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kartar 4536

Kartar tractors has got a leading edge technology with the blend of innovation. The Kratar tractor have great efficiency and outstanding performance that helps in leveraging overall sales of the farmers. The HP of these Kartar tractors in India starts from 39 HP and maximum ranges to 55 HP. The best three Kartar models are Kartar 4036, Kartar 4536, Kartar 5136. The Kartar tractors price in India starts from Rs 3.10 Lakhs. The price of this tractor is effective and cost-efficient in every manner.

HP:- 42
Cylinder :- NA
Lifting Capacity :- 1800 KG
HP:- 55
Cylinder :- NA
Lifting Capacity :- 1800 KG
HP:- 48
Cylinder :- NA
Lifting Capacity :- NA

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KARTAR Agro Industries, a widely speculated Brand with a Meaning, 'The CREATOR,' takes aim at the associated mindset. The 'Ideation, Creation, and Innovation' cycle is the very embodiment of what is required for a wide variety of company progression, improvement, and progress. Kartar tractor produces tractors ranging from 50 to 90 HP.

It also consists of a 4 stroke diesel engine with a number of cylinders ranging from 3 to 4. Kartar tractors have also been featured with Dry Air Cleaner with Clogging Sensor. The Kartar tractor price starts from 3.10 lakhs to 7.20 lakhs. The lifting capacity of these tractors is around 2150 KG.

History of Kartar Tractors

For the past 35 years, KARTAR Combines has been one of the most trusted names in farm implement manufacturing and distribution. Working in this field since 1975, the organization has built a strong foundation of trust and progress among agrarians. The company has provided Indian farmers with 100 per cent substantial innovation, which has increased the yield in their fields, and this is why we are regarded as the pioneer and leading manufacturer and exporter of outstanding rural executes.

Why Kartar Tractor is best? 

Kartar distributes an exactingly developed range of agro equipment and tractors to all of the world's major commercial sectors from a single organization. Kartar's entire approach to altering the nature of farming has been recognised with prestigious awards such as the National Award, Export Award, and State Productivity Award. Kartar also has an ISO 9001:2000 certificate, which certifies its commitment to global quality standards.

There are some unique features of Kartar tractors that make these tractors different from others such as:

Ø  It has an HP range starting from 50 to 90 horsepower.

Ø  It has a long-range of models made as per the requirement of farmers.

Ø  Kartar tractor price in India is most affordable and nominal from all other tractor brands.

Ø  Its resale value is much higher than other tractors.

Ø  Kartar tractors in India are designed in such a way that they satisfy the farmer’s demand and requirements in the field.

Ø  These tractors in India has been designed to meet the farmers' needs and requirements so the features available in this tractor are very much easy and hassle-free to use.

What is the price of a Kartar tractor?

The Kartar tractor is reasonably priced and cost-effective. Farmers find it easier to obtain because it fits into their budget and reduces the need to be concerned about costs. Kartar tractor prices starts from Rs 3.10 lakhs and range up to 7.20 lakhs in India.

Market dynamics and market actors are mostly responsible for the pricing of these Kartar tractors. Kartar tractors are thus one of the most cost-effective and low-cost tractors available on the market for farmers.

Who are the dealers of Kartar tractor?

For a long time, Kartar Tractor has been in high demand. In order to satisfy this demand, brand has extended its marketing staff as well as its dealership network across India. This is an ongoing and continuous process.  Presently There is 41 Kartar Tractor dealer across India that advertise Tractors of Kartar, provide after-sales support, and supply spare parts.

Popular Kartar tractor Models:

1.1 KARTAR 5036 Globtrac

1.1.1 KARTAR 5536
1.1.2 KARTAR 7536
1.1.3 KARTAR 6036
1.1.4 KARTAR 7536
1.1.5 KARTAR 9036

Is there any second hand Kartar tractors in India available easily?

Having a used tractor in India is not an outdated plan yet having a comfy tractor with all that efficiency and excellency that a newly launch has. The used Kartar tractor are listed on Tractor Gyan and you can have clear details of it. So to get any information visit Tractor Gyan.

Where to get financial loan for Kartar tractors in India?

To get financial help for purchasing Kartar tractors in India there are various schemes and policies available with great subsidies too. Tractor Gyan gives you great opportunity for seeking kartar tractor loan related information at just one click. 

Where to see Kartar tractor video in India?

To see visual and motion of Kartar tractors in India, have a look to its youtube videos where Tractor Gyan publishes all the exclusive Kartar tractor videos with utmost accuracy in information. 

Where to get information about Kartar tractors in India?

The Agricultural Research and Development Department of the Kartar is particularly dedicated, and improvisation is a continuous process. Kartar's long-standing partnership with farmers in the agriculture industry has been a major factor in the company's growth.

To know more about this company researches, tractor implements, tractor prices, tractor brands then you can visit our portal Tractor Gyan. On our portal, you will get brief information about all tractors of Kartar in detail. You will also be informed of all features and benefits of Kartar tractors in India with complete and transparent figures, stats and data. 

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