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Kartar Tractors

kartar 4536
Kartar tractors are from the lands of Punjab, which manufactures the best tractors to perform in rough and vigorous terrains. Kartar tractors are known for their robust kirloskar engine and top-notch quality tractors to cater to the needs of farmers. Kartar tractor price starts from Rs. 6.40 lakh* - 11.55 Lakh* in 2024 in India. Kartar Tractor offers high-performing and efficient tractors ranging from 42 HP to 55 HP. Kartar tractor price is budget friendly even for small farmers. Kartar tractors provide best-in-class features and performance to enhance the productivity and profitability of farmers. The most popular Kartar tractors in India in 2024 are Kartar 4036, Kartar 4536, Kartar 5036 4wd, etc. At TractorGyan, you will get to know all the popular Kartar models and Kartar tractor's price list in India 2024.
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Kartar Tractor Price List 2024 in India

Tractor 60 HPHP : 60

Cylinder tractor 4Cylinder: 4

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 2200 Kg

Tractor 50 HPHP : 50

Cylinder tractor 3Cylinder: 3

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 1400 Kg

Tractor 50 HPHP : 50

Cylinder tractor 3Cylinder: 3

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 1800 Kg

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tractorsKartar Tractors Key Highlights

Popular Tractors Kartar 4036, Kartar 5136, Kartar 4536, Kartar 5936 4WD
Most Expensive Tractor Kartar 5936 4WD (11.00 - 11.55 Lakh)
Most Affordable Tractor Kartar 4036 (6.40 - 6.60 Lakh)

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Recently Asked Question about Kartar Tractors

What is the Kartar tractor HP range?

The Kartar tractor HP range starts from 39 hp to 55 hp.

What is the Kartar tractor price range?

Kartar tractor price starts from Rs. 6.40 lakh* to Rs. 11.55 Lakh* in 2024.

Who is the owner of Kartar tractor?

Directors of Kartar Tractors Private Limited are Manjeet Singh, Harvinder Singh, Manpreet Singh, Jasmeet Kaur, Harmeet Singh, Amarjit Singh and Inderjeet Singh.

Which is the most fuel efficient Kartar tractor?

The most fuel-efficient Kartar tractor is Kartar 4536.

Which is the best tractor in Kartar?

Kartar 5136 is the best tractor in Kartar tractor.

Where can I find updated Kartar tractors price list?

At tractorgyan, you can find the updated Kartar tractors price list.

Which is the best Kartar 4wd tractor in India?

The best Kartar tractor in India is Kartar 5036 4WD.

Where to find Kartar tractor dealer and showroom near me?

At tractorgyan, visit Locate tractor dealer page to find the Kartar dealer and showroom.

What is the Kartar tractor average lifting capacity?

Kartar tractor's average lifting capacity is 1250 kg to 2200 kg.

How many tractor models are available in Kartar tractor brand?

7+ Tractor models are available in the Kartar tractor brand.8

Which is the best 50 hp Kartar tractor?

The best 50 HP Kartar tractor is Kartar 5036.

Which Kartar tractor model has best hydraulic lifting capacity?

Kartar 5936 has the best hydraulic lifting capacity which is 2200 Kg.

Which is the most Popular Kartar tractor in India?

The most popular Kartar tractor in India is Kartar 4036.

Which are the latest models of Kartar Tractors?

The latest models of Kartar tractors are Kartar 5936 2WD and Kartar 5036 4WD.

Which tractor is Kartar's most powerful tractor?

Kartar's most powerful tractor is Kartar 5936 4WD with a 60-hp engine.

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About Kartar Tractor Price List in India

Kartar tractor manufactured by KARTAR Agro Industries, a well-known Brand with a Meaning, 'The CREATOR,' aims to the associated mindset. The 'Ideation, Creation, and Innovation' cycle is the embodiment required for company growth and success. Kartar Tractor produces tractors ranging from 50 to 90 HP.

It also consists of a 4-stroke diesel engine with a number of cylinders ranging from 3 to 4. It has also been featured with a Dry Air Cleaner with Clogging Sensor. The Kartar tractor price starts from Rs 6.40 lakh* and goes up to Rs. 11.55 lakh* (on-road price). The lifting capacity of these tractors is around 2150 KG.

Kartar Tractor History

For the past 35 years, KARTAR Combines has been one of the most trusted names in farm implement manufacturing and distribution. Working in this field since 1975, the organization has built a strong foundation of trust and progress among agrarians.

The company has provided Indian farmers with 100 percent innovation, which has increased the yield in their fields. This is why we are regarded as the pioneer and leading manufacturer and exporter of outstanding rural execution.

Why is Kartar Tractor Best? 

Kartar develops an advanced range of agro equipment and tractors. For the world's major commercial sectors from a single organization.
Kartar's contribution to farming has been recognized with prestigious awards such as the National Award, Export Award, and State Productivity Award. Kartar also has an ISO 9001:2000 certificate, which certifies its commitment to global quality standards.
Some unique features of Kartar tractors make these tractors different from others:
Ø Kartar tractor has an HP range starting from 50 to 90 horsepower.
Ø  It has a wide range of models made as per the requirements of farmers.
Ø  Kartar tractor price in India is the most affordable and nominal of all other tractor brands.
Ø  Its resale value is much higher than other tractors.
Ø  These tractors in India are designed in such a way that they satisfy the farmer’s demand and requirements in the field.
Ø  These tractors in India have been designed to meet the farmers' needs and requirements. so the features available in these tractors are very easy and hassle-free to use.

