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Top 10 Farm Machinery in India with Uses and Benefits

    Top 10 Farm Machinery in India with Uses and Benefits

19 Jul, 2022

​​Farming is an important activity carried out by the farmers. When the word farming takes place agricultural machinery and tools do come into consideration as well.

Modern-day farmers are adapting to the modern methods of farming activities, tools, and agricultural machinery procedures to carry out the farming activity.

Farmers have significant changes with time they have improved their farming activities by indulging themselves in modern methods by adapting to technological advancements and agricultural machinery which leads the game.

There has been various farming machinery that works as a boon for farmers they help to increase the profit by large and ease their load of work by contributing to a greater extent to the farmers.


Why is agricultural Machinery Important to the farmers?

Agricultural machinery proves to create a crucial yet impactful impact over the years on the efficiency of good food production. Through regional producers, dealers, and online agricultural machinery marketplaces, farmers today have access to nearly all sorts of agricultural equipment.

Agricultural machinery and equipment must meet the needs and wants of the farmer. By selecting the appropriate agricultural equipment, farmers may increase profits, reduce operational expenses, and grow more crops with less labor.

The amount of labor required has decreased with the introduction of sophisticated equipment.

In contrast to the conventional era when humans and horses were too used, it aids them in producing the necessary kind of things in the quantity required.

With so much work completed in the allotted time, farming has taken less time. Farm equipment raises product quality and increases market agricultural and food production.


Agricultural  Machinery Used for Farming Activities 

1. Cultivator


A cultivator is an agricultural machinery tool used for weeding, loosening the soil after growth, and churning and crushing the soil before sowing. It stirs the soil to a greater depth than the harrow and is driven by a tractor (which is not normally powered). Many have hydraulically folding wings that make riding on the road simpler and safer. Various tools are used for gardening, however, they are quite a few.

Cultivators not only mix the soil but also aerate it and add moisture to it. 

It also plows the field, saving time and lowering labor requirements.


2. Plough


A plow or plows are used to till the soil initially before seeding. The primary function of plowing is to turn over the top layer of soil, bringing new nutrients to the surface. This improves moisture retention and aerates the soil. In modern agriculture, a plowed field is typically permitted to dry out before being harrowed and planted.

Plowing facilitates soil aeration and soil loosening. 

Proper plowing allows the roots to grow deeper into the soil, which helps the plant to remain stable. The soil's ability to hold water is also enhanced by plows.


3. Sprayer


Market spray pumps with 2 and 4 strokes are available for agricultural sprayers used in agricultural activity. With a few features, these have been introduced to the market. The farmer may easily spray insecticides on the crops in his fields with this assistance. In addition to this, they can be utilized to keep the environment clean.

Herbicides, pesticides, and fertilizers are applied to farm crops using a sprayer. Sprayers come in a variety of sizes, from man-portable models (often spray-powered backpacks) to self-propelled models that resemble tractors.


4. Digger

One kind of farm machinery and equipment, the post hole digger, aids in digging pits for plantation, land preparation, and farm fencing needs. For small farms or orchards, such as those growing mango, coconut, pomegranate, lemon, etc., it is perfect. For all soil types, a digger is the most appropriate tool. Post hole diggers are a type of farm equipment with a small engine that runs without gas. 

Diggers for farm equipment are simple to operate. For little jobs like those in orchards, small fields, etc., diggers are perfect.


5. Trolly pump

Farmers with a lot of lands available for cultivation will find the trolley pump to be more useful. This allows for the quick spraying of disinfectants. Farmers will save time and work as a result, and the increased output will boost revenue.  

Although this pump is undoubtedly pricey, its quality and application are noteworthy. most effective trolley pump on the market. It is a lightweight, portable spray pump. No one would lower its price to compromise on its outstanding attributes.


6. Combine harvester

The tractor combine harvester is a very well-liked piece of farm equipment created for the effective gathering of massive amounts of grain. A row of grass can be chopped more than 40 feet wide if you want to purchase a new combine harvester. The three main harvesting processes of reaping, threshing, and winnowing are combined in tractor combination harvesting.  

Harvesters with tractor-mounted combine harvesters can complete more tasks more effectively. It provides farmers with a more profitable, more productive farm. It can be used in a variety of locations, including fields and both dry and wet places.


7. Harrows


A harrow is a tool used to cultivate the soil's surface. It is utilized for deeper cultivation and impacts the plow differently. It is frequently used to conduct plowing operations on fields. For a good soil structure that is suited for seeding and planting activities, it gives a finer finish.


8. Roto Seed Drill

One of the most used farming tools is the Roto Seed Drill, which combines a Rotary Tiller and a Seed Drill. It is employed practically everywhere in India to sow grass seeds as well as wheat and barley seeds. This farming tool requires little upkeep and is simple to use. It offers a simple operating mechanism that allows seed varieties to be changed with less waste.


9. Rotary tiller

The simplest approach for farmers to expand their farming operations is by using a rotary tiller, which is a crucial farming tool for carrying out all agricultural tasks. To prepare the soil for planting, it features curved tines that are attached to a revolving shaft. There is no way to avoid using this machine in farming because it is budget-friendly. Due to its low cost, purchasing a new Rotary Tiller is convenient.


10. Baler


A baler or hay baler is a type of farm equipment. It can be used to compress a crop that has been cut and raked (such as flax straw cotton, hay, salt marsh hay, or silage) into a small, transportable bale. 

Balers can help you save money on rubbish disposal. Using the baler allows you to conserve room on the job site. Balers are also acceptable for taking up time spent dealing with cardboard waste. Your environmental credentials may be enhanced.


How to choose agricutural machinery for your ideal use.

Before choosing the perfect or ideal farming machinery for your farming activities consider the following points before buying agricultural machinery.

1. Make sure to check the spare parts

The ease of purchasing spare parts is one of the most crucial factors to take into account when purchasing farm equipment or agricultural gear.


2. Go for the brand and model name

Never rely on a machine's appearance alone. Purchase a farming machine from a reputable manufacturer, such as Farmtrac, Fieldking, Sonalika, or Mahindra. Look for the most recent models with the best features that satisfy your needs.


3. Know about the Resale value of your purchase

To make sure that the whole cost does not exceed the machinery's resale value, take into account all expenditures, including running, ownership, machinery, and labor.


4. Check for the durability of the Farming Machinery

The farm equipment you wish to buy shouldn't require a lot of labor or energy to operate. Consider a farm machine's versatility and endurance when selecting the one that can operate long hours. Other factors include the farm machine's original cost, predictable service years, and others.


5. Classify the characteristics of the soil

Equipment should be chosen that is heavier or lighter depending on the type of soil. Farm equipment with a higher earth clearance and low weight is advised for farms with light soil.


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