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Race to capture the Mini Tractor Market: Who will be the leader?

Race to capture the Mini Tractor Market: Who will be the leader?

    Race to capture the Mini Tractor Market: Who will be the leader?

26 Aug, 2023

Mini tractors are presently in huge demand in India as well as in the global market. A recent study shows the statistics about the increase in demand for the mini tractor market globally. According to the research, India's Tractor Market size is going to cross USD 2.24 billion in 2023 and will continue to grow at a CAGR of 5.80% to reach USD 2.96 billion by 2028. 

In addition to this, the recent mini tractor launches and recent business moves by tractor giants of the country lead us to the fact that mini tractors are also gaining attraction and attention among buyers. Hence, it has also encouraged and driven the tractor brands to introduce new advanced technology mini tractors. These mini tractors cater to the needs of global consumers and give a competitive edge to tractor brands.

Likewise, with Chandrayaan 3 success, India became the 1st country to reach the moon’s south pole and the 4th successful player on the moon mission. The Indian tractor industry is also witnessing the same situation and has led their weapons to compete for the top position in the mini tractor segment in domestic and international markets. It would not be wrong to say that the race for capturing the mini tractor market has already started and this also can be proved by the recent business move and mini tractor launches in 2023 by four tractor brands, namely - Mahindra, John Deere, Swaraj, and VST.

And why not? Mini tractors nowadays are also manufactured with advanced cutting-edge technology that focuses on new-generation farmers and caters to their needs for efficient, powerful, and smart tractors, leading to more increased demand for mini tractors among consumers. 

But, you must be wondering how mini tractors are gaining so much popularity and demand. Let's look at the ongoing market trends, market drivers, and technologies responsible.

  • Increasing use of Mini Tractors in Gardening Work, Orchard Farming, and small agriculture needs.

  • Demand for Efficient, Easy-to-Maintain, and technologically superior Tractors

  • Increasing Demand for Small or compact Tractor Machinery for Productive Agricultural Applications and utility services.

  • Emerging New Technology in the Farming and Agricultural Industry Worldwide also boosts the mini tractor market to Enhanced Productivity

Thus, by looking towards this rising demand for mini tractors and fulfilling the requirements of farmers, tractor manufacturers have come up with more advanced solutions. 

As a result, We have been surprised with the mini tractor launches in 2023 by Mahindra, Swaraj, and VST tractors, as well as the recent promotion of Rohan Jagadale as John Deere’s Global Small Tractor Strategy Lead, which shows these companies focus on strengthening the mini tractor segment with their mini tractor launch and future upbringings targeting the domestic as well as global mini tractor market. 

Let's take insights into the steps taken by these tractor brands to revolutionize the mini tractors market. 

First comes Mahindra with its revolutionary 7 OJA tractor models to cater to the needs of Indian as well as global consumers.

Mahindra OJA tractors 

mahindra oja tractors

Mahindra has taken a move to transform their mini tractor segment with the introduction of Mahindra Oja tractor platforms to cater to diverse market requirements and introduce more revolutionary and high-tech solutions in mini tractors. Mahindra recently on 15 th August 2023 launched 7 new Mahindra oja mini tractor models for the Indian and global market on Compact and Small Utility platforms including Mahindra OJA 2121, Mahindra OJA 2130, Mahindra OJA 3140 etc.These mini tractor models range from 20HP – 40HP (14.91kW – 29.82kW) and are designed for a wide array of applications, for unparalleled platform versatility and ability to handle several agricultural tasks more efficiently.

With this OJA tractor series launch, Mahindra has taken a step towards expanding its mini tractor reach in India and international markets. The introduction of these 7 revolutionary lightweight tractors will transform the agriculture sector and farmers' productivity drastically as it is power-packed with many technologically advanced and latest features. Mahindra Oja tractors are infused with various high-tech systems such as telematics, automation, and productivity packs. These three combination in the form of Technology Packs – MYOJA (Intelligence Pack), PROJA (Productivity Pack), and ROBOJA (Automation Pack) will provide a competitive edge to the other tractor brands as well as will help the farmers achieve their goals with more efficiency and capabilities.

Learn more about: Mahindra OJA Tractor launches 7 revolutionary lightweight tractors  

Now, let's move on to know how Swaraj has surprised its competitors with their Swaraj mini tractor launch

Swaraj Tractors launches 'Swaraj Target' - a compact lightweight tractor range

swaraj target range

Swaraj introduced this year - 2023, a new compact lightweight tractor range, named ‘Swaraj Target’. To make the Swaraj mini tractor range more competitive in the market, Swaraj rops MS Dhoni as a Brand Ambassador for Swaraj. MS Dhoni will endorse the brand and will motivate and encourage the new generation of youth to get Swaraj for their farming needs, which is designed to provide the utmost power,  best-in-class features, and state-of-the-art solutions.

