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Retail Tractor sales increased by 41.04% YoY in June 2023, shows FADA Research

Retail Tractor sales increased by 41.04% YoY in June 2023, shows FADA Research

    Retail Tractor sales increased by 41.04% YoY in June 2023, shows FADA Research

06 Jul, 2023

The wait is over! FADA releases YoY vehicle sales report for June 2023. Total 98,660 tractors were sold out in India during June 2023. Tractor sales experienced the highest YoY hike. In June 2023, tractor sales in India experienced a 41.04% hike as compared to June 2022.  

41.04% hike indicates a positive outlook of farmers toward tractor purchases. The report explained the YoY sales of all the leading tractor manufacturers in India. In today’s post, we’re going to talk about the performance of these brands in June 2023 and will also compare it with the performance in June 2022. So, let’s get started.

Tractor Sales June 2023:

Sales report for Mahindra & Mahindra

Mahindra & Mahindra needs no introduction as this leading tractor manufacturer has firmed its feet in this industry with its advanced technology and cutting-edge inventions. No wonder why this brand always remains at the top of the FADA report.

With 21.94% of the total market share of the Indian tractor market, Mahindra & Mahindra recorded sales of 21,647 tractors in June 2023.  When compared to June 2022, this sales data is at a much higher place as the sales of this brand in June 2022 were only 13,189 tractor units.
In June 2022, the brand acquired 18.85% of the total tractor market share. The way this manufacturer managed to deliver tractors that understand modern farmers’ need is the main reason behind its constantly high sales.


Sales report for Mahindra & Mahindra Under Swaraj Division

Swaraj is a sub-brand of Mahindra & Mahindra and this tractor manufacturer also managed to win Indian farmers’ hearts with its highly advanced tractors. In June 2023, Swaraj grabbed second place in this report with record sales of 15,986 tractor units. This sales was only 9,640 in June 2022.

Speaking of market share, Swaraj’s market share in June 2023 is 16.20% while it was at the mark of 13.78% in June 2022.

Sales report for International Tractors Limited (Sonalika Tractor)

Next, we have Sonalika's June 2023 tractor sales numbers to share with you.  In June 2023, International Tractors Limited (Sonalika) sold a total of 12,734 tractors and was successful to own a 12.91% share of the tractor market in India in June 2023.

During June 2022, International Tractors Limited (Sonalika) sold only 7,829. The total market share was 11.19%. International Tractors Limited continues to experience a sales hike with each passing year because of its regular attention to advancements.


Sales report for TAFE Limited (Massey Ferguson Tractor)

TAFE’s tractors are built to last and provide maximum possible assistance to the tractor in their diverse farming ventures. This quality of  TAFE tractors made this brand grab 4th place in the June 2023 sales report.

In June 2023, TAFE sold a total of 11,186 tractor units. With this, TAFE managed to own 11.34% of the total tractor market share in India.  As compared to June 2023, tafe sold only 8,073 tractor units in June 2022. The total market share during this period was 11.54%.


Sales report for Escorts Limited (Agri Machinery Group)  

Escorts Limited has a wide range of tractors to offer Indian farmers. The manufacturer built tractors for all kinds of needs. This is one of the main reasons behind the YoY growth of this brand. The report revealed the June 2023 sales of  Escorts Limited.

The company sold 10,210 units in June 2023,  accounting for 10.35% of the market share. In June 2022, the tractor sales of  Escorts Limited were at the mark of 6,060 units with an 8.66% market share.

retail tractor sales in june 2023 fada research


Sales report for John Deere India Pvt Ltd (Tractor Division)

John Deere is a famous name in the Indian tractor industry and has built a huge reputation amongst the Indian farmer community. 

In June 2023, John Deere sold 8,307 tractor units and claimed an 8.42% share of the total tractor market in India.  In June 2022, the recorded sale was 4,491 units. The total market share of John Deere in June 2022 was 6.42%.


