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Know the Different Uses of Tractors in Agriculture, Construction, and Industries | Tractorgyan

Know the Different Uses of Tractors in Agriculture, Construction, and Industries | Tractorgyan

    Know the Different Uses of Tractors in Agriculture, Construction, and Industries | Tractorgyan

21 Sep, 2022

Uses of tractors

Agriculture and tractor go hand in hand in India. Agriculture proves to be efficient and one of the most important activities in our country. 60 percent of the country is based on farming or agriculture itself. Tractors play a significant role in deciding and incorporating the act of farming or agriculture.

There are different uses of tractors in different industries in the modern world. The uses of tractors in farming are known to everyone, but they are used in other sectors as well. This versatile tool can function as a bulldozer, scraper, or digger. Tractors can also be used as a power take-off attachment in several industries to drive stationary or pulled equipment. Anyone who intends to buy tractors must be aware of the uses of tractors in agriculture and construction as well. 

A tractor is a vehicle designed specifically to provide a lot of torque at a low speed. It transports a trailer or equipment for use in industrial, commercial, and agricultural settings. Traction and motor are two terms that are combined to form the word tractor. For a variety of farming chores, big loads are pulled by tractors. Therefore, the uses of tractors in farming are wide & well-known. Farmers carry out a variety of agricultural tasks, and the tools and equipment needed for each work are produced. Like this, other tractor kinds have been developed depending on the demands and needs of farmers.

The advantages of businesses making tractors domestically are one of the main factors contributing to the agriculture market's enormous development. The biggest benefit of constructing tractors domestically is that it lowers the price of the equipment dramatically, making it more affordable for many farmers. 

To purchase farm equipment, the government and banking institutions give farmers loans, which they can pay back in manageable payments over a lengthy period. Consumer demand has changed; formerly, they preferred to purchase 31 to 40 HP tractors, but today they lean more toward buying 41 to 50 HP tractors. This reflects the expanding uses of tractors in farming production systems.


Different uses of tractors in different sectors

Roles or Uses of tractors depend upon different sectors. The uses of tractors are not limited to agriculture, it is also used in construction and industries. 

Uses of tractors in agriculture

In general, tractors relate to farming because farmers use them in conjunction with other equipment to conduct tasks like ploughing, tilling, planting, and harrowing. Additionally, a tractor is utilized to pull or push the equipment, which streamlines farming processes.


1. Compact tractors ( Mini Tractors )


 Vineyard and orchard farming operations are best carried out with compact tractors or tiny tractors. They often have wide rear track widths and comfy, adjustable chairs. Uses of mini tractors in agriculture are to trim trees, pick low-hanging fruit, and more.


 2. Implement carrier tractor


The implement carrier tractor is the one that is used for mounting and hauling various implements. Sprayers, drills, loaders, rotary sweepers, seed drills, and other tools are among the implements. There is also an extra between the chassis of their front and rear tires due to the weight of the additional equipment they are carrying.


 3. Garden tractors


The uses of garden tractors in agriculture are to create flower beds and cut the lawn, and garden tractors. Garden tractors have a compact design and an engine with a power range of 1 HP to 20 HP. Their convenience makes them ideal for gardeners.


4. Utility tractors


Uses of these tractors in agriculture are for tasks like ploughing and towing large tools. Additionally, adopting utility tractors helps reduce the extra expenditures associated with buying different machinery to complete duties. 

Additionally, the power output of utility tractors ranges from 45 HP to 140 HP. Utility tractors can therefore effortlessly draw large equipment like harvesters and threshers.


Uses of tractors in construction

Besides the uses of tractors in farming, they are used in construction as well. There are various uses of Tractors in construction such as pushing or hauling items. In addition to this, they serve as mounts for a variety of attachments, including front-end shovels and bulldozers.


1. Excavators


Uses of these tractors in construction are to dig and demolish and are used by miners and builders. Excavators can move dirt and raise heavy tools. Their raised chairs provide a good vision for the driver, and the spinning bucket arm at the back makes it easy to operate this machinery.


2.  Military tractors


Military tractors are particularly helpful to the military because they are mostly used for construction, destruction, establishing temporary roadways, etc. Military tractors are used to transport weapons and other military hardware. Additionally, they have undercarriages and reinforced frames that are made to be extremely durable.


3. Bulldozers


Bulldozer tractors have huge plates at the front and are of the crawler type. Uses of these tractors in construction are to help with the movement of rocks, mud, and trash. A bulldozer can also keep its balance while clearing debris from various kinds of terrain.


Uses of Tractors in Industries

Industrial tractors are employed more in the industry than in agriculture, as their name suggests. These tractors were formerly known as tuggers. Uses of tractors in industries are to pull hefty loads and mount cranes for the simple lifting of hefty loads. The agricultural tractor is not like these tractors. 

When compared to farming tractors, they lack a three-point hitch. These tractors come in a variety of variants with the advantages of HP, and they have drawbars.

Logs and other large items are pulled by industrial tractors. These are employed to effortlessly lift huge weights. In contrast to farming tractors, they lack a three-point hitch. Instead, they have drawbars installed. These tractors are used in a variety of industrial applications.


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