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Popular 9 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2024 - Features and Benefits

Popular 9 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2024 - Features and Benefits

    Popular 9 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2024 - Features and Benefits

25 Jan, 2024

Commercial farmers and farmers working on a large farming land need to replace their small rotavators with 9 feet rotavators. These rotavators have 9 feet wide working width and help farmers to cover a large piece of land in one pass.

In India, many 9 feet rotavator models are available from leading brands. Farmers can buy a model that fits the most to their farming requirements. In this post, we will provide you with details related to 9 feet rotavator features, 9 feet rotavator prices, and 9 feet rotavator benefits.  

We will help you buy 9 feet rotavator model at the best cost if you pay attention to what’s covered in this post. 

If you are looking to buy an affordable 3 feet Rotavator4 Feet Rotavator5 Feet Rotavator6 Feet Rotavator7 Feet Rotavator8 Feet Rotavator, 9 Feet Rotavator, 10 Feet Rotavator11 Feet Rotavator and 12 Feet rotavator, then you are at the right place.

List of Popular 9 Feet Rotavators in India 2024

Farmers have many options to choose from leading 9 feet rotavator models. We picked the most famous models for you. 

1. Mahindra Tez-E MLX 2.5 m

mahindra tez-e mlx 2.5 m

Mahindra Tez-E MLX 2.5 m 9 feet rotavator is a modern rotavator with features like a multi-speed gearbox, 540/1000 rpm PTO input, and 60 L and C type blades. The 9 feet rotavator price is affordable. 

2. Sonalika Challenger HD 9 Feet

sonalika challenger hd 9 feet

At an affordable 9 feet rotavator price, the Sonalika Challenger HD 9 feet model offers many features. The running PTO input is 600/1000 RPM and its gearbox offers single/multi-speed options. The Sonalika Challenger HD 9 Feet rotavator price in India is Rs. 1,35,000*. 

3. Yodha Heavy 9 Feet

yodha heavy 9 feet

This is one of the many famous 9 feet rotavator models in India. It has many features like a working width of 2743 mm, 60 L-type, 60 C-type, and 66 J-type blades, and a multi-speed gearbox. The 9 feet rotavator price for this model starts from Rs. 50,000* and it can go as high as Rs. 1,50,000*. 

4. Maschio Gaspardo Virat Pro 275

maschio gaspardo virat pro 275

This is a tractor-drawn tillage equipment. Farmers can use this 9 feet rotavator and enjoy features like an 80-95 HP tractor implement, L-type blades, multi-speed gearbox, and mechanism seals. The starting 9 feet rotavator price for this model is Rs. 1, 58,625* in India. 

5. Shaktiman Semi Champion Plus SCP 280

shaktiman semi champion plus scp 280

This 9 feet rotary tiller has sharp blades and a multi-speed gearbox. The tractor power for this 9 feet rotavator model is 80-90 HP and the 3-point linkage is CAT-II type. This model is available at an affordable cost of Rs. 1,67,703*. 

6. Sonalika Challenger Alpha 9 Feet

sonalika challenger alpha 9 feet

Sonalika Challenger Alpha 9 Feet is an inventive rotary tiller. The Sonalika Challenger Alpha 9 Feet rotavator features include 540/1000 rpm PTO speed, single/multi-speed gearbox, and 60 L types and J type blades. The 9 feet rotavator price 2024 for this model in India is Rs. 1,40,336*. 

7. Lancer Maximo Bold MB 280

lancer maximo bold mb 280

With features like CAT- II/III 3-point linkage, 66 L-type blades, gear-type side transmission, and 90-130 HP tractor power, this 9 feet rotavator model is very useful. It is available at an affordable price range in India.  

8. Maschio Gaspardo Virat SP 275

maschio gaspardo virat sp 275

 This model of 9 feet rotary tiller has 220 mm maximum working depth and 72 L types of blades. This is one of the leading 9 feet rotavator implements in India that farmers can purchase at an affordable cost. 

9 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2024

The 9 feet rotavator price range in India varies according to the model and features. The starting 9 feet rotavator price range is Rs. 80,000*- Rs. 1,75,000*. This is a heavy-duty rotary tiller and works only with a heavy-duty tractor. So, the price can be a little high compared to other types of rotary tillers.

However, the high price of a rotary tiller is justified by multiple 9 feet rotary benefits. The 9 feet rotavator models that we just explained to you are easy-on-pocket and offer advanced features. 

9 Feet Rotavators Features

The specific specifications and features may vary among different brands and models of 9 feet rotavators in India. We have listed some general 9 feet rotavator features. 