Sales report for CNH Industrial (India) Pvt Ltd (New Holland tractors)

The sales of CNH Industrial (India) Pvt Ltd in June 2023 were 5,571 units and the company holds 5.65% of the total market share in India. This sale is better than June 2022 as the company only sold 2,139 units in June 2022 and the total market share was 3.06%.


Sales report for Eicher Tractors

Eicher Tractors is going strong and is acquiring a great market share with each passing year. In June 2023, the company sold 4,932 units, accounting for 5.00% of the market share in India.  In June 2022, the recorded sale was 4,339 units. The total market share of eicher in June 2022 was 6.20%.


Sales report for Kubota Agricultural Machinery India Pvt. Ltd

In June 2023,  Kubota sold 1,728 units, which represents 1.75% of the total market share in India. In 2022, the brand sold a total of 1,663 units and owned 2.38% of the total market share.


Sales report for Preet Tractors Pvt Ltd

Preet is a trusted brand and it sold 759 tractor units in June 2023. With these sales, the company owned a 0.77% market share. In June 2022 the company sold only 387 tractor units and its market share was 0.55%.


Sales report for Kartar Agro Industries Pvt Ltd

Kartar Agro sold a total of 572 tractor units in June 2023 and owned a 0.58% share of the total tractor market in India. The brand sold 532 more tractors in June 2023 as compared to June 2022. In June 2022, the total tractor sales of Kartar Agro was only 37 and its market share was only 0.05%.


Sales report for Manku Agro Tech Pvt Ltd  

Manku Agro Tech Pvt Ltd managed to sell a total of 559 tractor units in June 2023 and hold 0.57% of the total tractor market share in India.

If we compare the performance of this brand with June 2022 then we get to know that the brand did very well in June 2023. In June 2022, the company only sold 42 units, accounting for 0.06% market share.


Sales Report of Other Tractor Brands

Other than these leading tractor brands, the Indian tractor market has some other players. The total sales of all these other tractor brands was 4,469 units and they all accounted for 4.53% market share of the total tractor market.

In June 2022, other brands performed better as together they sold 12,063 units and owned 17.24% market share.



1. The above numbers do not have figures from TS & LD.
2- Vehicle Retail Data has been collated as of 04.07.23 in collaboration with the Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Government of India and has been gathered from 1,351 out of 1,437 RTOs.

https://images.tractorgyan.com/uploads/104721/647d91db166d8_retail-tractor-sales-increased-yoy-in-may-2023-shows-fada-research.png Retail Tractor sales increased by 9.62% YoY in May 2023, shows FADA Research
FADA  has released its Monthly tractor sales report for May 2023, which shows a 9.62 % YOY increase in May 2023. This article entails all the details ...
https://images.tractorgyan.com/uploads/105195/649fb2b43c0d2_escorts-kubota-limited-registers-monthly-sales-of-9,850-tractors-in-june-2023.jpg Escorts Kubota Limited registers monthly sales of 9,850 tractors in June 2023, Down 2% YOY
Escorts Kubota Limited Agri Machinery Business Division in June 2023 sold 9,850 tractors as against 10,051 tractors sold in June 2022....
https://images.tractorgyan.com/uploads/105212/64a26632ac014_mahindra-tractor-sales-june-2023.png Mahindra’s FES records 43,364 tractor sales in India during June 2023, Up 9% YoY
Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.’s Farm Equipment Sector (FES), part of the Mahindra Group, today announced its tractor sales numbers for June 2023. ...

Recently Asked Question about Retail Tractor sales increased by 41.04% YoY in June 2023, shows FADA Research

What is the percentage increase in retail tractor sales in June 2023?

Retail tractor sales increased by more than 41.04 percent in June 2023.

What is the total sales figure for Mahindra and Mahindra in June 2023?

The total sales figure for Mahindra and Mahindra in June 2023 was 21,647 units.

What is the total sales figure for Swaraj Tractors in June 2023?

Swaraj Tractors sold 15,986 units in June 2023.

How many tractors did Sonalika Tractors sell in June 2023?

Sonalika Tractors sold 12,734 tractors in June 2023.

How many tractor units did New Holland sell in June 2023?

New Holland sold 5,571 tractor units in June 2023.

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