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Khedut Tractor Implements In India

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Recently Asked Question about Khedut Tractor Implements:

The price of Khedut Farm Implements starts from Rs. 15000.
Rice transplanter, tipping trailer, harrow, plough, cultivator, rotavator and many more implements are made by Khedut.
20+ models are available in Khedut Implements.
At tractorgyan, you can find the updated Khedut Tractor Implements price list.
Khedut Tractor Tipping Trailer is the most popular Khedut Implement among farmers.
Khedut Tractor Implements are compatable with all tractors so there is no specific requirement of hp.
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About Khedut Implements

One of the most reputable tractor implements brands in India is Khedut agro engineering Pvt Ltd. Founded in 2007, Khedut has over 30+ successful shipments, making it a dependable business and justifying its high reputation. In addition, Khedut keeps in mind the economic conditions of the nation when setting Khedut tractor implements prices so that every farmer can afford them. Khedut tractor implements comprehend the requirements of Indian farmers and the conditions of Indian farmlands or fields, adding to the goodwill and reputation it already has to support the success of the company.

Khedut tractor implements company supplies most of its well-equipped agricultural implements to the nation as well as worldwide. Khedut Agro Engineering is one of India's top agricultural or farming equipment producers. According to the demands of the land and the local weather, they have a wide variety of agricultural tools. In India, they were the first to introduce pneumatic planters.

The Khedut Implements are excellent in quality and used in agriculture farming operations for a variety of reasons. However, great products and services in the industry are renowned for their excellence, originality, standout performance, etc.  

Types of Khedut Implements

1. Khedut Disc Harrows

Khedut manufactures three different types of harrows to make farming more efficient. Hydraulic Heavy Duty Disc Harrow, Mounted Offset Cum Trailed Disc Harrow, and Trailed Disc Harrow are a few of the categories of disc harrow. These product types are all simple for the tillage system to handle. 

The Mounted Offset harrow works well for soil aeration and is excellent for tillage. The following tool, a Mounted Offset Cum Trailed Disc Harrow, works well on open farms and provides excellent results when it comes to ploughing, soil preparation, etc. The Khedut implements brand hydraulic heavy-duty disc harrow works well, especially in challenging soil conditions and makes farming easier.

The price of a Khedut disc harrow starts from Rs. 15,000*.

2. Khedut Cultivator

The ideal farming tool for cultivation is a cultivator. The best-implement machinery for working difficult soil is cultivators from khedut implements. For use in farming, cultivators from khedut agro implements come in a variety of models and categories, including row crop cultivators, rigid cultivators, and spring cultivators. 

The price of the Khedut cultivator price starts from Rs. 15,000*

3. Khedut Tipping Trailer 

The Tipping Trailer from Khedut implements is developed with unique features, a traditional design, water-proof hubs, steel tube axles, and simple tipping that is inexpensive to carry. The price of a Khedut tipping trailer starts from Rs.15,000*.

4. Khedut Plough

The plough from khedut tractor implements is one of the most famous implements among farmers. It is used to flip the soil before sowing seeds or planting. This tool makes farmers' tasks so easy. The price of a Khedut reaper starts from Rs. 15,000*.

5. Khedut Rice Transplanter

The best device for transplant rice seedlings is the Rice transplanter from khedut. It runs smoothly below the dirt. The tractor-operated transplanter from khedut implements is available at 7.5 hp The Khedut Rice transplanter starts from Rs.15,000*.

Popular Khedut Agro implements in India

1. Khedut Mini Rotary Tiller 

The Khedut Mini Rotary tiller is India's finest agricultural tool. The use and structure of this tool are the most expert and complex. This Khedut tractor implement in India is the most effective and significantly lessens the workload of the farmers. Farmers perform a variety of tasks and manage all the agricultural fields and farmlands. With an implement power of 40–50 HP, the Mini Rotary Tiller from khedut tractor implements in India is particularly inexpensive and fuel-efficient.

2. Khedut Spring Cultivator KARC – 11

Spring Cultivator KARC-11 from khedut tractor implements has been used by farmers for a very long time, and it also offers the advantage of maximizing production. Another goal of farmers is to increase crop output to increase productivity and yields, and the Spring Cultivator KARC-11 from khedut tractor implements is the perfect tool for that. The Khedut Spring cultivator KARC – 11 comes with an implement power of 40 – 50 hp.

3. Khedut Chisal Plough  

The chisal plough from khedut tractor implements is one the best in the market. The Khedut Chisel Plough increases agricultural production and makes complicated, time-consuming tasks simpler. This is employed in the tillage process. By offloading agricultural tasks, Khedut tractor implements like the Chisel Plough enable each farmer to concentrate on producing high yields. It comes with an implement power of 65 – 125 hp.

4. Khedut Zyrovator

The Khedut Zyrovator is ideal for farming because it gives the field effective work. Zyrovator from khedut tractor implements belongs to the category of rotavators. Additionally, it boasts Implement Power of 35–55 HP that offers fuel-efficient labor.

What is the Price of Khedut Tractor Implements?

The Khedut tractor implements price starts from Rs. 15,000* and exceeds lakhs depending upon the model, variations, and functionalities too. Tractor Gyan aims to provide and deliver all the Khedut agricultural implements at a very reasonable price by meeting the need and requirements of the farmers.

Our Khedut implements prices are determined to help the farmers to get the best following the farmer’s budget and considerations.

Khedut Implements Price List 2024 in India

Khedut Implements Models Khedut Implements Price
Khedut Rigid Rs. 21,000*
Khedut Spring Cultivator KARC-09 Rs. 24,000*
Khedut Reaper Binder Rs. 3,57,000*

Where can you find Khedut Agriculture Implement?

You can get khedut tractor implements easily from anywhere. But at tractorgyan, you can find all details even the minor ones about the khedut tractor implements which you can’t find anywhere else. These details are khedut tractor implements price in India, features, models, and performance. We provide the best deals not only on khedut tractor implements but also on other implements brands too.

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