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Popular 4 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2024 - Features and Benefits

Popular 4 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2024 - Features and Benefits

    Popular 4 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2024 - Features and Benefits

19 Feb, 2024

4 feet rotavators are important farming implements that both small-scale and large-scale farmers can use. This tool helps farmers to do 4 feet width furrows and lanes in the farming lands.

These rows and lanes are then used to sow seeds. With the help of 4 feet rotavator tractor implementation, farmers can automate the seed-sowing process and save time and labour. 

Want to buy an affordable 3 feet Rotavator, 4 Feet Rotavator, 5 Feet Rotavator6 Feet Rotavator7 Feet Rotavator8 Feet Rotavator9 Feet Rotavator10 Feet Rotavator11 Feet Rotavator and 12 Feet rotavator, then you are at the right place.

List of Popular 4 Feet Rotavators in India 2024

There are many 4 feet rotavator models available in India. We have hand-picked the top models for your reference. 

1. Shaktiman Champion CH 125

shaktiman champion ch 125

Compatible with 45-60 HP range tractor range, this 4 feet rotary tiller has features like 30 L-type and 30 C-type blades, working width of 1260 mm., options for single-speed and multi-speed, and boron steel blades. Farmers can buy a 4 feet rotavator of this model at Rs. 1,23,965* in India. 

2. Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX 125

mahindra gyrovator zlx 125

This 4 feet rotavator features 127-207 working width, 36 blades, multiple depth adjustments, and the ability to work in dry and wet farming land. The Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX 125 price in India is Rs. 80,000*. It uses L-type blades for better soil tilling. 

3. Lancer MP 120

lancer mp 120

This 4 feet rotavator model comes with features like a multi-speed gearbox, mechanical oil seat, and helical-shaped rotor assembly. It has a heavy-duty back guard and sturdy build quality.  Farmers can buy this model of 4 feet rotavator at Rs. 65,000* - Rs. 1,50,000*. 

4. Balwan Yuvraj 4 Feet

balwan yuvraj 4 feet

Balwan Yuvraj 4 Feet rotavator blades are L and C-shades. It features 20/24 L or 20/24 C-type blades. It is compatible with 25-30 HP tractors. It can perform efficient residue disposal. It can operate easily in dry and wetlands. The Balwan Yuvraj 4 Feet rotavator price  starts at Rs. 68,715* and goes up to Rs. 168,500*. 

5. Shaktiman Regular Light RL 185

shaktiman regular light rl 185

This 4 feet rotary tiller model from Shaktiman has a maximum working width of 100 mm and it uses a Sher Blot / Slip Clutch driveline safety device. The 4 feet rotavator blades in this model are curved and square type. A total of 54 types are used in this model. The Shaktiman Regular Light RL 185 price is Rs. 1.19 Lakhs* in India. 

6. Krishiking Baahubali KKRTBS-4

krishiking baahubali kkrtbs 4

This is one of the leading 4 feet tractor implements in India. It comes with PTO speed of 540/1000 RPM, 30 L-type blades, The working width of this rotavator is 1250 mm and it has a multi-speed gearbox. It is available at an affordable cost. 

7. New Holland RE125

new holland re125

This is a multi-speed 4 feet rotary tiller. Farmer enjoys 4 feet rotavator benefits like gear-based drive type, square L & C type 4 feet rotavator blades.  It comes with a special water-proof  seal.  

8. Swan Agro Mini NSEMS RT 120 

swan agro mini nsems rt 120

This is a leading rotavator with modern features like 22 L-type 4 feet rotavator blades, multi speed aluminum casting gearbox, and robust PTO shaft.  

9. Howard HR 11/125

howard hr 11125

This rotavator model is widely used for  seed bed preparation and breaking compacting soil. It has 30 L-shaped blades, made from high quality boron steel.  At an affordable Howard HR 11/125 price, this rotavator can handle various soil conditions.  

10. Shaktiman Side Shift VLS 135 

shaktiman side shift vls 135

The Shaktiman Side Shift VLS 135 price range is between Rs. 1.30 Lakhs* and Rs. 1.33 Lakhs*. It is compatible with more than 40 HP range tractors. Shaktiman Side Shift VLS 135 4 feet rotavator features boron steel blades, multi speed gearboxes, and great performance. 

4 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2024

4 feet rotavator price in India starts from Rs. 30,000*. Based upon the blade configurations, transmission type, and other 4 feet rotavator features, this price can reach up to Rs. 1.50 Lakhs*.

All the 4 feet rotavator models that we discussed in this post are an ideal combination of performance and affordability. You can buy a 4 feet rotavator from our list and enjoy better ROI. 

4 Feet Rotavators Features

4 feet rotavator features vary according to the model and specifications. However, certain features are part of almost every leading 4 feet rotary tiller.  

