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Tractor Mulcher in India

Mulcher is a tractor implement that is usually used after the harvesting of crops to manage the residue of the crop. It chops the straws of crops like cotton, rice etc. and mixes them with the soil helping it to gain natural manure. It is extremely helpful for maintaining the nutrients and fertility of the soil as well as saving it from erosion. It also helps to manage crop residue of the current season without burning it and makes the soil bed preparation for next season easier. Price of mulcher in India: Rs. 1.50-2.50 Lacs*

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Mulcher is a layer of material applied to the soil and spread all over for better fertilizing and agricultural purposes. Farming and agriculture as many of us know is not an easy job to be performed. Farmers go through real struggles and juggle producing great numbers of crops and grains here, without the help and assistance of tractor implements in India it won’t be possible.

Hence, the mulcher is such another implement of the tractor, usually, the mulch is applied to the layer or the surface of the soil for conserving its moisture and improving its fertility and soil health. Great quality of soil will always yield a great number of crops and grains which is why mulcher is used much. Using mulch also reduces weed growth and also enhances the visual appeal of the area. That’s enough for farmland to look green and yield the best productivity of crops throughout the year. The mulching process and a mulcher are used in gardening as well as the crop plantation, if applied correctly it will always make the soil fertile and productive. 


Mulcher tractor implements makes the covering of the soil very easy and convenient as it improves the condition of it underneath. Tractor implements in India one such as the mulcher form integrated and vital assistance for the farmer. All the implements are useful and collectively helps in improving the soil quality and the field power. Thus, mulchers are one not to forget implement in India.

What are the uses of Mulcher in India ?
There are many uses and benefits of the mulch used for the soil and farmlands, have a look at it -

  1. It helps in improving the soil quality by boosting soil fertility and retaining its moisture. Soil is the most vital aspect of farming and hence mulcher helps in retaining its potential.

  2. Heat-trapping is the next benefit of using a mulcher over the agricultural land. Farmers do not seek out for any other machine or technique for heat-trapping rather mixes the mulch substance with the soil.

  3. Mulcher also helps in weed prevention and control, it cuts off the unwanted weed and leaves no chance for them to grow and occupy the spaces unnecessarily.

  4. Mulcher also helps in protecting and preventing any kind of root fluctuation or dispersion also helps in protecting the roots from extreme temperature.

  5. Soil erosion is the next thing that a farmer keeps on stressing about, luckily mulcher helps in preventing and controlling soil erosion too.

What are the prices of mulchers in India?
Depending on the brands and their specifications one can decide the worth of a Mulcher in India. It is very reasonable and budget-friendly for the framers in India. The most popular and highly demanded Mulcher comes within the price range of 150000 and more than that. To know about the mulcher in detail and vivid terms visit Tractor Gyan India soon. We have clubbed complete and accurate information on all the mulchers of the different brands so that you can easily pick the best amongst them.

Where to learn more about the Mulcher?
If you are interested to know a little more about the Mulchers then visit Tractor Gyan. From tractor brands to the information related to Tractor implements we list down everything completely. Visit the site and learn through the accurate mode of information. 

These are the popular Mulcher Brands in India 2021 are Mahindra, Sonalika, New Holland

Frequently Asked Question about Mulcher

Ques. How many types of Mulchers are available?

Ans. There are six types of Mulcher are available:

  • Freestanding Mulchers
  • Lawn tractor Mulcher
  • Commercial Mulcher
  • Dual purpose
  • Electric powered Mulcher
  • Gas powered Mulcher

Ques. What is the price range of Mulchers in India?

Ans. Mulchers in India are available from Rs. 40000 to 225000*.

Ques. Which company's Mulcher is best?

Ans. Top companies for Mulchers in India are Shaktiman, Gomselmash, Fieldking, Dasmesh, New Holland, Maschio Gaspardo and Sonalika. 

Ques. Can I use a Mulcher in the rain?

Ans. Yes, Best time to use a mulcher is after rain.

Ques. How much minimum HP is required to run a Mulcher?

Ans. Minimum 30-35 HP or above tractor required to run Mulcher.

Ques. What is the width range of the Mulcher?

Ans. Mulchers are available in the range of approx 4-13 feet.

Ques. Does the Mulcher have to be powered separately for it to work?

Ans. No, it works by being attached with a tractor and gets power by the tractor's PTO.

Ques. What is the average PTO speed of a tractor for implements?

Ans. At Least 540 pto speed required to run a Mulcher.

Ques. Is subsidy available on purchase of a Mulcher?

Ans. Amount of subsidy and process can change by area wise, to know more about subsidy you can visit

Ques. Where can I get complete information about a Mulcher?

Ans. If you want to know about any brand of Mulcher, you can visit, where you will get complete information like price, features and many more about Mulchers.

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