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Tractor Tipping Trailer in India

Tipping trailer implement assists farmers in transporting and unloading bulk material efficiently. It has an advanced tipping mechanism that allows for quick unloading. This implement is versatile and can be used in commercial farming. Tractor trolley offers a range of over 20+ implement models in India

The tractor trailer price is between Rs. 55000* - Rs. 3 Lakh* in India 2024. The tipping trailer HP range is between 20-60 HP. Farmers can purchase Tipping trailer models like Universal non-tipping trailers, FarmKing tipping trailers, Soil Master tipping trailers, Khedut tipping trailers, and Fieldking 3-way tipping trailers.

You can find a tipping trailer of your choice from trusted brands like Khedut, FarmKing, and Soil Master, at TractorGyan. Most of the tipping trailer models are available in categories like rotary, tipping, and non-tipping trailers. You'll also find detailed features and updated tractor trolley price.

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Recently Asked Question about Tipping Trailer Tractor Implements:

A tractor-trailer is an implement that is attached to the main body of the tractor to carry various loads.
The tractor trolley price is Rs 55,000* to Rs. 3.00 Lakh* in India.
Tractor trolleys or tractor trailers are used for transporting agriculture products, construction materials, and many other things.
The standard size of tractor trolley is 10'x5'x2'.
The best Tractor trolley in India is the Fieldking tipping trailer, Soil master tipping trailer 3 ton, and khedut tractor tipping trailer.
At tractorgyan, you can find the Latest Tipping trailer models in India.
The best tipping trailer brands in India are Khedut, Farmking, Soilmaster, Universal, and Field King.
The amount of subsidy and the process can change area-wise. To know more about tractor trolley subsidies, you can visit
At tractorgyan, you can find an updated tractor trolley price list.
No, a tipping trailer works by being attached to a tractor.
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About Tractor Tipping Trailer in India 2024

A tractor tipping trailer is an important farming equipment that farmers use for transporting and unloading various kinds of materials. It is also known as dump trailers. A tractor is required to tow a tipping trailer tool.  

For easy unloading and loading of the material, an agricultural tipping trailer has a hydraulics or mechanical tipping system. 

With the help of a tractor tipping trailer, farmers can easily carry the material from one location to another. 

In India, many tractor tipping trailer implements are available from trusted brands like Soil Master, Landforce, Fieldking, and Farmking.

The tipping trailer prices depend on the model and features. The average tipping trailer price is between Rs. 55,000* to 3,00,000* in India.

What is Tractor Tipping Trailer Price in India 2024?

The tipping trailer price is between Rs. 55,000* to 3,00,000* respectively. To buy a tipping trailer at this cost is not a difficult ordeal for farmers to go through. 

The tipping trailer prices vary according to the brand and the features you get with this machine. If you need to know more about tipping trailer prices, we recommend you check out the listing of tipping trailers at Tractor Gyan. 

Here, you’ll get every important information related to tipping trailer costs in the right manner. 

Tipping Trailer Models Tipping Trailer Models Price
Fieldking 3-Way Tipping Trailer Rs. 3, 25,786*
Mahindra Trolley Rs. 1,60,000*

Tipping Trailer Components

Here is a list of key components of a tipping trailer tool. 

  • The chassis of a tipping trailer forms the structural framework. It is typically made of durable materials such as steel or aluminium. 

  • Every tipping trailer machine has a tipping mechanism to unload its contents. It has a hydraulic cylinder to easily raise and lower the front or rear section of the tipping trailer.

  • The hydraulic system of a tractor tipping trailer supplies sufficient power to the tipping mechanism. It features a hydraulic pump, hydraulic fluid reservoir, control valves, and hydraulic hoses. 

  • The hitch or coupling of a tipping trailer helps the tipping trailer to attach to the tractor. 

  • The drawbar is another key component of an agricultural tipping trailer. It attaches the trailer's front to the towing vehicle. 

  • Tractor tipping trailer implements have one or more axles to distribute the load evenly. 

  • A tipping trailer has hydraulic or mechanical brakes to assist in controlling speed and stopping.

Tipping Trailer Features

Tractor tipping trailer implements are highly feature-rich. The key features of the tipping trailer tool are mentioned below 

  1. Farming becomes more coordinated and manageable, which is just one of the applications and advantages of having a tractor trailer. Every farmer in India decides to have and purchase a tractor trolley as one of their tractor implements. 

  2. A tractor trailer tool is also known as a tractor trolley. It is very simple to handle and operate. You can easily guide someone to use the tipping Trailer tractor implement. 

  3. The tipping tractor trailer is a lightweight machine. A tractor can easily lift it and farmers can use it without any damage. 

  4. tipping trailer Tractor implements are highly affordable and cost-effective to buy. The cost-effective tipping trailer prices make it easier for farmers to afford them. 

Tipping Trailer Specification

The load capacity of a tipping trailer tractor is measured in KG. Depending upon the models, it can vary between 1 ton to 5 tons. 

