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Tractor Potato Planter in India

Potato planter is one of the most popular implements present in the market nowadays. They help the farmers in the proper sowing of the potato seeds. They not only help the farmers to sow the seeds at a particular distance from each other but also help them to cover the seed with fertilizer and sow them at the desired depth with minimal human efforts. They come in three types that are automatic planters, high-speed automatic planters and semi-automatic planters. Each of them works at a different speed and has different work capacities. Potato planter makes sowing of potatoes more comfortable, time and labour saving work for farmers as well as it helps them to utilize the space more properly hence making their field more productive. Price of potato planter in India: Rs. 50000-200000

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Recently Asked Question About Potato Planter Tractor Implements:

There are two types of Potato planter are available: Automatic potato planter Semi-automatic potato planter
Potato planters in India are available from Rs. 55000 to 550000*.
Top companies for Potato planters in India are Shaktiman, Swaraj, Land force, Sonalika, Agristar, and Mahindra.
Yes, you can use potato planter in rain but it is not good as viewpoint of farming.
Minimum 25-45 HP or above tractor required to run potato planter.
Potato planters are available in the range of approx 1525 MM.
No, it works by being attached with a tractor and gets power by the tractor's motion.
No need for PTO to run a Potato planter.
Amount of subsidy and process can change by area wise, to know more about subsidy you can visit tractorgyan.com
If you want to know about any brand of Potato planter, you can visit tractorgyan.com, where you will get complete information like price, features, and many more about Potato planters.

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A potato planter is the most convenient and easy to use farm implements in India which is much in demand these days because it helps the farmers to sow the potato seeds easily and efficiently. Potato planter as the name suggests only helps in sowing the seed but being a tractor implement it also has various roles to do. The agriculture and farm industry has seen a great shift in the graph of the demand for these implements by making them all the best and efficient means of implements.

The manual potato planter is also known as the bell planter, it has two main farms sitting at the back of it which facilitates in collecting of the potatoes from the hopper. A manual planter also makes the task for farmers easy but a potato planter implement that is mechanized, always yields better results with utmost productivity to the farmer.

Adding further to your knowledge a manual planter is also used by the farmers but the most preferred potato planter is one that is automated because a technology-based planter always helps in minimizing the work efforts and workload while it facilitates more productivity. An automated potato planter implement in India is attached or hitched behind the tractor with a three-point linkage that is carried and towed from behind. Moreover, the cups lift up the seed potatoes from the hopper, the seeds are then collected to the tubes this makes the plantation of the potato seed at individual eight drills at a time.

This kind of potato planter attached with tractor drives through the entire farm field and it becomes easy for our farmer brothers to manage the farming and sowing process with ease. Things with great benefits always come along with a huge investment but in the case of potato planter price, it is not that expensive. In fact, the potato panter is the ideal tractor implement in India that is best for the multifunction and it also meets the requirement of modern and advanced agriculture.

What are the uses of Potato planter tractor implement in India?

Potato planter always has multiple benefits attached with it, the sowing and plantation all across the field become easy and effective with the potato planter. Every tractor implements in India has many benefits lets read about the advantages and uses of potato planter below-

  1. Increase in production -
    Using potato planter helps in sowing the seeds in a triangular shape which also utilizes and resourcefully acquires the space. However, this kind of space utilization always brings great productivity in farming and agricultural activities.

  2. Fulfills various requirements of agriculture -
    A potato planter machine is a great resource to a farmer as it helps in fulfilling various requirements of agriculture and farming. The machine can be used for seed depth, ridge height and plant spacing all can be done with it.

  3. Labour-saving -
    While using a potato planter, farmers can easily eliminate the risk and the cost of employing labour for it. The use of these implements helps in labour saving and cost saving of the farmers.

  4. High output -
    When seeds get sowed the way it is planned, the yield or output is always high and maximum. The farmer always aims at producing productive results in producing potatoes.

  5. Ease & comfort in operation -

The blend of modern techniques with traditional farming always creates more ease and comfort in the operations of the farming and agricultural tasks. Thus, potato planter is much preferred for farming. 

What are the specifications of potato planter implements in India?

Potato planter in India is the assembled result of the various parts of a planter, from scratch to end, these planters are sophisticatedly attached with the tractors, tied and connected through a three-point linkage which keeps it firm and gripped throughout the driving and operation. This attachment is towed by the tractor and seeds are placed in it as and when the tractor gets to drive by the driver, the seeds in the potato planter get sowed deeply in the land within the eight drilled lane. Thus, the sowing and plantation of the seeds become fast and effective. 

What is the price of the potato planter? 

The price of potato planter in India is much reasonable and affordable. It is approx Rs 2 lakhs*. The potato planter of good quality comes within this range and there are many brands that have their own planter with distinct features, prices of each vary on the name of the brand they are marketed under. If you are looking to purchase the potato panter within your budget then visit Tractor Gyan and get a detailed and complete knowledge of it.

Where to purchase the potato planter in India?

Potato planter in India is easy to purchase and buy from the market. To get the best quality potato planter in India you should know the best brand of the planter. We have listed down a complete range of potato planter on our site that will help you in making a wise and the right decision. From the prices of the potato planter to its other features we have complete information written down, so visit Tractor Gyan soon. Potato planter comes in a variety of sizes and types, there are three main types of planters like automatic, semi-automatic, and high-speed automatic planter. All of them are cost-efficient and one of the best automatic modern techniques that make the planter more in demand and use. At Tractor Gyan we have a complete variety of tractor implements in India that might be serving a great help to you in a better aspect. Being a farmer it is difficult to make choices of implements amongst the array of options available, visit Tractor Gyan now

These are the popular Potato Planter Brands in India 2022 are Mahindra, Sonalika,Swaraj

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