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The Solis mini tractors are best suited and reliable for carrying out farming activities. These Solis mini tractors hp range 15 - to 36 horsepower engines. Mahindra Mini tractor price is between 2 lakhs and 9 lakhs* (approx.). The weight of the mini tractor is at least 1000 kg.
Today Solis mini tractors are not only advanced and stylish, but they serve a great degree of advantage to the farmer as they are being light or compact in their size it is comfortable for farmers to ride over a rough surface, they are easily customized plus has a high range of adaptability consumes less fuel and is easy to maintain. Exclusively at Tractor Gyan, get your hands on the newest Solis Mini Tractors. We at Tractor Gyan have a variety of Solis Mini Tractor models available, and our goal is to help you choose the best one at a fair price by giving you appropriate information and reliability.

Solis Mini Tractors Price List 2023 in India

All Solis Mini Tractors

tractor hp HP :- 24
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- 3
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 750 kg
tractor hp HP :- 26.5
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- 3
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 600 kg
tractor hp HP :- 30
tractor cylinder Cylinder :- 3
tractor lifting capacity Lifting Capacity :- 600 Kg

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Recently Asked Question about:

Mini tractor price starts from Rs. 2.45 lakh* to Rs. 9.22 lakh* in India 2023
The best Small tractor brands in 2023 are Mahindra, swaraj, sonalika, captain, John Deere, and so on.
The best Mini tractors for agriculture are Mahindra Jivo 245 DI, John deere 3028 EN, and Sonalika GT 20 Rx.
Generally, Mini tractor hp range is between 11hp to 36hp
The Latest models of mini tractors are Eicher 280 Plus 4wd, Mahindra JIVO 305 DI, Powertrac euro g28 4wd, Farmtrac Atom 26, etc.
The mini tractor is used in agriculture for small farm tasks, gardening, and landscaping activities.
At Tractorgyan you can find mini tractors on-road prices along with their feature, specifications, etc.
50+ Mini tractors are available at tractorgyan.
The First Mini tractor in India was launched by Captain tractors.
Mini tractor's average lifting capacity is 450 kg to 1200 kg.
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About Solis Mini Tractors:

Solis Yanmar India is a globally recognized company that also deals in mini tractors and other products nationally and internationally. Solis mini tractors can handle various equipment and implements and are made while keeping in mind the agricultural needs of farmers. The Solis group manufactures mini tractors that are one of a kind! , providing technical efficiency, attractive structure, and quality trusted by its customers. These mini tractors address the problems of farmers related to agriculture and their reach on such small areas on fields where big tractors have difficulty operating.

The Solis mini tractors specialize in tractor models having horsepower that ranges from 15 HP to 36HP horsepower. The Solis mini tractor price in India range starts from Rs. NA* lakhs rupees. The minimum weight of a Solis mini tractor is 980 kilograms. These mini tractors are compact in size and are comfortable while driving over patchy surfaces. These are customized according to the need and use of farmers and utilize fuel efficiently. When compared with its competitors, Solis Small tractors are technologically advanced and have greater efficiency and exceptional performance to offer. So, below is detailed information regarding the Solis mini tractor series and why one should purchase it, and that too at budget-friendly deals!

Popular Solis Mini Tractors:

The company has a wide variety of tractor models exhibiting great effectiveness and efficiency in their performance. But the tractor models that are popular among customers are given below:

S.No. Name  Horsepower Lifting Capacity Warranty Period
1 Solis 2216 SN 4WD 24 HP 750 Kg 5 Years
2 Solis 3016 SN 4WD 30 HP 600 Kg 5 Years

Both the Solis mini tractor models that are recommended above have horsepower ranges from 24HP up to 30HP. Solis tractors have their prominence in this industry demonstrating appreciative features and functions. The reason behind the popularity of these tractors is their amazing fuel tank capacity of 28 liters and efficient engine power offering a minimum average speed of 21.16 kmph. This mini tractor has 12 forward and 4 reverse gearboxes. Additionally, there are 3 cylinders attached to these mini tractors generating 3000 RPM and ERPM. On top of that, there is a cooling system installed inside the engine system to avoid any excessive heat generation. These tractors are popular among farmers of all types for their farm and field applications. Moreover, the maintenance of Solis small tractors is manageable for its users. Based on these detailed facts and figures, one farmer can easily compare and select the best option for himself. All the tractor models mentioned above are available at TractorGyan. Visit the website TractorGyan to get detailed information and get your hands on Solis mini tractors at TractorGyan to grab the best deals. Hurry! While the offer lasts.

What is the Price of a Solis Mini Tractor?

The price of Solis mini tractors range starts at Na* lakhs rupees. The company is providing a quality-assured and cost-effective product that is reasonable for every farmer's budget. Solis tractors have already acquired a fair share of the tractors market in the agricultural industry in India.

Hence, we can say that the Solis mini tractor price list range fits the pockets of farmers. Find the true valuation of mini Solis tractors only at TractorGyan!

Who are the Dealers of Solis Mini Tractors?

It is necessary to purchase Solis mini tractors from certified dealers. At TractorGyan we have a complete list of authorized tractor dealers from whom you can negotiate the best price for the required tractor model. At  TractorGyan, you can find certified Solis tractor dealers near your location.

Why Tractor Gyan for Solis Mini Tractors? 

The main aim of TractorGyan is to empower farmers and their operations by keeping them informed about the latest updates and trends while not just limiting them to the traditional ways of agriculture. Today, TractorGyan is a familiar household name in the agricultural sector because a farmer knows this is the one place where he cannot be deceived. That is why our customers count on us as the information we provide on the website is true to facts. We ensure that our clients get only relevant information about Solis mini tractor prices and features. Besides, TractorGyan also shows honest reviews and feedback from customers.

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