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Top 10 Useful Agricultural Equipment for Small Scale Farming

Top 10 Useful Agricultural Equipment for Small Scale Farming

    Top 10 Useful Agricultural Equipment for Small Scale Farming

06 Oct, 2023

Agricultural Equipment plays an essential role in maximizing the productivity of small farmers. As India is primarily an agrarian nation, small-scale farms also play a crucial role in contributing to the overall agricultural output. To maximize productivity and efficiency, small-scale farmers rely on various types of farm equipment. In this blog, we will explore some of the commonly used small-scale farm equipment in India.

What is Agricultural equipment? 

Agricultural equipment refers to various types of machinery, tools, and implements used in agricultural activities. Farm equipment includes machines used to till, plant, fertilize, harvest, and process crops. It also includes equipment used to tend to livestock, such as feeding, cleaning, and milking machinery. Many farm tools are handheld and powered by manual labour, while others are powered by fuel or electricity. The type of agriculture and farm equipment used depends on the size of the farm and the specific tasks required.

Why Agricultural equipments are used by small-scale farmers?

Small-scale farmers use farm equipment for various reasons. One of the main reasons is that it helps them improve their efficiency and productivity in their farming activities, allowing them to increase crop yields and save time and labor. Additionally, small-scale farmers use agricultural equipments to manage their limited resources effectively. Handheld and fuel-powered tools have replaced manual labour, making farming easier and more efficient. Furthermore, increased access to farm equipment has led to small-scale farmers shifting from subsistence farming to market-oriented production, which has led to increased income and better livelihoods. Lastly, the use of modern farm technology has proven effective in reducing drudgery and increasing work satisfaction among farmers.

Now let's move on to learn the most useful Agricultural equipment used by small-scale farmers in India and their uses

1. Tractors


Tractors are the backbone of agriculture in India, irrespective of farm size. For small-scale farmers, compact tractors are popular due to their manoeuvrability and affordability. These tractors are suitable for tasks like ploughing, tilling, and hauling. From carrying agricultural loads to using implements, a tractor does it all. The most important and useful machines in your agricultural operations also prove to be an asset for the farmers. 

2. Power Tillers and Rotavators

power tillers and rotavators

One of the best agricultural equipments are Power tillers which are smaller and lighter compared to tractors, making them ideal for small-scale farming. They are primarily used for land preparation, cultivation, and weeding. Power tillers are efficient, cost-effective, and require less maintenance.  

On the other hand, Rotavator is a tractor-mounted implement used for seedbed preparation, cutting the land, pulverizing soil, and levelling it.

3. Combine harvester

combine harvester

Combine harvester are very useful agricultural equipment that can be utilized in all types of farmlands whether small or large. It cuts and collects crops with less manual labour. It can harvest by three processes reaping, threshing, and winnowing. But You select the harvester or tractor attachments depending on your farm’s demands. A harvester is a beneficial and important investment in this list of farm equipment, but a high-quality harvester will bring you greater returns with less effort.

4. Seeders and Planters

seeders and planters

Seeders and Planters are used to sow seeds precisely and uniformly. They ensure proper plant spacing and seeding depth, saving time and effort. Seeders and planters are available in manual or small-scale mechanical versions, suitable for small-scale farms.

5. Ploughs


Ploughs are used for preparing the land before sowing seeds. They break up and turn over the soil, making it suitable for planting. Small-scale farmers can use animal-drawn or tractor-mounted ploughs depending on their resources and requirements. It works by loosening the first soil layer to receive fresh air and new nutrients by soil, preparing it for the next crop.

Moreover, ploughing also enables the farmers to remove unnecessary vegetation on the surface. When the soil is ploughed properly, it removes the weeds and dead vegetation, ensuring soil  swell turned for sow seedling or plantation. Depending on your soil type, and crop type, you can choose the type of plough that meets your needs. one or a combination of plows for your farm.


6. Mowers and Scythe

mowers and scythe

Mowers are usually used to cut Grass and small plants in your garden and farms. Scythe is handheld equipment used for this process. In addition, Mowers have a cutter bar to cut the stems of plants at 4 -10 cm above the ground level to make hay. As a farmer, you should consider having a mower in your farm equipment collection. When buying a mower, you should also consider your farm size, land type, cut quality, and budget.

7. Threshers and Winnowers

threshers and winnowers

Small-scale farmers use threshers and winnowers to separate grains or seeds from harvested crops. Manual or small-scale mechanical threshers are used to separate grains from cereal crops like wheat, rice, and maize. Hand-operated or small-scale winnowers are then used to separate the grains from the chaff.

8. Sprayers


Sprayers help you with the application of herbicides, fertilizers, pesticides, insecticides and compost tea in your farm. There are many types of sprayers present in the market like ATV, boom, boomless, etc.

9. Backhoe Loader

backhoe loader

A Backhoe loader is a hydraulic agricultural equipment used with a tractor for making holes in the ground. Crawlers, dragline backhoes, suction backhoes, skid backhoes and long-reach backhoes are the types of backhoes present in the market. You need to get one that is suitable for your work. 

10. Harrow and Cultivator

harrow and cultivator

Harrow is another agricultural equipment that helps you in breaking up, smoothing out and levelling your soil. It has many types like disc harrow, spike tooth harrow, patella, guntaka, etc. 

On the other hand cultivator is also an agricultural equipment used with the tractor. It helps you with the loosening of the soil and preparing it for sowing seed by creating seed beds. It can also help you to get rid of weeds but only before plantation.


Small-scale farmers in India employ a wide range of farm equipment to enhance productivity, reduce labour, and improve efficiency. From tractors and power tillers to rotavators, irrigation equipment, and harvesting tools, each equipment serves a specific purpose in the agricultural cycle. By utilizing these types of equipment, small-scale farmers can contribute significantly to India's agricultural growth.

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Recently Asked Question about Top 10 Useful Agricultural Equipment for Small Scale Farming

What is agricultural machinery and equipment?

Agricultural machinery and equipment are tools and machines specifically designed for farmers to use in growing and harvesting crops.

What are the top agricultural equipment used in farming?

Tractors, Power Tillers, Combine harvester, Seeders, Ploughs, Mowers, Threshers, Sprayers, Backhoe Loader and cultivator are the top 10 agricultural equipment used in farming.

What is the purpose of a combine harvester in agricultural operations?

A combine harvester is a specialized machine used in agriculture to streamline the harvesting of different crops like wheat, rice, and corn.

Which metal is used to manufacture agricultural equipment such as ploughs?

Steel is the most commonly used metal to manufacture agricultural equipment such as ploughs.

How do I choose the right equipment for my small-scale farm?

At TractorGyan, you can find the right equipment for your small-scale farm. Our experts in farm equipment can assist you in choosing the equipment that suits your needs.

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