectively. The remaining tynes continue to work at the proper depth after one of them hits a hidden object.

The price of the Fieldking cultivator starts from 15,000*

3. Fieldking Rotavator or Rotary Tiller

The rotavator is a multipurpose tillage tool from fieldking tractor implements that turns up soil using several blades. The device is mostly used to break up the soil in gardens, farms, and other outdoor spaces. Because of their straightforward construction and high efficiency as a tillage tool, rotary tillers are used much more frequently in agricultural operations. Rotary tiller from fieldking tractor implements operates with the tractor engine rated with an implement power of 45 – 50 hp.

The Price of Fieldking rotavator starts from 15000*.

4. Fieldking Laser Land Leveller

The fieldking agriculture implement known as the land leveler works for improving the soil's levelness, smoothness, and surface, allowing for the cultivation of crops in damp environments while using fewer fertilizers, seeds, chemicals, and fuel. It goes well with the tractor power of 90 – 105 hp range.

The price of a Fieldking land leveler starts from 15,000*.

5. Fieldking Plough 

The major tillage tool, the plough, from fieldking tractor implements acts as an implement that is connected to a tractor and aids in effectively tilling the ground. This Fieldking tractor implement is an amazing piece of farming equipment utilized to prepare the area for planting. The use of various types of ploughs enables farmers to transform the soil into a nutrient-rich seedbed for better plant growth, whether they are converting a completely new piece of land into a farm or simply preparing an existing farm to sow seeds. It goes well with a tractor having an engine range of 45 to 75 hp.

The price of the Fiedlking plough starts from 15,000*.

Popular Fieldking Farm Equipments in India

Apart from the above famous and popular Fieldking tractor implements below are some of the further popular Fieldking Farm Equipments models mentioned 

1. Fieldking Robust Poly Disc Harrow

2. Fieldking Gold Rotary Tiller Rotavator

3. Fieldking Dabangg Cultivator

4. Fieldking Disc Plough 

5. Fieldking Multi-row Tiller  

What is the Price of Fieldking Tractor implements in India?

Fieldking tractor implements are known for their best quality implements which come at an affordable price range hence it is suitable for Indian farmers and Indian farming lands. The Fieldking Implements Price starts from Rs. 15,000*. At this price range, Farmers should easily be able to afford fieldking tractor implements.

Fieldking Implements Price List 2024 in India

Fieldking Implements Models Fieldking Implements Price
Fieldking Mini Rotary Tiller Rs. 36,000*
Fieldking Robust Single Speed Rs. 2,00,000 - 4,50,000*
Fieldking Robust Multi Speed Rs. 2,41,000 - 5,58,000*
Fieldking Heavy Duty Land Leveler Rs.10,000*
Fieldking Regular Single Speed Rs. 2,00,000 - 2,50,000*
Fieldking Hobby Rotary Tiller Rs.1,04,961 - 2,30,000*
Fieldking Dabangg Cultivator  Rs. 20,700*
Fieldking Dabangg Harrow Rs. 40,000*

Where can you find Fieldking Agriculture Implements?

Fieldking tractor implements offer a variety of agricultural equipment which can be attached to the tractor and make the work easier in your fields. You can find Fieldking agriculture implements at Tractor Gyan. Tractorgyan is the greatest website for all of your fieldking tractor implements queries and answers. In addition to providing you with a seemingly limitless selection of fieldking tractor implements choices, Tractor Gyan also provides you with a number of special discounts, loan options, and other advantages that make it easier for you to select the right fieldking implements and rely on us for our superior services, efficiency in managing our product line, and approachability.

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