Furthermore, the Swaraj Target tractor range has initially introduced two models Swaarj Target 630 and Swaraj Target 625 in the 20-30 HP range (14.91 – 22.37kW). This new Swaraj target mini tractor is equipped with cutting-edge features such as a power-packed diesel engine including an 87 Nm torque along with the narrowest flexi track width having options to adjust to 28, 32, or 36 inches as well. It also includes other key features such as Spray Saver Switch technology, Sync-Shift Transmission for car-type gear shifting, and many more. Hence, Swaraj is also geared up with its latest mini tractor models to serve Indian farmers with more technological solutions to raise their productivity levels.

Know more about: Swaraj Tractor unveils Swaraj Target Range  

Well VST has also given a competitive edge to the other tractor brands and has provided the agriculture and commercial sector recently launched 6 most advanced compact tractor models under the series 9.

VST launches 6 advanced compact tractors under series 9

vst series 9

VST Tillers Tractors Ltd has also taken a revolutionary step towards strengthening its hold in the mini tractor market with the launch of 6 new advanced compact tractors under series 9, which range from 18 HP to 36 HP. These VST Series 9 mini tractor models are VST 918 (18.5 HP), VST 922 (22 HP), VST 927 (24 HP), VST 929 (28 HP), VST 932 (30 HP), VST 939 (36 HP). This launch will benefit the company in the 4WD compact tractor range. VST has designed these tractors according to an international market and focuses on establishing its footprints globally by entering the US market in the coming 2 years. According to them, these VST tractors will have international design and advanced farm mechanization solutions that serve the needs in different areas of agriculture such as Orchards, Horticulture as Traditional Agriculture Crops, and non-agricultural fields.

Moreover, These multiutility vst series 9 compact tractors have independent PTO, MID PTO, Reverse PTO, fully Synchromesh Gearbox, Electro-Hydraulic Controls (EHC), and Dual Track width Options with selective models. Hence, VST has also provided many options in mini tractors to maximize efficiency and fulfill the requirements of domestic consumers and farmers. This launch will also make a significant mark in the tractor industry and witness the company’s goal to achieve better results in domestic and international markets.

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If we talk about John Deere, they have also taken a step towards bringing something new with a mindset to provide the best solutions in their future endeavors by making changes in their leadership and current business processes.

John Deere appoints Rohan Jagadale as global small tractor strategy lead to foster sustainable farming solutions with quality and reliability

John Deere seems like focusing on strengthening their mini tractor footprint by appointing Rohan Jagadale as their global small tractor strategy lead for bringing out-of-the-box solutions in their mini tractor segment. The company focuses on developing the most versatile, efficient mini tractors that can induce sustainable farming and cater to the needs of consumers. Thus, with the leadership of Rohan Jagadale, John Deere wants to drive innovation in its future endeavor on mini tractors that align with John Deere’s commitment to quality and reliability. Hence, with modifications and changes in internal business working, John Deere Tractor is all Geared up to expand its mini tractor reach to domestic and international markets and focuses on enhancing innovation in the agriculture sector.

Get more details hereJohn Deere appoints Rohan Jagadale as global small tractor strategy lead

Wrapping up

The above facts, current scenarios, and mini tractor launches by tractor giants indicate the rising demand for advanced technology mini tractors globally. So, it becomes suspense which other tractor brands will join these brands in the race to capture the mini tractor market. What other tractor brands will offer in their mini tractor segment to attract the farmers? Which unique features they will have in their mini tractors segment? So we will have an eye on the race to capture mini tractor markets to know more emerging mini tractors from different brands to join this race. Hope this blog has informed you about the prevailing competition in the mini tractor segment. Stay connected to know, what other brands will come up with!

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Recently Asked Question about Race to capture the Mini Tractor Market: Who will be the leader?

What modern technologies are offered by Mahindra's OJA tractor series?

Mahindra's OJA series offers Technology Packs – MYOJA (Intelligence Pack), PROJA (Productivity Pack), and ROBOJA (Automation Pack) for competitive edge and efficiency.

How is Swaraj targeting the market with their 'Swaraj Target' tractor range?

Swaraj has introduced the 'Swaraj Target' range with MS Dhoni as the Brand Ambassador, featuring power-packed like a diesel engine, flexible track width, and advanced technologies.

What advanced features do VST's Series 9 compact tractors offer?

The Series 9 compact tractors from VST are more versatile because to their independent PTO, fully synchronized gearbox, electro-hydraulic controls (EHC), and dual track width options.

How is John Deere focusing on innovation in the mini tractor segment?

Rohan Jagadale has been appointed as John Deere's Global Small Tractor Strategy Lead to develop innovation and sustainability solutions that are quality and reliable.

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