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Tractor Harrow in India

Harrow is a tool used as a tractor attachment for pulverizing and smoothening of soil surface. It breaks up big chunks of soil along with trash, weeds and crop residue hence helping in the preparation of seedbeds. It is only used when it is required to pulverize the surface of the soil as it doesn’t provide deeper tillage to the soil. Harrows are been used for a long time for agriculture purposes and have continually upgraded with time turning from simple wooden harrows to metal well-designed harrows. Today, it comes in various types such as disc harrow, spike tooth harrow, spring tooth harrow, acme harrow, patela, triangular harrow, bade harrow, guntaka and reciprocating power harrow. Each of them serves various purposes and advantages to the soil. Price of Harrow in India: Rs 30000-300000

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Recently Asked Question about Harrow Tractor Implements:

There are several types of harrow are available: Disc harrow Spike tooth Harrow Spring tooth Harrow Reciprocating power Harrow.
Harrow in India are available from Rs. 25000 to 150000.
Top companies for Harrow in India are the Land force, Sonalika, Universal, and Khedut.
The ground will become churned up if you harrow when it's too wet, while you may not be able to harrow effectively if the land is too dry.
It totally depends on the length of the harrow, You need a minimum 5HP tractor per foot length of the harrow.
Harrows are available in the range of 120CM to 800CM.
No, it works by being attached with a tractor and gets power by the tractor's motion.
Amount of subsidy and process can change by area wise, to know more about subsidy you can visit tractorgyan.com
If you want to know about any brand of Harrow, you can visit tractorgyan.com, where you will get complete information like price, features, and many more about Harrow.

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Harrow is one of the most distinct and another set of tractor implements in India. Harrow tractor implement helps in ploughing and cultivating the ground by creating drills of rows and leveling up the land among enough space for seeds to be ploughed and planted and water to walk through the planted seeds. It easily facilitates the cropping and production of crops.

The best and the topmost brands that produce harrows include Farmking, Fieldking and Shaktiman, and many much more. These implements of tractors in India are available in various categories and types which again helps in tillage and land preparation, hence harrows are very important for getting desired productivity in farming and agriculture. 

In agriculture and farming, a harrow helps in breaking up the land and smoothing the surface of the soil. Note that a plougher is very different from a harrow because plough drills into the great depth or deeper tillage. Harrow is used by the farmer after the plowing operations to eliminate and rub off the rough or unfinished surface of the soil. Harrow is mostly used to break down the clods that occur in soil and makes it uneven and unfinished which again becomes a challenge for plantation and farming, thus, a harrow effectively breaks these clods and evens the soil surface giving the entire farm a finished and progressive look. Rigorous harrowing can also be done for removing weeds and covering the seeds after sowing them.

Also, not to forget,  do not think cultivators and harrows are similar or alternate to each other, No this is not the case here, because cultivators are very different from the harrows, cultivators disturbs the whole surface of the soil while the harrows create only a narrow trail over the soil beds. 

What are the types of harrows used as implements in India?

The types of harrows depend on their specifications and feature it. There are four main categories of harrows, read ahead about them-

1. Disc Harrows - 

It is an agricultural harrow that till the soil to get the seeds planted into it. Crop remainders and weeds get chopped through it.

2. Tine Harrows -
This harrow is largely outdated these days, but this kind of tine harrows helps in complete farming and agricultural activities. Thus for big farmland tine harrow is an average rating option.

3.  Chain Harrows -
This harrow is majorly used on pasture land to spread out the dung and break down the dead material in the swards and transfer them into small and simplified pieces. Chain harrows are used to level up the ground for heavy use. 

Thus, likewise, the innovations and advancements in these chain harrows keep on coming, the fact states that harrows are much in demand and a very resourceful tractor implement in India used by the farmer which should never be given up if the farmers want an even and weed-free farm ground. 

What are the prices of Harrow in India? 

The disc harrow is largely in use and demand and thus, the price of it differs due to its brands and specifications. However, the price of disc harrow implement ranges from Rs 69000 - Rs 114000. To buy a good quality harrow that makes your fieldwork convenient and maximizes the yield for the year, then visit Tractor Gyan and learn about the different harrows of different brands. We have a sorted and accurate listing of these harrows that will facilitate ease in decision-making.

Where to know about the harrows in India?

To know from scratch to end about the harrows in India, just visit Tractor Gyan. We have a complete list of harrows here that might be a great help for our farmer brothers and other buyers. From prices to its specifications to ts possibilities and other features we have all that one is looking for. Brands and companies keep on bringing up advancement and innovation in it, harrows are really an implement that every farmer would prefer having. With no delay visit Tractor Gyan for complete detail and information about the harrows. 

These are the popular Harrows Brands in India 2022 are Mahindra, John Deere, Sonalika, New Holland, VST Shakti, Indo farm, Solis

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