  • A 9 feet rotavator will typically have a working width of 9 feet. 

  • Rotavators may have multiple blades arranged in different configurations for effective soil tillage. 9 feet rotavator blades are L-type and C types. They are made from cast iron or boron steel. 

  • These rotary tillers come with adjustable blade settings and allow farmers to control the working width. 

  • The gearbox of the 9 feet rotavator has multi/single speed options. You also have chain and gear type of transmission. 

  • The PTO speed is 540 RPM in most of the 9 feet rotavator models. 

  • Most 9 feet rotavators are designed to be mounted on the three-point hitch of a tractor. 

9 Feet Rotavators Benefits

When it comes to 9 feet rotavator benefits, farmers have many benefits to enjoy. 

  • One of the main 9 feet rotary tillers has a larger working width of 9 feet. This way, farmers can cover a greater area in a single pass. This increases the farmers’ efficiency in soil preparation. 

  • Due to its wider working width, a 9 feet rotavator can save farmers valuable time during busy planting seasons.

  • It requires less time and passes to cover large land. This saves fuel and operational costs. 

  • This type of rotary tiller is perfect for commercial farmers. 

  • It can prepare the farming land for various types of crops. 

  • With 9 feet wide working width, it can break the soil effectively. It promotes better soil aeration and tilth. 

  • The increased 9 feet size comes with greater mechanical strength. So, farmers can handle huge amounts of soil quantity. 

9 Feet Rotavators Buying Guide

When considering the purchase of a 9 feet rotavator, some buying tips will help farmers. 

  • Make sure that the tractor you already own is compatible with the 9 feet rotary tiller you’re planning to purchase. The PTO and HP of both these machines should be compatible with each other. 

  • The 9 feet rotavator blades are available in different configurations and settings. Farmers need to understand the kind of soil and crops beforehand. Compacted and hard soil will ask for sharp 9 feet rotavator blades. 

  • Check the material of the blades. Steel blades will ask for less maintenance. Iron blades are prone to corrosion. These blades even require regular cleaning as well. 

  • Stick to reputable brands when you buy 9 feet rotavator implements. We recommend you study customer reviews, ask for recommendations, and consider the reputation of the brand. 

  • Check the rotavator for its adjustability features. Rotary tillers with flexible depth ensure that farmers can work with different soil conditions and crops. 

  • A 9 feet rotary tiller with a multi-speed rotary tiller allows farmers to operate at different speeds. 

  • Determine your budget for the 9 feet rotavator. Study about 9 feet rototray prices and select a model that fits into your budget. 

  • Always buy a 9 feet rotary tiller from a trusted dealer. This way, you ensure timely support and authentic parts. 


9 feet rotavator implements are useful for commercial farmers. This implement covers a large part of the land in a single pass and helps farmers save a great deal of time and effort.  

To understand which are the leading 9 feet rotavator implements and 9 feet rotavator prices, we recommend using Tractor Gyan. Here, farmers will be able to get the right guidance to buy 9 feet rotavator.   

Why Choose TractorGyan for 9 Feet Rotavators?

TractorGyan is a verified online platform that farmers can refer to when they want to buy a 9 feet rotavator tiller. The platform features leading 9 feet rotavator models under one roof. You can learn about 9 feet rotavator prices and specifications, maschio rotavator 9 feet price, shaktiman rotavator 9 feet price, mahindra rotavator 9 feet price, sonalika rotavator 9 feet price, swan rotavator 9 feet price, dashmesh rotavator 9 feet price . 

Farmers can also learn about the 9 feet rotavator reviews to know which models are good in real life. With all this information, farmers will be able to buy the right model of 9 feet rotary tiller.  

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Recently Asked Question about Popular 9 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2024 - Features and Benefits

What is a 9 feet rotavator?

A 9 feet rotavator is a type of agricultural implement that has a working width of 9 feet.

What are some popular brands of 9 feet rotavators?

Mahindra, Sonalika, Yodha, Maschio Gaspardo, Shaktiman, and Lancer are some popular brands of 9 feet rotavators.

Which are the top 9 feet rotavator models in India?

Mahindra Tez-E MLX 2.5 m, Sonalika Challenger HD 9 Feet, Yodha Heavy 9 Feet and Maschio Gaspardo Virat Pro 275 are some of the top 9 feet rotavator models in India.

What is the price range of 9 feet rotavator in India?

The 9 feet rotavator price in India ranges from Rs. 80,000* to Rs. 1,75,000*.

Where can I find more information about 9 feet rotavators?

At Tractorgyan, you can find more information about the latest 9 feet rotavator models in India.

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