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John Deere's Biggest Announcements at 5.0 Event: From Reversible Fan to High-Speed Planter!

John Deere's Biggest Announcements at 5.0 Event: From Reversible Fan to High-Speed Planter!

    John Deere's Biggest Announcements at 5.0 Event: From Reversible Fan to High-Speed Planter!

14 Feb, 2024

Once again, John Deere India is ready to make headlines with its Power & Technology 5.0 event. Premiered on 14th February 2024, this event covered the detailed features of JD-Link technology, the introduction of 5D GearPro tractors, features we get to see in GearPro tractors, technology upgrades that John Deere Tractor has to offer, and the introduction to  W70 Power Pro Combined Harvester.

Prabhat Saxena, Head- Marketing John Deere India, started the event by saying that the Indian youth is actively engaged in farming and this is what encourages John Deere to continue bringing the best of farming technology. Let’s review the key points of this event.

JD Link- A Revolutionary  Connectivity Technology of John Deere

Sumeet Raut, Sr. General Marketing Manager, John Deere India, threw light on the importance of connectivity and how farmers can benefit from the JD-Link technology of John Deere. With the help of this technology, farmers can stay connected with the tractors remotely using a mobile application. The technology offers ‘Big 5s of connectivity’ features that include:  

jd link technology of john deere

  • Real-time machine health alerts feature can provide updates related to high engine temperature, low engine oil, and water in the fuel. This way, the feature helps farmers to maintain the tractor well and increase its life.

  • Tractor track & trace feature makes it easy for farmers to track the movement of a tractor remotely. They can find out the area covered by the tractor, the distance covered, and geo-fence the tractor usage.

  • Machine monitoring feature provides information related to tractor motor condition, RPM, tractor diesel consumption, tractor load, and tractor productivity.

  • Dealer’s proactive support ensures that authorized John Deere dealers also get alerts related to the tractor’s condition and performance parameters. If any issue is spotted, farmers will get dealer-backed assistance immediately.

  • Easy work documentation feature creates tractor performance documents for future reference. Farmers will have tractor reports ready as soon as a task is finished. The document generally covers key data like total diesel consumption, time duration, area covered per hour, and many more.

New Additions in 5D Tractor Range

The 5D tractor series of John Deere is very famous amongst Indian farmers as they are suitable for multiple crops and work with a wide range of tractor implements. To make them more future-ready and competent, John Deere has offered new features and updates in this tractor range.

This tractor manufacturer has launched the GearPro series with these three inventive features:

  • 12 forward and 4 reverse gears on 5050 D and 5045 D GearPro tractors so that farmers get more speed options.

  • Service interval of 500 hours, a first-time feature of John Deere. Now, farmers don’t have to service their tractors after every 250 hours of operations, which is going to save huge operational costs.

  • Modern styling that includes attractive steering, durable mats, and wide rear tyre size (15.9x28).

Technology Updates to Support Precision Farming

John Deere believes in technology advancements so that farmers can perform to the best of their capacity. Here are a few technology updates that this tractor manufacturer offered in Power & Technology 5.0 to fulfill this goal.

Launch of Dual Perma Clutch

Dual Perma Clutch are oil-immersed two clutches, one clutch for gearbox and one for PTO, to support heavy-duty applications. John Deere India is the only company offering a 5-year warranty on dual  Perma clutch.

john deere 5 year warranty

It is available in all the tractors of the PowerTech series and makes these tractors support the usage of heavy applications like power harrows, loaders, dozers, and many more.

John Deere 5120 LiftPro Tractors

John Deere 5120 LiftPro Tractor

To help farmers who need extra lifting power, John Deere launched 5120 LiftPro tractors that can lift up to 2500 Kg weight easily. These tractors are suitable for operating heavy-duty implements like potato planters and mounted disc harrows.

John Deere 5E PowerTech Tractors

To help commercial banana farmers and offer stable ultra-low tractor speed, John Deere has launched 5E PowerTech tractors with creeper gear. With an impressively low-speed range of 0.3-0.8 kilometers per hour, this creeper gear tractor range is suitable for operating green system mulchers and rotary tillers.

Reversible Fan Technology

The reversible fan technology of John Deere is here to make straw reaping a little less messy and hassle-free. This technology keeps the radiator screen of a tractor free from straw and dust, allowing farmers to continue tractor operation. It also maintains ideal engine temperature and is useful during cotton mixing bagasse mixing.

High-Speed Planter

With an operational speed of 6-7 Km/h, a high-speed planter from the house of John Deere helps farmers cover large areas with full precision. The inventive parallelogram mechanism of this planter keeps an ideal and equal distance between rows and lines even on uneven terrains. This way, precision farming is possible.

high speed planter

As it has independent seed and fertilizer units, farmers can control the flow of seeds and fertilizers.

John Deere W70 Power Pro Combined Harvester

This lightweight and compact harvester has SynchroSmart technology. It is designed for crops like wheat, pulses, corn, rice, and many more. It can be designed in all sorts of soil conditions without much soil compaction.

john deere w70 power pro combined harvester

This harvester has a 100-HP 4-cylinder turbo-charged engine that performs excellently. In addition, it comes with a Power Bulge feature for extra back-up capacity.  Its other features are hydraulic disc brakes, comfortable sitting, and tiltable steering. For the first time, any harvester is offering a warranty of 2000 hours or 2 years.

A Futuristic Move

Power & Technology 5.0 showcased how John Deere is committed to uplifting farmers through technology. The launch of new features, tractors, and farming equipment in this event is an indicator of the futuristic vision John Deere has for India's agricultural landscape.

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