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Khedut agro engineering Pvt Ltd is one of the most trusted brands of India, started in 2007, Khedut has almost 30+ successful shipments making it a reliable company and justifying its goodwill.  Khedut agro provides the best quality tractor implements, suitable for tractor models popular in India, another reason why Khedut Agro is famous for their tractor implements is that they have a variety of implements available at affordable prices. Khedut understands the needs of Indian farmers and the conditions of Indian farmlands or fields and makes the implements personalized on a higher level adding up to the goodwill and image it has to justify the success of the company, not only this they keep in mind the economical conditions of the country and therefore pricing their products just the right amount of money so that every farmer can afford it, usually they have a standard price set but the on-road price of implements manufactured by Khedut agro PVT Ltd may vary as per the needs and specified models. To get the exact price details of any implements after reading about them visit our website to get the quotation.

Agricultural implements are simply tools used for agricultural purposes. The whole agricultural activity is a step by step and therefore it requires an implement at every step from getting the land ready to be cultivated, sowing seeds, after the crops are grown protection from pesticides, rodents etc, then cutting crops, separation of crops from hay until the final product is transferred to the godowns, we need an implement to be attached with our tractor for every step. We have to be careful while choosing the correct implement because we can use 1 good quality tractor but we have to choose implements at every step therefore choosing the right implement of a good brand at every step is very important.

The implement series varies, Khedut agro provides almost all types of implements, from rotavator, tiller, Cultivator, Seed - Fertilizer drill, Plough, seed drill, Mannualseeder, Spray Pump, Reapers, etc. With 14 years of experience and successfully delivering Implements to their customers residing all around India, Khedut Agro is indeed the most trusted brand when it comes to Tractor Implements.

Khedut Tillage:

Primary Tillage implements. Implements used for opening and loosening of the soil are known as ploughs. Ploughs are used for primary tillage. Ploughs are of three types: wooden ploughs, iron or inversion ploughs, and special purpose ploughs. Wooden plough or Indigenous plough.

This Implement is the most efficient agricultural tool when it comes to farming on Indian lands, trusted by professionals. This implement is famous for reducing the workload of the farmers in a way like no other. Considering the amount of work Indian farmers have to do on the field, hence khedut mini rotary tiller is the best choice when it comes to multitasking with great efficiency.

Being fit for all types of Implement along with easy accessibility, Khedut Tillage implement is famous in India. It has been greatly helpful to the farmers. Their ability and efficiency in working are truly unbeatable. It helps in farming by ensuring great productivity ensuring beneficial results while crop production is a major concern for farmers. 

Here are some of the famous Tillage models:

  • Reaper binder

  • Poly disk harrow

  • Rotary tiller

  • Reversible MB plough

  • Khedut regular tiller


Khedut Cultivator:
A cultivator comes after tillage because it is used for secondary tillage, it pierces through the soil just the right amount of depth, so that the seeds get enough space to grow, and gets air and sunlight.  It has teeth on it enabling it to go into the soil and creating space for seed to be cultivated.

This Implement is another essential implement for one of the most important purposes, after using tillage to make the land ready, the next purpose is to cultivate or plant the seeds into the land.

It is important because cultivation is the basic step and is as important as tilling. Therefore for such an important purpose all-rounder and best tools must be used as implements, hence here is the list of top quality cultivators implements by Khedut agro.

  • Spring cultivator

  • Seed cum fertilizer drill 

  • Drum seeder

Khedut Crop Protection:
After months of hard work by the farmers on the field, months of watering the crops, if the crops are not taken care of all the hard work goes down the vein. Hence it is important to protect the crops from all sorts of threats such as pests, wild rodents, fungus, etc.

Crop protection is a complex of instruments, products, and strategies used to defend crops against weeds, pests, viruses, plant diseases, and other harmful factors. The correct approach to plant protection is of significant importance as it enables farmers to boost productivity and reduce losses.

Here is the list of crop protection implements by Khedut agro

  • Fertilizer spreader

  • Battery operated pump

  • Cono weeder


Khedut Seed and Planter:
Even though the name may seem similar there is a difference between cultivator and planter. The main difference between planter and seeder is that a seed drill machine sows seeds at the proper depth in rows and specified rates. Planter machines increase production by 15 to 25% as compared to seed drills. The seed drill machine is suitable for small seeds where the planter machine quickly sows bigger seeds.

A planter is a farm implement, usually towed behind a tractor, that sows (plants) seeds in rows throughout a field. It is connected to the tractor with a drawbar or a three-point hitch. Planters lay the seeds down in a precise manner along rows. Planters vary greatly in size, from 1 row to 54, with the biggest in the world being the 48-row John Deere DB120. Such larger and newer planters comprise multiple modules called row units.] The row units are spaced evenly along with the planter at intervals that vary widely by crop and locale. The most common row spacing in the United States today is 30 inches

Here are some planters by Khedut Agro:

  • Seed cum fertilizer drill

  • Hand operated seed drill machine

  • Pneumatic seed drill fertilizer drill

  • Rice transplanter (riding type)

  • Rice transplanter(walking type)

  • Animal drawn seeder

  • Khedut Pneumatic Precision Planter

To know about the on-road price details of the above mentioned above visit Tractor Gyan.

We hope this information helps you in knowing about different types of implements from Khedut agro private limited, and the purpose they are used for. For more details about different agricultural implements, as well as different types of tractors, best implements rated list, best tractor company lists, all types of agricultural tools, equipment, implements, etc. Visit us and get a quotation with the best prices. 

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