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Tractor Potato Planter in India

Potato planter is one of the most popular implements present in the market nowadays. They help the farmers in the proper sowing of the potato seeds. They not only help the farmers to sow the seeds at a particular distance from each other but also help them to cover the seed with fertilizer and sow them at the desired depth with minimal human efforts. They come in three types that are automatic planters, high-speed automatic planters and semi-automatic planters. Each of them works at a different speed and has different work capacities. Potato planter makes sowing of potatoes more comfortable, time and labour saving work for farmers as well as it helps them to utilize the space more properly hence making their field more productive. Price of potato planter in India: Rs. 50000-200000

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Recently Asked Question about Potato Planter Tractor Implements :

The potato planter machine helps the farmers with the proper sowing of the potato seeds.

The price of a potato planter is Rs. 50000* to 2.00 lacs*.

The potato planter equipment is suitable for sowing potato seeds of all sizes in two, three, or four rows.

The best potato planters in India are Landforce potato planter, Shaktiman Grimme Potato Planter-PP205, Sonalika PotatoPlanter, and, Mahindra Potato Planter.

At tractorgyan, you can find the latest potato planter models in India.

The best potato planter brands in India are Land Force, Shaktiman, Swaraj, Sonalika, Agristar, and Mahindra.

The amount of subsidy and process can change area-wise, to know more about Potato Planter subsidy you can visit

At tractorgyan, you can find an updated potato planter price list.

Mainly There are 2 types of Potato Planter - Automatic potato planter Semi-automatic potato planter

To operate the potato planter, a minimum of 25-45 hp tractor is required.


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About Tractor Potato Planter

A potato planter is a highly efficient tractor implement or tool which is in demand nowadays. A potato planter helps the farmer to sow the seeds of different types of potato within an equidistance of area and depth. The potato planter machine provides a covering of the side with the help of fertilizers sowing them accurately. There exist different variations or types of planters namely automatic potato planters, high–speed automatic Potato planters, and semi-automatic Potato planters. The potato planter Price is Rs. 1 lakh to Rs.5.5 lakhs respectively.

Hard work, effort, and labor are needed for potato planting. The potato planter makes it possible to lessen our reliance on physical labor. It is a highly accurate device that guarantees the production of high-quality potatoes with accuracy in the field. 

What are the Uses of Potato Planter machines?

  • It facilitates the seeding of potatoes in a more effective, time- and money-saving manner. 

  • Minimum labor is needed to plant potatoes. 

  • Compared to manual seeding, it assures steady growth and maturity, which results in superior yield. 

  • The depth and space between the seed potatoes are properly controlled by the tractor potato planter machine.

Famous Potato Planter brands in India:-

1. Mahindra Potato Planter

The Mahindra potato planter is ideal for farming and sowing potato seeds. The Mahindra potato planter comes with a horsepower of 55 to 90 range. The Mahindra potato planter Price starts from 5 lakhs*.

2.  Sonalika Potato Planter

For planting potato buds at the right depth and crop spacing, Sonalika Potato Planter is the ideal option. This planter's electric vibrator motor helps to reduce the number of seeds that are planted. This planter can be used with tractors capacities of the engine may raise from 55Hp to 90HP. This Sonalika potato planer has a daily capacity of 10 to 14 acres.

The sonalika potato planter Price starts from 4 lakhs*

3. Swaraj potato planter

Swaraj potato planter is fantastic for farming and produces top-notch results. It belongs to the seeding and plantation category and offers fuel-efficient operation with an implemented power range of 55 to 90 HP.

The Swaraj potato planter price starts from 5 lakhs*.

4. Shaktimaan potato Planter

The Shaktimaan potato planter is an excellent farming tool for meeting the demand of the farmer for sowing potatoes. The Shaktiman potato planter comes with an engine capacity of 50 hp to 90 hp along with a tractor hydraulic capacity of 2100 – 2500 kgs.

The shaktiman Potato planter Price starts from 5 lakhs*.

5. Landforce potato planter

A landforce potato planter is an ideal machine for the growth of potatoes the landforce potato planter delivers a Horsepower of 35hp with a field capacity of 4 to 5 acres a day generating 24 inches of row-to-row distance.

The landforce potato planter Machine price starts from 3.45 lakhs*.

6. Agristar Potato Planter

Agristar is a TAFE farm tool brand that offers Indian farmers a wide selection of farm tools. Agristar's potato planter machine was created to plant potatoes in an efficient, quicker, and more affordable way. 

Due to the adjustable planting depth and spacing, this planter is suitable for a variety of soil types. With the help of this planter, regular growth and maturity are guaranteed, improving production. This planter has ridges spaced at either 24 or 26 inches apart.

The Agristar potato planter Machine price starts from 1 lakhs*.

What are the Specifications of the Potato Planter machine?

1. The potato planter is a multifunctional machine that aims to fertilize and complete the process of sowing, riding, forming, planting, etc.

2. Minimum amount of physical effort required 

3. Uniform tuber movement within the pits 

4. Planting depth is constant 

5. Easily utilizable or to accommodate

6. Excellent performance, simple maintenance 

7. Long Maintenance Interval 

8. Saves time 

9. The planted tubers are spaced apart at roughly the same intervals.

What is the Price of a Potato planter in India?

The Price of the potato planter is about between 1 lakh and 5.5 lakhs. Although we are aware that selecting a potato plater might be difficult, Tractor Gyan assists farmers in learning about the various Potato planter prices, models, and features, and provides the farmers with other farming machinery tools.

Where can you find the latest tractor Potato planter in India?

Visit Tractor Gyan if you're searching to buy the latest potato planter and aren't sure which brand or model to choose. Here, we've compiled a comprehensive list of all the tractor accessories available in India so you can quickly learn about the potato planter prices, features, and specifications. Soon, start asking questions on Tractor Gyan about the potato planter prices so that they may be accommodated in your budget.

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