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Top 10 Tractor Implements Price List in India 2022 | Tractorgyan

    Top 10 Tractor Implements Price List in India 2022 | Tractorgyan

24 Nov, 2022

Agriculture is the highest practised activity that grows rapidly amongst Indian farmers and with the rapid development in the agricultural sector here comes a simultaneous growth and demand for various tractor implements in India.

Below is the list of the top 10 tractor implements in India:

1. Plough


The plough is an important tractor implement demanded by farmers while carrying out their agricultural activities.

Before planting seeds, the soil is turned and made more flexible with the use of a plough. In India before technology, horses and oxen were used to pull the plough. Additionally, the top layer of the soil must be turned over by the plough for new nutrients to reach the surface. 

In agricultural areas different soil types require different tillage techniques, there are many different types of ploughs available, including general-purpose, stubble type, sod or breaker type, and slat type.  

Plough as an agricultural implement helps in preventing pest infestations and preserving soil temperature, creating a favourable environment for crop growth with the least amount of work.

The price of a Plough is Rs. 25000* to 90000*.


2. Cultivator


A cultivator is a tractor implement that is demanded by farmers. The primary purpose of a field cultivator is to create a suitable seedbed for the crop that will be grown there and to bury crop leftovers in the soil to control weeds. It assists in ensuring that the crop is thriving and is provided with the necessary water, nutrients, and air. Cultivators that rehydrate the soil around a crop to kill weeds (such as row crop cultivators) are not harrows. Harrows are often used to prepare the soil before planting, and they are made to consistently disrupt the soil across their whole working breadth.

The price of a cultivator is Rs.15000* to Rs.60000*.


3. Baler


Baler is also a demanded tractor implemented by the farmers. Baler as an agricultural implement collects the crop residue to make a collection or bundle of it. Balers can be rectangular or cylindrical, of varying diameters, and bound with twine, strapping, netting, or wire using a variety of balers that are frequently employed.

The price of the Baler is Rs 2.20 Lacs* to Rs. 5.00 Lacs*.


4. Rotavator


Rotavator is a tractor implement that is demanded by the farmer. The rotavator has blades that are used for the preparation of soil with minimum effort. The rotavator helps to lessen the soil it further improves the condition of the soil while churning and decreasing the slippage.

The price of the Rotavator is Rs. 20000* to Rs 2 Lacs*.


5. Power tiller

 power tiller

A power tiller is also a tractor implement that is demanded by farmers. A power tiller is a multipurpose agricultural implement that is used for tillage operation, rotary tilling, and other purposes. Power tillers require less maintenance cost and it offers efficient work in the absence of human and animal labour.

The price of a power tiller is Rs. 60,000* to Rs. 1.98 Lacs*.


6. Harrow


Harrow is also one of the agricultural implements demanded by farmers. The harrow machine's functions include pulverizing the soil, uprooting weeds, breaking up agricultural waste, and covering the seed.

The harrow agricultural implement helps in removing the seeds covering the seeds and crushing the combined soil. There are different types of Harrow disc harrow, offset harrow, single action disc harrow, and double action disc harrow.

The price of the harrow is Rs. 30000* to Rs. 3.00 lacs*. 


7. Backhoe loader


The backhoe loader is an agricultural implement. The ideal tool for all digging and excavating tasks is a backhoe loader. A backhoe loader can instantly add more functionality to your tractor or vehicle used for digging the land. It prepares your land for seeds to be sown or, in the case of urban areas, it is effective to lift sand on construction sites.

The price of a backhoe loader is between Rs. 7.50 lacs* to 28.00 lacs*.


8. Combine Harvester

 combine harvester

A combine harvester is another demanded tractor implemented by the farmer. A combine harvester is a multipurpose defined agricultural implement that works for threshing, ripping, and cleaning the crops in one hand to hand or say single operation.

There are different types of combine harvesters control combine harvesters, self–propelled combine harvesters, and track combine harvesters. Combining harvesters derives greater efficiency.

The price of a combine harvester is Rs. 16.00 lacs* to Rs. 35.00 lacs*.


9. Potato Planter

 potato planter

A potato planter is another tractor implement demanded by the farmer. Potato planters help the farmers to properly scatter the potato seeds They not only assist the farmers in sowing the seeds at a specific spacing between one another but also in covering the seeds with fertilizer and sowing them at the required depth with the least amount of manual labour. Automatic planters, High-Speed Automatic Planters, and Semi-Automatic Planters are the three varieties available.

The price of a potato planter is Rs. 50000* to 2.00 lacs*.


10. Tractor Trailer

tractor trailer

The tractor-trailer is also a most demanded agricultural implement. A trailer that is used for loading and unloading purposes is hitched to a tractor. Farming is a relatively simple and effective operation when done with a tractor-trailer. Additionally, trailers enable tractors to work efficiently.

Tractor trolleys, another name for tractor trailers, are easy to handle and use. Someone can be easily assisted in using the tractor trolley. The tractor-trailer is so lightweight that a tractor can pick it up and operate it without any problems. The price of tractor trolleys is really reasonable and economical.

The price of a tractor trolley is Rs. 14,000* to Rs. 3.00 Lacs*.

Price List of Tractor Implements in India

Plough    25,000 - 90,000*   


15000 - 60000*
Baler  2.20 -  5.00 Lakhs*
Rotavator 20,000 - 2.00 Lakhs*
Power tiller 60,000 - 1.98 Lakhs*  
Harrow     30,000 - 3.00 Lakhs*     
Backhoe Loader         7.50 - 28.00 Lakhs*       

Combine Harvester

16.00 - 35.00 Lakhs*    

Potato planter

50,000 - 2.00 Lakhs*   
Tractor Trailer 14,000 - 3.00 Lakhs*  

                                                                                                                 *Prices may differ from state to state.

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Recently Asked Question about Top 10 Tractor Implements Price List in India 2022 | Tractorgyan

Tractor Implements are used for different purposes like Tillage, Seed drilling, LandScaping, Fertilization, Harvesting etc.

Plough, Cultivator, Baler and Rotavator are some of the best tractor implements.

At Tractorgyan, you can find the Tractor Implements price list.

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