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Tractor Harrow in India

Harrow is a tool used as a tractor attachment for pulverizing and smoothening of soil surface. It breaks up big chunks of soil along with trash, weeds and crop residue hence helping in the preparation of seedbeds. It is only used when it is required to pulverize the surface of the soil as it doesn’t provide deeper tillage to the soil. Harrows are been used for a long time for agriculture purposes and have continually upgraded with time turning from simple wooden harrows to metal well-designed harrows. Today, it comes in various types such as disc harrow, spike tooth harrow, spring tooth harrow, acme harrow, patela, triangular harrow, bade harrow, guntaka and reciprocating power harrow. Each of them serves various purposes and advantages to the soil. The tractor Harrow Price ranges from Rs.70,000* - Rs.2.00 lakh*. More than 100 tractor Harrow implements are listed on tractorgyan. They carry all the top brands of farm Harrow machines like Fieldking, Landforce , Mahindra, Shaktiman, Khedut, Solis, Sonalika and more. Tractor Harrow Implements are available in different categories, which include farm Tillage. You can quickly get Harrow for sale in a separate segment at TractorGyan. You'll also find about uses, features, Types and Famous Tractor Harrow Models in India.

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Recently Asked Question about Harrow Tractor Implements:

A harrow is a farm implement used to pulverize the soil, break up crop residues, uproot weeds, and cover seeds.

There are four general types of harrows: disc harrows, tine harrows, chain harrows, and chain-disk harrows.

The advantages of a harrow are fine soil preparation, low power requirements, minimum power requirements, etc.

The Tractor Harrow Price is Rs. 47,500* to Rs. 64,000* in India.

The disc harrow is best for all types of land.

A tractor harrow is farm equipment used for surface tillage.

At tractorgyan, you can find the latest Harrow models in India.

The best Harrow brands in India are Land Force, Sonalika, Universal, and Khedut.

The amount of subsidy and process can change by area. To know more about the Harrow subsidy, you can visit tractorgyan.com.

The most popular harrows in India are Fieldking Maxx Power Harrow, Landforce Disc Harrow, Mounted-Heavy Duty, etc.

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Tractor Harrow

In agriculture, a tractor harrow is used to break up and smooth the soil. It varies from the plough in this regard because the latter performs deeper tillage. The rough finish left by ploughing operations is smoothed up on fields by farmers using tractor harrows. 

The harrow tool disperses clods (soil clumps) and offers a finer finish, good tilth, or soil structure suited for use in seedbeds. The tractor Harrow price is Rs. 47,500* to Rs. 64,000* in India.

Disc harrows, tine harrows (including spring-tooth harrows, drag harrows, and spike harrows), chain harrows, and chain-disk harrows are the four main types of harrow tools. Initially, draught animals like horses, mules, or oxen or, in some cases and locations, manual laborer’s pulled harrows. They are virtually invariably tractor-mounted implements in modern usage, either drawn behind the tractor by a drawbar or attached to the three-point hitch.

Features of Harrow 

  • The blades of tractor harrow in India are made from steel or iron and are available in multiple shapes and settings. 
  • Many tractor harrow implements have adjustable settings to control the depth. 
  • To address different requirements, there are different types of harrow like disc harrows, spring-tooth harrows, and chain harrows. 

What are the Specifications of a Harrow tool?

  1.  Additionally, it enhances the homogeneity of the ground's surface and aeration. It works well to get rid of weeds and kill any that have already developed. 

  2. Any type of soil can be accommodated by adjusting the harrow agriculture machine's discs. chopping up the soil to a fine powder.

  3.  A disc harrow tool is a series of steel discs that easily, quickly, and effectively break up all the bumps and clods in the soil and give it a smooth finish for preparing a seedbed. After the initial ploughing is complete, it is typically employed as secondary tillage equipment to give the soil the finishing structure needed to create the proper seedbed.

  4. Since they move the soil around and rearrange the particle distribution, they can also have a useful consolidating effect in addition to reducing the soil's texture to a fine tilth.

Benefits of Agricultural Harrow 

  • The right kind of harrow for sale helps farmers prepare the seedbed, break up the soil clouds, and level the surface. This promotes even seed germination.
  • Farmers can use a harrow tractor implement to control the weeds by uprooting or burying weed seedlings. 
  • Tractor harrow implements can mix organic matter into the soil to improve the soil structure. 
  • As harrow machines level the uneven field, farmers can do even fertilizer spreading and do even irrigation. 
  • Using a tractor harrow can save time during various farming tasks.

