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CRDI Tractor Engine: Working, Benefits and Top Tractor Models with CRDI Engine

CRDI Tractor Engine: Working, Benefits and Top Tractor Models with CRDI Engine

    CRDI Tractor Engine: Working, Benefits and Top Tractor Models with CRDI Engine

26 Jun, 2023

CRDI Engine full form is Common Rail Direct Injection, This technology is based on a fuel injection technique used in diesel engines of several vehicles such as cars, trucks, modern tractors, etc. This crdi tractor engine technology is widely accepted by various tractor manufacturing giants around the globe for its high-performance output and cost-effectiveness while still offering the same engine power they are widely known for. Furthermore, incorporating the crdi system in tractors has revolutionized the farming sector, adding more profits to the tractor owners. 

This blog discusses all the aspects and concepts of crdi tractor engines along with their meaning, working, and benefits in 2023. We will also list the top tractor models working on crdi engines.

What is CRDI Diesel Engine Technology?

crdi diesel engine

The CRDI technology is a next-gen and advanced technology developed for diesel engines. Crdi engine works by supplying high-pressure fuels to injectors through a common rail. This crdi technology has brought a highly efficient direct injection system where the injectors work by spraying fuel directly into the cylinders. CRDI is also known by other names such as CRDE, CRDS, and HPCR, which are the same in working and functions. The old conventional diesel injection system required pressurizing fuel for every injection cycle.  Whereas modern CRDI engines maintain the required constant pressure irrespective of the injection cycle.

Moreover, manufacturers around the globe utilize the CRDI engine to remove some of the drawbacks of traditional diesel engines which were sluggish, complicated, noisy, and lack performance when incorporated into vehicles. Today, crdi tractor engines are more beneficial as it provides flexibility while meeting the most stringent emission control standards. Most importantly, it offers users with enhanced fuel efficiency and improved performance in all applications. Thus, the crdi system benefits the user with a comfortable driving experience with lower engine noise. TREM-IV tractors with CRDI engine are important to have a less polluted environment for future generations.


Working of Crdi Tractor engines (common rail direct injection system)

working of crdi tractor engine

A. Components of CRDI Tractor engines (common rail direct injection system)

Fuel filter

Fuel pump

Fuel temperature sensor

Pressure regulating valve

High-pressure piston pump

Rail pressure sensor

Pressure limiter

Distribution pipe (rail)


The engine control unit (ECU)

Other sensors


B. Working of CRDI Tractor Engine

- The crdi tractor engine works with the help of various components attached to the tank including a common rail, electronic fuel pump, fuel tank, fuel filter, ECU, injectors, and sensors. 

- The process starts by transferring the fuel from the fuel tank into the filter and from there it goes to the fuel pump.

- A high-pressure pump further pressurizes the fuel to the rail. In between this, A pressure regulating valve attached to the high-pressure pump gets input from ECU.

- Further, ECU gets signals from the throttle position sensor, temperature sensor, speed sensor, and pressure sensor. 

- After this, The pressurized fuel from the pump is sent to a common rail (also known as a distribution pipe) which acts as a reservoir and supplies the fuel as per the determined quantity. Here the common rail has a rail pressure sensor, which gives the signal to the ECU.

- From this common rail, fuel enters the injectors and then into the different cylinders. Moreover, there is a pressure relief valve attached to the common rail, which works by releasing the excess pressure. 

- However, When the fuel in the common rail exceeds the desired pressure, fuel is sent back to the fuel tank from a separate line. Thus, The injectors are controlled and managed by the ECU to provide the correct quantity of fuel at the right time into the cylinder. This, way ECU plays a crucial role in determining the quantity of fuel sent to the cylinders by the injectors.

- Hence, ECU will give the signal to the injectors based on engine factors like engine load, engine speed, temperature, and more. All the components of the crdi engine are controlled by sensors., which calculate the flow of the required quantity of fuel in the required time.


Benefits Of Crdi Engines 

- CRDI diesel engines are capable of injecting a small amount of fuel even before the main injection, which benefits by preventing explosion and also reducing noise and vibration.

