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Tractor Mulcher in India

A tractor mulcher is crucial for modern farming as it contributes towards improved efficiency and soil health by cutting weeds and mixing organic matter into the soil properly. The tractor mulcher price ranges Rs. 1.25 Lakh*- Rs. 3.10 Lakh* in India.

Farmers have a wide range of models to choose from including Shaktiman Rotary Mulcher, Gomselmesh Mulcher, Fieldking Rotary Mulcher, New Holland Shredo, and Mahindra Mulcher 160. The mulcher HP range of leading models is 30-80 HP.

TractorGyan can help you find ideal mulcher models from leading brands like Mahindra, New Holland, Fieldking, Shaktimaan, and Lemken. These brands offer mulchers in various categories such as rotary, flail, offset, rotary, and stump mulchers.

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Recently Asked Question about Mulcher Tractor Implements:

Mulcher is a tractor implement that is usually used after the harvesting of crops to manage the residue of the crop.

Mulchers are used to improve soil quality by boosting soil fertility and retaining its moisture.

Mulcher Price is Rs. 1.25 to 3.10 Lakh* in India.

The best Mulcher in India are the New Holland Shredo Mulcher, Fieldking rotary mulcher, and Sonalika Mulcher.

At tractorgyan, you can find the latest Mulcher models in India.

The best mulcher brands in India are Shaktiman, Gomselmash, Fieldking, Dasmesh, New Holland, and Sonalika.

The amount of subsidy and process can change area-wise, to know more about Mulcher subsidy you can visit tractorgyan.com.

At tractorgyan, you can find an updated Mulcher price list.

Types of Mulcher are - Freestanding Mulchers, Lawn tractor Mulcher, Commercial Mulcher, Dual purpose, Electric powered Mulcher, Gas powered Mulcher

To operate the mulcher, a minimum of a 30-35 hp or above tractor is required.

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About Tractor Mulcher in India 2024

A tractor mulcher or flail mower/mulching mower is a special farming equipment. Farmers need this to cut and mulch vegetation effectively. It can be used for maintaining fields, orchards, pastures, and other large farming areas. 

Tractor mulcher implements are designed to operate in various terrains. They are equipped to operate on rough and uneven surfaces. Depending upon the tractor mulcher models, the features and specifications can vary. 

The tractor mulcher price in India is between Rs. 1.25 Lakh* to Rs. 3.10 Lakh*. Multiple brands like Mahindra, Sonalika, and New Holland offer a wide range of tractor mulcher models

What is Tractor Mulcher Price in India 2024?

The mulcher Machine Price in india is Rs. 1.25 Lakh* to Rs. 3.10 Lakh* in India.

The price of a Mulcher in India can be determined by the brands and their features. It is quite affordable and practical for Indian framers to visit Tractor Gyan to learn more about the mulching machine price. To make it simple for you to choose the finest among them, we have gathered thorough and reliable information on all the mulcher implements from various companies.

Mulcher Models Mulcher Models Price
Lemken Spinel 160 Mulcher Rs. 2.75 Lakh*
Mahindra Mulcher 180 Rs. 1,28,000*
Dasmesh 713 Rs. 3 Lakh*
Mahindra Mulcher 160 Rs. 2.05 Lakh*
Landforce Mulcher Rs. 1,57,000*
Sonalika Mulcher Rs. 1,65,000* - 1,80,000*
Mahindra Mulcher 160 Rs. 2,75,000*

Tractor Mulcher Components

Tractor mulcher in India is made up of different components to make sure cutting and mulching of vegetation is done the right way. The key tractor mulcher tool components are as mentioned below. 

  • The rotor is a central component of a tractor mulcher. It has a rotary mechanism and it has flail blades. 

  • The flail blades of an agricultural mulcher are linked to the rotor part. They do the cutting and mulching job. These blades are typically hinged and swing freely. 

  • The housing or deck in a mulcher tool has a rotor and blades. It contains the mulched material. 

  • Bearings and bushings of tractor mulchers in India are used to support the moving parts. 

  • The drive system of a mulcher machine transfers power from the tractor's PTO to the rotor. It is made up of belts, pulleys, and a gearbox. safety guidelines and perform regular maintenance to ensure the mulcher's optimal performance and longevity.

Tractor Mulcher Features

The key features of a mulcher tractor implement are mentioned below. 

  • The PTO shaft is the connecting point between the tractor and the mulcher. 

  • Some mulcher online models have adjustable skids or rollers. This feature helps farmers to control the cutting height and depth. 

  • The mulcher tractor implement has shields or guards around moving parts. This feature ensures that debris is not thrown away randomly. 

  • The mounting frame of a mulcher machine secures the mulcher to the tractor or other power source. It provides essential stability. 

  • A belt tensioning system feature is available in most agricultural mulchers. This feature ensures that there is proper tension on the belts.  

Tractor Mulcher Specification

Available models of mulcher for sale have some technical specifications such as: 

  • The tractor implements power between 30 HP to 100 HP. A mini tractor mulcher will have a low tractor implement HP while a heavy-duty mulcher tool will have a tractor HP above 50. 

  • Tractor mulcher implements may have different types of blades, such as flail blades or hammer blades. 

  • The dimension of a mulcher tractor is generally huge because it has a wide working area. Small mulcher models are available in 90x46x45 dimensions while a huge mulcher tractor implement can have a 140x190x100 dimension. 

Tractor Mulcher Implements Benefits

Tractor mulcher implements bring multiple benefits to the farmers. 