What is the Kartar tractor price in India?

Kartar tractor price is Rs 5.90 lakh - 11.05 lakh* (ex-showroom price) in India. The Kartar tractor Price in India is reasonable and cost-effective. these tractors fit in the budget and reduce the need to be concerned about tractor prices.

Market dynamics and market actors are responsible for the pricing of these tractors. These tractors are one of the most cost-effective tractors available on the market.

Kartar Tractor Price List in India 2024

Kartar Tractor Models Tractor HP Tractor Price
Kartar 4036 42 HP Rs. 6.40 - 6.60 Lakh*
Kartar 4536 45 HP Rs. 6.90 - 7.10 Lakh*
Kartar 5936 4WD 60 HP Rs. 11.00 - 11.55 Lakh*
Kartar 5936 2WD 60 HP Rs. 9.41 - 9.82 Lakh*
Kartar 5036 4WD 50 HP Rs. 8.80 - 9.23 Lakh*
Kartar 5136 55 HP Rs. 7.50 - 7.80 Lakh*
Kartar 5036 2WD 50 HP Rs. 8.00 - 8.35 Lakh*
Kartar 5136 CR 50 HP Rs. 7.60 - 8.20 Lakh*

Who are the Kartar tractor dealers?

For a long time, Kartar Tractor has been in high demand. To satisfy this demand, the brand has extended its marketing staff as well as its dealership network across India. This is an ongoing and continuous process.

There is 41 Kartar Tractor dealer across India. That advertises tractors and provides the best kartar tractor price and after-sales support.

Kartar Tractors HP Range:-

this brand has wide variants of tractors for you to choose from. all are similar in terms of quality and value for money but differ in features, design, and Horsepower range. Kartar Tractors provide tractors of the HP range which starts from as low as 42 HorsePower and goes up to 60 HorsePower.

Horsepower is an important attribute of any tractor, be it a mini tractor or a huge one. Horsepower determines the workload a tractor can take up on itself or the tasks it can perform in terms of the level of difficulty. But without proper guidance and information, one might get confused while buying a new tractor. That is exactly why we have curated a list of the best Kartar tractors under each Horsepower range.

Kartar Tractors under 41- 50 HP:

The lowest HP tractor by Kartar belongs to the HP range of 41-50 HP. The best part of Kartar 41 hp - 50 hp tractors is that they capture the attention with their amazing design and high-power performance capacity.

Kartar offers a variety of tractors under the range of 41-50 HP. But the best tractor under 45 hp is the Kartar 4036. which comes with a horsepower of 42 HP, has 3 cylinders to store fuel sufficiently enough to last for days, and can lift up to 1800 kg of weight. This Kartar tractor under 45 hp price range lies between, Rs. 6.40 - Rs. 9.23 Lakh*.

Kartar Tractors under 51-60 HP:

The highest HP range of tractors provided by Kartar is 51-60 HP. Kartar 51 hp - 60 HP tractors have exceptionally strong built-up structures and are impeccable in terms of durability. Comes with a humongous range of features these tractors are super fit for Indian farmers, their needs, budget, and Indian lands. The best tractor 55 hp is the Kartar 5136 which is a heavy-duty tractor. It has 3 cylinders to store up sufficient fuel so that the tractor could work and run efficiently for days without breaking down. It can lift up to 1800 kg of weight and has a powerful engine of 2200 RPM. All of it and this kartar tractor 55 hp price is Rs. 7.50 Lacs*. Even though there are many more tractors under the 51-60 HP category, Kartar 5136 sets the bar higher by providing technology and style. And as for Kartar well needless to say the company has a long history of being in the game of farming and has been loved by all farmers for decades.

Popular Kartar tractor Models:


Are there any second-hand Kartar tractors in India available?

Having a used tractor in India is not an outdated plan yet having a comfy tractor with all that efficiency and excellency that a new launch has. The used Kartar tractor is listed on Tractor Gyan. You can have clear details of the second-hand Kartar tractor. So to get any information visit, Tractor Gyan.

Where to get a Kartar tractor loan in India?

To get financial help for purchasing tractors in India, various schemes and policies are available. Tractor Gyan gives you a great opportunity to seek kartar tractor loan related information with one click. 

Where to see the Kartar tractor video in India?

To see Kartar tractors videos in India, have a look at Tractorgyan YouTube videos. where you can view exclusive videos with the utmost accurate information. 

Where to get information about Kartar tractors in India?

To learn more about kartar tractor implements, Kartar tractor prices, and tractor models you can visit our portal, Tractor Gyan. Our portal will give you brief information about all tractors of Kartar in detail. You will also be informed of all the features and benefits of Kartar tractors in India with complete and transparent figures, stats, and data.