What are the Uses of Harrow in Agriculture?

The tractor harrow comes in a wide variety of uses named as: 
• Establishing a nice seedbed 
• Dissolving the clods 
• Crushing or thoroughly combining the soil 
• Aerates the soil 
• Removing weeds 
• Covering the seeds after broadcast

Types of Tractor Harrow Tool

Depending on the soil type on a farm, various harrow kinds are employed worldwide. Several of them are listed below and some are used often all over the world.
1. Disc Harrow – In this type of horror, a group of independently mounted discs are used. They are positioned in opposition to one another to hurl soil in various directions. 
2. Offset disc Harrow - This is a tractor harrow implement useful for ploughing in medium and light soil. It is moveable when attached to the tractor.
3. Single-action disc Harrow - This tractor harrow is used for breaking soil in only a single direction.
4. Double-action disc harrow - Also known as a tandem disc harrow, this tractor harrow in India has two or more gangs. This type of harrow has front gangs' discs that throw the soil one way, while the rear gangs' discs throw the soil the other way.

Best Harrow for Sale 

  • Fieldking High-Speed Disc Harrow Pro- This is a heavy-duty agricultural harrow with features like 45-150 HP implement power, 150-350 CM working width, and 12-28 blades. The harrow price for this model starts from Rs. 15,000*. 
  • Landforce Disc Harrow Hydraulic-Heavy- This type of harrow comes with 18-28 blades and belongs to the tillage category. The working width of this tractor harrow is 210-308 CM. 
  • Shaktiman Power Harrow E 120- This harrow machine has an implement power of 80-120 HP, 246-294 CM working width, and 20-24 blades. The harrow price in India is Rs. 1.3 Lakhs*. 
  • Fieldking Trailed Offset Disc Harrow- This tractor harrow comes with 30-75 HP implement power, 150-213 CM working width, and 12-18 blades. The tractor harrow price starts from Rs. 48,000*. 

Components of Harrow

A tractor harrow has a frame that provides structural support and attaches the various components. 

  • Tines or blades of a harrow tractor implement is the main working component that comes in many types of shapes and configurations like disk blades and spike teet blades. 
  • The hitch of a harrow machine connects it to the tractor's three-point hitch or drawbar. Many tractor harrows implements have adjustable depth control mechanisms. 
  • An agricultural harrow is equipped with attachments like seeders or broadcast spreaders. They are useful for sowing seeds or applying fertilizers. 

How to Choose the Right Harrow? 

To make sure you have bought a perfect harrow for sale, farmers need to keep the below-mentioned points in mind. 

  • Learn about the type and condition of the soil before you plan to buy harrow in India. Different soils will have different requirements. So, keep this aspect in mind. 
  • Determine the primary tasks you will perform with your agricultural harrow. For instance, you have a harrow implement for primary tillage, seedbed preparation, secondary tillage, and weed control. 
  •  Don’t forget to check out the tractor harrow implement compatibility with the tractor model you already have. The harrow machine should be compatible with your tractor's size and horsepower.
  • Check the tractor harrow implement prices in India and compare different model prices. Buy harrow that fits your budget and offers the maximum possible features. 

What is the tractor harrow price in India?

The tractor harrow prices in India are affordable. The tractor harrow price starts from Rs. 47,500* and goes up to Rs. 64,000* in India. This harrow price range is also suitable for middle-class farmers to take the maximum output at such a reasonable price. Tractor Gyan is always there for you in finding the best tractor harrow price for you.

Why Choose Tractor Gyan to Buy the Best Harrow Machine? 

A harrow tractor implement holds great importance for farmers as it prepares them to farm effectively. However, farmers need to be aware of tractor harrow prices, harrow for-sale models, and features of a mini tractor harrow. 

This is why Tractor Gyan is the right platform for farmers to buy harrow in India. Here, buyers of tractor harrow implements can find about harrow for sale, models of a harrow tool, and tractor harrow price. 

 We provide updated and verified information about all these aspects. With us, farmers will be able to buy harrow model that will fit into their budget and will be able to take care of all their farming needs. 

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