  • One of the key tractor mulcher benefits of tractor mulcher is that it helps farmers to eliminate unwanted trees and bushes. It turns this waste into useful mulch. 

  • The incorporation of mulch into the soil increases its productivity and fertility. 

  • Tractor mulchers and tree shears can be used to open water sources that have been closed off to animals because of tree and understory growth.

  • Compost can decompose more quickly and produce a high-quality fertilizer in half the time by being mulched. Additionally, it stops the buildup of enormous, offensive waste heaps that can entice pests. You may quickly and easily maximize the benefits of your compost by using a mulcher machine.

  • It is extremely useful in cutting work.

  • By increasing soil fertility and holding onto moisture, it aids in enhancing soil quality. Mulchers aid in preserving the potential of the soil because it is the most important component of farming. 

  • Another leading tractor mulcher benefit is that soil has heat retention. Instead of using another machine or technology to trap heat, farmers mix the mulch material with the soil. 

  • Tractor mulcher also aids in weed prevention and control; cutting off undesired weeds prevents them from growing and taking up unnecessary space.

  • By mulching crop residues and covering crops in the soil, mulcher machines contribute to preventing soil erosion.

What are the Uses of Mulcher Machines in Agriculture?

A mulcher machine is useful to farmers in many ways. Here are some common uses of an agricultural mulcher. 

  • It helps farmers to cut extra weeds and vegetation. 

  • Mulchers are used to manage cover crops. Farmers can use it to turn them into mulch. 

  • For orchards and vineyard farmers, a mulcher tool is useful to maintain vegetation between rows. 

  • Tractor mulcher implements are useful for land clearing and pasture maintenance. 

  • In areas where the chances of wildfires are high, a mulcher machine is utilized to reduce the accumulation of dry vegetation and control the fire. 

  • A mulcher machine can help farmers in land restoration and prepare the land for reseeding. 

Tractor Mulcher Types

There are different types of mulcher machines which are welcomed in the market according to the needs and requirements of the farmers.

1. Lawn Tractor Mulchers

These are compact mulcher attachments that are frequently used when cutting grass. They are favoured mostly because of their effectiveness, which allows them to quickly operate over a huge area in a brief period. They also chop grass clippings into tiny pieces, which are then utilized to feed the garden's plants and other vegetation.

2. Commercial Mulchers

These are the mulch varieties that are used on construction sites the most frequently. In regions like cleaning building sites and most construction sites, they are generally used for more difficult duties. They are often very large and constructed of sturdy heavy-duty steel with a focus on tough use. Commercial mulchers have a lot of horsepower as well.

3. Dual-purpose mulchers

These are the kinds of tractor mulcher implements that include an integrated chipper or shredder. Some people prefer them since they can perform several tasks at once. The grass clippings from the mulcher's cuttings are deposited into the shredder, where they are reduced to size and used as nutrient-rich mulch for the plant.

Best Mulcher for Sale

If you’re interested in buying tractor mulchers online, these models are perfect options. 

  • Mahindra Mulcher 160

Get this tractor mulcher in India at an affordable tractor mulcher price of 2.75 Lakh*. It offers features like 55-65 HP implement power, 3 operation capacity, and better field coverage. 

  • Dasmesh 713

 Straw Mulcher- The Dasmesh 713 Straw Mulcher implement is an ideal model to pick if you’re looking for a heavy-duty mulcher machine. The mulcher is available for Rs. 1,28,000 Lakh* and it offers features like 36 blades, 50-60 tractor implement HP, and a single-speed gearbox. 

  • Mahindra Mulcher 180

Mahindra Mulcher 180 is a considerable tractor mulcher implemented in India. With features like 70-90 HP tractor implement power, centre-mounted functionality, and 18 flanges, this tractor mulcher delivers great performance on the field. The tractor mulcher price for this model is Rs. 3 Lakh*. 

  • Lemken Spinel 160 Mulcher

 This is one of the most reliable tractor mulcher models in India. It is a mini tractor mulcher with a tractor implement power of 45-50 HP. It has 36 Y-type blades, 13 hammer blades, and 13 straight blades. The tractor mulcher price for this model is 2.05 Lakh*.

How to Choose the Right Mulcher

Choosing the right mulcher for sale requires constant attention on certain aspects. For instance: 

  • Farmers need to define their goals and know the cultivation area. 

  • Ensure that the mulcher tool is compatible with your tractor. You need to buy a mulcher tractor implement that has PTO and tractor HP aligned with the tractor you already own.

  • Different tractor mulcher blades have different configurations and purposes to serve. Hence, try to learn about the blades of tractor mulcher implements before buying mulcher online. 

  • Determine the optimal cutting width based on the size of your fields and the type of vegetation you need to mulch. 

  • Assess the build quality of a tractor mulcher. It’s better to go with a mini tractor mulcher from a reputable brand. 

  • Better to read reviews of mulchers for sale to know which model is functional and performing in real time. 

Why Choose Tractor Gyan to Buy the Best Mulcher Machine? 

When it comes to buying tractor mulcher, farmers need to understand multiple aspects such as mulcher price, types of mulcher, mini tractor implement models, shaktiman mulcher price, mulching machine price, maschio mulcher price in india, leaf mulcher and mulcher online reviews.

All this information is useful to make a wise purchase. TractorGyan provides all this important information under one roof. Interested tractor mulcher buyers in India should always refer to the listing of mulcher machines on TractorGyan. 

The platform will always help farmers find the right mulcher tool, jaguar tractor, malchar that can help them in the best possible ways. 

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