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Vst Tillers Tractors sold 421 tractors and 3616 power tillers in August 2023

Vst Tillers Tractors sold 421 tractors and 3616 power tillers in August 2023

    Vst Tillers Tractors sold 421 tractors and 3616 power tillers in August 2023

01 Sep, 2023

Vst Tillers Tractors Ltd. have announced their monthly sales report of tractors and power tillers for August 2023 including year-to-date sales volume.  According to reports, Vst Tillers and Tractors Ltd. sold 3616 power tillers and 421 tractors in August 2023. Furthermore, the year-to-date sales volume also shows a rise with the sales of 17762 power tillers and 2377 tractor units. So, we will compare this data from the previous year's sales volume in detail.

Particulars For the current period (in Nos.) For the corresponding period (in Nos.)
August - 2023     Year to date August - 2022 Year to date
Power Tillers 3616 17762 3002 15910
Tractors 421 2377 600 2789
Total (Tillers & Tractors in Nos) 4037 20139 3602 18699

For August 2023, the VST Tillers Tractors shows a decline in their tractor sales with 421 units sold, which is comparatively lower than its August 2022 sales, which shows the sales of 600 tractors. Hence, there is a slight decline in the tractors sales of VST tractors.

Apart from this, VST Tillers Tractors successfully sold 3616 power tillers in August 2023 which is comparatively higher than its previous year's sales volume of August 2022, which accounted for 3002 units. Hence, there is an increase in the sales volume of power tillers this year.

Therefore,  the number of tractors and power tillers sold by VST Tillers Tractors in August 2023 increased to 4037 units. This figure is overall higher than the previous year's combined sales of power tillers and tractors, which accounted for 3602 sales (August 2022). Hence, the overall sales volume of VST tractors and power tillers shows a rise in August 2023.

Now, if we talk about year-to-date sales of VST Tillers Tractors, it also shows a rise in its overall sales volume. The year-to-date sales for August 2023 are 20139 units, which is comparatively higher than August 2022, which showed sales of 18699 units. Thus, there is also an increase in the overall year-to-date sales of tractors and power tillers this year (August 2023).

So, VST Tillers tractors have shown an increase in their sales volume for August 2023 in both their monthly and year-to-date reports.

About Vst Tillers Tractors

Vst Tillers Tractors Ltd is one of the leading tractor brands in India who are known for building powerful compact tractors and tillers for multiple uses such as agriculture, haulage and commercial. They build tractors using the best technologies in the market, which increases the efficiency of the tractor. The company is also increasing its sales volume every year, which also denotes the popularity of VST tractors among consumers. The company launches the best tractors with progressive technologies and will continue to manufacture tractors, tillers and compact 4 WD tractors. So follow us to get updated on information and important news related to your favourite tractor brands in India.

About TractorGyan

Tractor Gyan is an expert-led platform that aims to empower Indian farmers by providing accurate and timely information, and technological advancement about tractors and farm equipment in India.

TractorGyan helps farmers with New Tractor information, Compare Tractors, Tractor prices, Buying and selling of second-hand tractors, Tractor Insurance, Tractor Finance, Tractor tyre, Tractor Implements, Tractor EMI calculator and more. 

On our Platform, we have information about leading brands :

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- In Tractor Insurance like Mahindra Finance, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, etc.

TractorGyan is Helping India mechanise by delivering crucial information about tractor buying and guiding farmers at every step so that they get a tractor or farm equipment that empowers and equips them to produce quality yield.

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महिंद्रा एंड महिंद्रा लिमिटेड ने अगस्त 2023 में 20,647 ट्रैक्टर यूनिट्स की बिक्री की है, जबकि अगस्त 2022 के दौरान यह आंकड़ा 20,138 ट्रैक्टर यूनिट्स था।...

Recently Asked Question about Vst Tillers Tractors sold 421 tractors and 3616 power tillers in August 2023

How many tractors did VST Tillers Tractors sell in August 2023?

VST Tillers Tractors sold 421 tractors in August 2023.

How many power tillers did VST Tillers Tractors sell in August 2023?

VST Tillers Tractors sold 3,616 power tillers in August 2023.

What were the tractor sales figures for VST Tillers Tractors in August 2023 compare to August 2022?

For August 2023, the VST sold 421 tractor units, which is comparatively lower than its August 2022 sales, which shows the sales of 600 tractors.

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