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Jagatjit Tractor Implements In India

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Recently Asked Question about Jagatjit Tractor Implements:

The price of Jagatjit farm implements starts from Rs. 15000.
Straw Reaper, Laser Land Leveler and many more implements are made by Jagatjit.
3 models are available in Jagatjit Implements.
At tractorgyan, you can find the updated Jagatjit tractor implements price list.
Jagatjit Straw Reaper is the most popular Jagatjit implement among farmers.
Jagatjit tractor implements are compatible with all tractors so there is no specific requirement of hp.
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Hey there, looking for the best farming implements by Jagatjit agro, look no more this blog might be what you need to know all about the top-class farming implements, their prices, the horsepower of these machines and what types of models they have in store.

Jagatjit agro farming implements:

Jagatjit agro needs no introduction when it comes to top agricultural companies in India. With several years of experience serving customers all over India. What set them apart from the other companies is the fact that they pay attention to the A-to-Z of farmers’ needs, through all stages pre harvesting which is seed sowing and land tillage, harvesting which is to take care of the crops and harvest, and lastly the post-harvesting which is to get the land ready for the next batch.

Started in 1983, Jagahtjit Agro was started with the vision of being a one-stop serving top quality complete crop cycle solutions under one brand saving the time and hassle of the customers and putting their experience into the use setting them apart from the rest of the farming equipment manufacturers and suppliers in India.

Jagatjit agro provides a variety of farming implements that can be attached to your tractor and works like butter on the field. They have the motto of providing complete crop cycle solutions under one brand and they surely do provide top-notch farming implements at every step of the farming cycle from seeding to ploughing and ultimately land leveler.

Types of Farming implements by Jagatjit :

There are a total of nine models of farming implements by jagatjit agro, we have carefully curated the list of the best models of farming implements with their horsepower, USP, and price.

There are three categories under which implements are categorized, the first one is soil cultivation, the second is planting machines, and lastly, post-harvesting implements which also ensure to get the land ready for the next batch of the crop.

The top 7 models of farming implements by Jagatjit Agro are listed below :

Super seeder:

Super seeder is the implement used for the purpose of seeding, the jagatjit super seeder is the perfect combination of tillage and seed implementer which comes with pressed wheels. Not only does it plant seeds into the lands but it also is very useful for removing stubbles and paddy roots, etc of various crops. It is popularly used in the crops of sugarcane, banana, cotton, maize, and many more.

Model: There are 4 models of super seeder they are JSS-06, JSS-07, JSS-08, and JSS-09.

Horsepower: the horsepower for all of the 4 models of super seeders are 50 & above, 55 & above, 60 & above, and 65 &above for model numbers JSS-06, JSS-07, JSS-08, and JSS-09 respectively.

Price: the price may vary from model to model, but the standard price of a jagatjit super seeder is 2.50 lakhs, to get the on-road price of a super seeder contact us.


Jagatjit Rotavator is way more efficient than other rotavators because in these implements the blades are made of boron steel blades which are 50% more efficient and functional than hi-carbon steel. These rotavators are best for your tractor because they put less weight and load on the tractor making them work seamlessly on the field like a knife in the butter.

Models: there are 7 models of jagatjit rotavators, starting from 4ft and going all the way up to 10 ft.

Horsepower: the Horsepower for each model varies, 35HP to 40HP for the primary models and 60HP-75HP for the advanced models.

Price: pricing also varies from model to model but the standardized price is 1.50 lakh to 2.70 lakhs.

Laser Land Leveler:

Laser land leveler by Jagatjit agro is so efficient that with just a single use a leveled and smooth soil surface can be obtained. It results in improved crop establishment by spreading the seed, water, fertilizers, and chemicals evenly all over the field. Jagatjit has invented a sports model bucket which is one of a kind.

Model: JLLLS+- 8 and JLLLS+-7

Horsepower: 60HP & above and 50 HP & above respectively 

Price: the pricing may vary as per the model visit our website to get the best deals.

Straw Chopper:

The Jagatjit straw chopper comes with a patented auger assembly making it one of its kind. It comes with a safety alarm to keep the operator alerted while working in the field.

Model: JPSCH-57

Horsepower: 50 minimum

Price: 2.88lakh to 3.55 lakhs.

M.B Plough:

M.B. Plough is a top-class plough used for ploughing the land, specifically designed with universal materials making it a fit to work under any condition and on every field. The bar points tend to have a longer lifetime as they are extendable.

Model: JGMBP- 2, JGMBP-3 and JGMBP- 4

Horsepower: the horsepower varies from 35HP-50HP, 50 HP-75 HP and 75 HP- 90 HP respectively.

Price:  Visit our website to get the best prices on M.B. Plough.

DSR Planter:

DSR Planter is the all-new seeder by Jagatjit what sets this planter apart is the fact that it can plant multiple seeds at the same time, making it a multi-planter.

Horsepower: 40HP-60HP

Hydraulic Plough:

This plough is a water-driven plough that has customizable blades for depth that can be customized. It consumes fewer fuels as compared to other hydraulic ploughs making it the best plough out there.

Model: JGRMBP-2 and JGRMBP-3.

Horsepower: 60HP-65HP and 75HP respectively

Price: 1.5 lakhs is the standardized price check our website to get the on-road price.

Where to get Jagatjit Implements at the best prices in India in 2024:

Often there are people who consider on-road models to be not as good as the brand new ones, but what we are about to tell you might change your mind. We here at tractorgyan have all the used implements go through a variety of set of quality-checks, rectify any error found in the process and then list the product for re-selling on our page at the best on road prices you could get out there.

Visit our website for more details about jagatjit tractor implements and tractors as well farming equipments from different leading companies from all around India. We also provide A-to-Z information about farming, farm care, farming technique as well as give you updates on latest farming equipments and review them, categorise them as per your farming needs.

We hope this blog was helpful contact us to get the best on road prices on jagatjit farming implements in India in 2024.

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