  • The dimensions of the tipping trailer, including the length, width, and height, vary according to the model. The outer dimension of a mini tractor tipping trailer can be 10x6x1.75 Feet (3048x1828x534 MM) and it can go as high as 14X7X2 Feet (4270x1828x610 MM). 

  • Tipping trailers can have a single axle and tandem axles to provide stability. 

  • The hitch tow beam can be between 50x20, 100x50, and more. 

  • The hydraulics jacks of a tipping trailer are between 2-20 tons. 

Tractor Tipping Trailer Implements Benefits

A tipping trailer tool is helpful to farmers in multiple ways. For instance: 

  • Farmers will have better mobility. They can easily carry heavy loads for a longer distance without any manual effort. 

  • Farmers will have more loading capacity with the help of a tipping trailer machine. They can carry large quantities of goods in a single trip. This saves time and effort in load carrying. 

  • An agricultural tipping trailer can save operational costs for the farmers. They don’t have to make multiple trips to carry loads.  

  • Farmers will have a safe transportation facility. They can carry large qualities of load without any risk of slippage. A tipping trailer has a stable centre of gravity. This is why it can manage smooth transportation.  

What are the Uses of Tipping Trailer Machines in Agriculture?

For a farmer, the use cases of a tipping trailer for sale are many. For instance: 

  • Farmers can use a tipping trailer to transport freshly harvested crops from the field to storage facilities or markets.

  • They can help farmers to spread manure or fertilizers across the globe.  

  • A tractor tipping trailer helps farmers to haul away debris and waste materials. Farmers can use tractor tipping trailer implements to transport bulk quantities of livestock feed, such as hay or silage, to feeding areas. 

Tractor Tipping Trailer Types

There are multiple types of tipping trailer available for the help of the farmers. 

  • Single-Axle Tipping Trailer

These types of tipper trailer models have only one axle. They are also known as mini tractor tipping trailers and are compact. 

  • Tandem Axle Tipping Trailer

This tipping trailer tool has two axles and has better stability. They are useful for medium to large-scale farms. 

  • Three-Way Tipping Trailer

 A three-way tipping trailer tractor implement has a versatile design. It can lift the weight in three directions, to the rear, to the left, and the right. 

  • High-Lift Tipping Trailer

 This tipping trailer machine has an extra height. With this feature, it can discharge the material at a higher height. 

  • Non Tipping Trailer

This tipping trailer machine can’t tip on its own. It requires extra support to dump the load. It doesn't have hydraulic tipping technology. 

  • Heavy-Duty Tipping Trailer

 A heavy-duty tipping trailer is built for heavy-duty applications. It has modern hydraulics to easily lift debris or bulk goods.

Best Tipping Trailer for Sale

You can buy these models of tipping trailers online in India. 

  • Fieldking 3-Way Tipping Trailer

With tractor implement HP of 70-90 HP, this tipping trailer tool has 15 ton hydraulics cylinder capacity and 160 X 80 mm main chassis. The tipping trailer price in India for this model is Rs. 3, 25,786*. 

  • Soil Master Tipping Trailer HD 8 Ton

This tractor tipping trailer belongs to the haulage category and it’s compatible with a tractor implement power above 35 HP. It has features like rubber stoppers, a full flat bed, and rolled corrugated side walls. 

  • Universal Non-Tipping Trailer

Farmers can buy this tractor tipping trailer to enjoy features like a 150X75 main chassis channel, 4 floor sheets, and tractor implement of 50-110 HP. 

  • Khedut Tractor Tipping Trailer

Khedut Tractor Tipping Trailer in India has a unique and strong build. It has a hydraulics jack of 10 tons capacity and a 6 MM floor sheet. 

  • Landforce Tipping Single Tyre (Heavy Duty)

This tipping trailer machine has a 200 x 75 mm main chassis channel and hydraulic jack of 10-15 ton capacity. 

How to Choose the Right Tipping Trailer

To make sure you have the right tractor tipping trailer in India, keep these points in mind. 

  • Define the tasks you need to perform with your tractor tipping trailer in India and buy a model that can handle your requirements. 

  • Based on your requirements, check the load capacity of a tractor tipping trailer in India. Small-scale farmers need a lower load capacity while commercial farmers need a tipping trailer with high load capacity. 

  • Ensure that the tipping trailer tool size is suitable for the types of loads you'll be transporting. 

  • Check the axle configuration of the tractor tipping trailer. Single axles are suitable for smaller loads. A mini tractor tipping trailer will have single axles. But, if you need better stability, you need a tipping trailer with tandem or tri-axle configurations. 

  • Always go for a tractor tipping trailer in India from a reputed brand that is made from a robust model. 

  • Set a budget to buy tipping trailers. Gather the information about tipping trailer prices and select a model that suits your budget. 

Why Choose Tractor Gyan to Buy the Best Tipping Trailer Machine? 

When it comes to buying the best tipping trailer tool, farmers need to have a better understanding of tripping trailer prices, tripping trailer features, and tripping trailer for sale models. 

TractorGyan is a one-stop solution for all this information. The platform has a detailed listing of types of tipping trailers. Farmers can check out tractor tipping trailer prices in India and even read the reviews. This information helps farmers to make an infrared decision. 

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