- Crdi tractor engine is capable to inject 5 times per engine stroke, whenever required.

- High-pressure injection of fuel provides better fuel automation, which results in increasing the efficiency of the fuel.

- CRDI engines are also capable of controlling the flow of fuel by the load and speed of the crdi engine.

- Crdi tractor engine technology is highly efficient and powerful, which only requires only one fuel pump for supplying multiple cylinders.

- These engines are eco-friendly, as it protects the environment by reducing noise, smoke, and harmful gases and prevents environmental pollution.

- These Crdi tractor engines are manufactured with advanced technology which brings more output at low RPM.

- The major benefit of crdi engine technology is fuel economy.

- CRDI tractor engines provide high low-end torque for better performance output.

- These engines are highly efficient and strong which saves you from high maintenance costs as the crdi tractor engine offers low maintenance to the users.

- CRDI engines provide a more efficient combustion process which brings better fuel economy, saving your costs.

- These engines optimize the amount of flow of fuel to the engine, which further results in a boost of power output, providing a better driving experience. 

- The development of CRDI has undoubtedly had a positive impact on the automotive industry and underscores how important it is to continue investing in innovative and sustainable technologies.


Top Tractor Models Having CRDI Engines (I.E. CRDE, HPCR, CRDS)

This list includes the top tractor model of different tractor brands that comes with CRDI engines for enhancing the tractor performance, and output, and ensuring the durability of the engines.

1. Mahindra Tractor models with CRDE engines

mahindra tractor models with crde engines

Mahindra NOVO 605 DI

Mahindra NOVO 755 DI PP

Mahindra NOVO 605 DI PP

Mahindra NOVO 655 DI PP


2. John Deere Tractor models with HPCR Fuel Injection System engines

john deere tractor models with hpcr fuel injection system engines

John Deere 5310 Gear Pro TREM IV 

John Deere 5405 Gear Pro TREM IV

John Deere 5075 E Gear Pro TREM IV

John Deere 5405 AC Cab TREM IV

John Deere 5075 E AC Cab TREM IV


3. Sonalika Tractor models with CRDS engines

sonalika tractor models with crds engines

Sonalika Tiger 65 4WD

Sonalika Tiger 60 4WD 

Sonalika Tiger DI 75 4WD 

Sonalika Tiger DI 75

Sonalika Tiger DI 65


4. New Holland tractor models with HPCR Engines

new holland tractor models with hpcr engines

New Holland 5620 Power King (TREM IV)



Crdi tractor engine or crdi diesel engines has revolutionized the agriculture sector. Crdi tractor engines can lead to sustainable farming by offering better fuel efficiency, more power, high performance, and reduced emissions. Crdi engines are more beneficial in tractors as the control over fuel injection provides optimal combustion, increased productivity, and prevents pollution or environmental hazards. Moreover, various tractor brands manufacture advanced crdi tractor engines such as Mahindra tractors, sonalika, John Deere, New Holland, etc. Buying these crdi engine tractors will offer you more features, advantages, performance, and output, while saving your time and cost on maintenance.

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Recently Asked Question about CRDI Tractor Engine: Working, Benefits and Top Tractor Models with CRDI Engine

What does CRDI stand for?

CRDI stands for Common Rail Direct Injection.

How does a CRDI tractor engine work?

A CRDI tractor engine utilizes a high-pressure fuel rail to directly inject fuel into the combustion chamber, resulting in improved fuel atomization and combustion efficiency.

What are the benefits of a CRDI tractor engine?

The benefits of CRDI tractor engines include enhanced fuel efficiency, reduced emissions, increased power output, smoother operation, and improved reliability.

Which tractor models feature CRDI engine technology?

Some popular tractor models featuring CRDI engine technology are Mahindra NOVO 755 DI PP, John Deere 5310 Gear Pro TREM IV, and Sonalika Tiger DI 75 4WD.

Are CRDI engines more fuel-efficient than conventional tractor engines?

Yes, CRDI engines are known for their higher fuel efficiency compared to conventional tractor engines.

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