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Farmking Tractor Implements In India

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Recently Asked Question about Farmking Tractor Implements:

The price of Framking farm implements starts from Rs. 15000.
Tipping Trailer are made by Farmking.
1 model is available in Farmking Implements.
At tractorgyan, you can find the updated Farmking tractor implements price list.
Farmking Tipping Trailer-Single Axle is the most popular Farmking implement among farmers.
Farmking tractor implements are compatible with all tractors so there is no specific requirement of hp.
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Started in 1993 with 29 years of experience in the field of manufacturing excellent quality farming implements making them fit for their name Farm King, king of farming. Farm king offers a variety of farming implements for all your farming needs.

Farm King has expertise in manufacturing a-one quality implements fit for the needs of farmers all around India. What makes them special and set them apart from other Indian brands is the durability, guarantee and quality of products you get for the amount of money they are sold in, in other words, these implements are pocket-friendly, easy to use, come with a guarantee and have top-quality.

Implements by Farmking:

Agricultural implements are detachable machinery which can be attached on your tractor, these implements are varied as per their usage, there’s an implement for each step in the cultivation-cycle for instance to get the land ready for cultivation you use tillage or plough, for sowing seed we have seeder, for spraying pesticides sprinkler and so much more. After harvesting is done we also have a land leveller which is used to get the land ready again for another batch of crops.

There are a variety of implements provided by Farm king some of the most common ones are stated below:

1. Farmking Rotary Tiller/Rotavator:

A rotary tiller or Rotavator is an implement used for the purpose of tillage, in simpler terms, it is the implement that is used for steering and secondary tillage. Farmking offers an amazing tiller/ Rotavator which is one of its kind.

HP- with Horsepower ranging from 40 HP - to 60 HP, farmking rotary is one of its own.

2. Farmking Compact Disc Harrow:

Compact Disc Harrow is a smaller and compact version of a normal farmking compact disc harrow, with the same features only in smaller size and lessen price. This is suitable for small farmlands, where only a small area is supposed to be covered therefore compact disc harrow is perfect for the same purpose and is the most sensible choice to make.

Model- there are 5 models of compact disc harrow by Farmking they are FK-CDH16, FK-CDH18, FK-CDH20, FK-CDH22, FK-CDH24.

HP-  The horsepower depends upon model to model which is 50HP-60HP, 60HP-70HP, 70HP-80HP, 90HP-100HP, 100HP-105HP respectively.

Price-  the pricing starts from 40,000 rs and rises up to Rs. 1,00,000 

3. Farmking Posthole Digger:

A post hole digger is one of the implements used for purposes other than farming. It is used for putting up fences, signs, instructions, labels etc. on the farmlands/ field. Farmking offering this unique quality product is just another example of the company’s aim to provide all sorts of farming equipment under one company, in one place.

Model- FK-PHD

RPM- 540

Price- Rs. 79000

4. Farmking Disc plough-MF type:

Farmking mounted disc plough or disc plough MF type is the best plough used for breaking the soil, soil raising, soil turning and mixing the soil to get the land ready for seeds to be sown, which is suitable to be working on literally any sort of land and soil type, all over the country it can easily be used on rocky lands also.


HP- 40HP-50HP, 60HP-75, 80HP-90HP

Price- Rs. 56,500

5. Farmking Water Tanker:

A water tanker is typically a portable water holder, which can be attached to you tractor and can be used to take on your farm to water your crops or even transport water from one place to another. Farmking water tanker is not your ordinary type of tanker, Farmking water tanker is 2 times more durable and better quality tanker coming under this range. It is suitable for all sorts of tankers and reasonable so that everyone can afford it.

Model- FK-WT3000L, FK-WT4000L, FK-WT5000L

HP- 35HP-45HP, 45HP-65HP, 65HP-80HP.

There are many more implements by Farmking company, visit our website for more information.

We hope this blog was helpful to you in making decisions about buying tractor implements, check out Tractorgyan for more information about tractors, tractor implements and agricultural vehicles by top Indian brands, and get the best deals on buying and selling used products and vehicles.

Tractor Gyan acts as a bridge in providing the just prices to the used implements we have a series of quality checks through which the products are gone through after which we rectify any mistake any minute defect found in the examination. Bridging the gap between buyer and seller of this used equipment and vehicle by purchasing the products from sellers in the justified prices and selling it at the most reasonable prices possible, one might think little of used products, that they might lack in some of the other way or their performance will be less, but be assured when purchasing from tractorgyan we guarantee quality and assurity of the product to be most efficient possible.

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