Below, we have listed the leading 4 feet rotavator features for your reference. 

  • The working width of a 4-feet rotavator is approximately 4 feet. It means it can till the soil from 4 feet width land in a single pass.

  • The 4 feet rotavator HP varies according to its build capacity. The typical 4 feet tractor rotavator HP range is 15 HP- 35 HP. 

  • Many 4 feet rotavator models come with depth adjustment features that allow farmers to control the penetration of the 4 feet rotavator blades into the soil. 

  • 4 feet rotavator blades perform the actual tilling and commonly C-type or L-type blades are available. 

  • 4 feet rotary tillers are available with gear-driven or chain-driven transmission types.

4 Feet Rotavators Benefits

A 4 feet rotavator benefits many for farmers. Its effective usage can help farmers to: 

  • Save a great deal of time & effort. The 4-feet width of the rotary tiller allows farmers to cover a large part of the land in a single pass. 

  • Significantly reduce the need for manual labour in soil preparation. This can lead to cost savings and increased efficiency, especially in areas where manual labour is scarce or expensive.

  • Achieving more uniform tillage across the field. This ensures consistent soil structure and fertility, promoting optimal conditions for plant growth.

  • Increase the soil aeration in the farming land. The 4 feet tractor rotavator can break up the soil and allow air to pass through it easily. 

  • Incorporate the organic matter into the soil effectively. A 4 feet rotavator can mix crop residues and organic material into the soil. 

4 Feet Rotavators Buying Guide

Farmers need to check the 4 feet rotary tiller HP. They need to make sure that it’s compatible with the horsepower and three-point hitch of your tractor. 

  • The PTO speed of 4 feet rotavator implements should match the tractor’s specifications. 

  • 4 feet rotavators come with different types of blades. Each type of blade is suitable for different kinds of soil conditions. We suggest farmers review the blades of 4 feet rotavator models and select a model that has blades suitable for the soil type of your farming land. 

  • It is important to purchase 4 feet rotavator implements with sturdy and durable construction. Make sure that the frame is made from quality material and 4 feet rotavator blades are made from boron steel.  

  • Ensure that the 4 feet rotary tiller that you’re planning to buy has a reliable gearbox and transmission system. When these two components are different, 4 feet rotavator implements will operate smoothly. 

  • We recommend you buy 4 feet rotavator model with adjustable depth and width settings. This way, farmers can decide the cultivation depth and width. 

Once you successfully buy a 4 feet rotavator that matches your requirements, you need to make sure that it continues helping you for years to come. For this, you need to follow certain viable maintenance tips. 

  • Keep all moving parts well-lubricated. This reduces friction and increases 4 feet rotavator life.

  • Inspect the blades for wear and tear. Replace blades immediately if blades are worn out or damaged.  

  • We recommend regular inspection of gearboxes and checking the oil leakage. 

  • Clean the rotavator to remove any soil, plant residues, or debris before storage. 


4 feet rotavator implements are useful for farmers. With the help of this tractor implement, farmers can easily till the soil and sow the seeds at the proper depth. In India, many 4 feet rotavator models are available.

Farmers can buy 4 feet rotavator at an affordable cost in India. Connect with Tractor Gyan today to learn more about this leading tractor implement and purchase a suitable model. 

Why Choose TractorGyan?

4 feet rotavators are great farming equipment for Indian farmers. However, farmers can only enjoy the benefits of this tractor implement if they purchase a leading model of 4 feet tractor implements.

TractorGyan offers a one-stop solution for all sorts of 4 feet rotavator information. Here, farmers can learn about 4 feet rotavator models, 4 feet rotavators price, and leading 4 feet rotavator models, shaktiman rotavator 4 feet price, sonalika rotavator 4 feet price, mahindra rotavator 4 feet price, 4.5 feet rotavator price, mahindra 4 feet rotavator price. 

As all this information is updated and verified, farmers will always stay informed.

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Recently Asked Question about Popular 4 Feet Rotavators Price List in India 2024 - Features and Benefits

What is a 4 feet rotavator?

A 4 feet rotavator is a type of agricultural implement that is specifically designed to till the soil to a depth of up to 4 feet.

What are the popular 4 feet rotavator models in India?

Shaktiman Champion CH 125, Mahindra Gyrovator ZLX 125, Lancer MP 120 and Shaktiman Regular Light RL 185 are some of the popular 4 feet rotavator models in India.

What is the horsepower requirement for 4 feet rotavators?

4 feet rotavators generally require a horsepower in the range of 15 to 35 HP.

What is the price range of 4 feet rotavator in India?

The 4 feet rotavator price in India ranges from Rs. 30,000* to Rs. 1.50 Lakhs*.

Where can I find reliable information about 4 feet rotavators?

At Tractorgyan, you can find more information about 4 feet rotavator models, prices, and more.

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