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Jugaad in India

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Jugaad in India

Jugaadu Kamlesh the farmer who invents:

Jugaadu kamlesh is not a new name you must be hearing for the first time, 25 year old boy from malegaon maharashtra Kamlesh Nanasaheb made his legendary tv debut this week, but enough about the show let's dig deeper into what and who actually is jugadu kamlesh, jugaad is one of the most commonly used terms in India meaning to solve a problem with a flexible approach, we all were shook by his innovative machines, and the fact that someone actually thought about our farmers is even more amazing, India being an agricultural oriented country has a major population working in farming sector, Kamlesh comes from a farmer family himself, seeing his father in the field spraying pesticide with the traditional tank on his back kamlesh thought about making it easier for his fathers and other farmers and so he took the traditional pesticide tank and attached it on a small cycle with the hose in front and tank at the back making it look like a trolly, what changes occurred were amazing earlier farmers used to carry these small but heavy 17 liters tank on their back like a school bag giving them back aches, but thanks to kamlesh now they can just put it on the trolly/cycle and move it not only this in the traditional tanks the hose is designed in such a way that when sprayed the pesticide can enter in the mouth resulting to be a great hazard towards farmer's or user's health, which changed with the new design the sprinklers are situated in the front, in the wide length distance so that it can cover larger area and is away from the operator's mouth. Kamlesh did not do any studies in this field he does not have any engineering degree, in fact he used to go to his local ragman's shop and take whatever item he needed and this is nothing but jugad to make new things with whatever we have, whatever we can find.

After seeing the potential of inventing things that can do better for a farmer, our head at TractorGyan has put forward the proposal of collaboration with Peyush Bansal (CEO of Lenskart) and #JugaaduKamlesh. Our initiative is to list out such beautiful inventions on our web portal under the head of “JUGAAD”.

He mentioned his main motto is to reach every farmer in India and help them which is what we are dedicated to as well, and we'd like to congratulate him for his great achievement and thank him for doing something like this for the farmers. One of the sharks #PeeyushBansal in the show asked him about whether he has a proper customer base or not, yes Indian farmers do need this kind of machines which are not mainstream but are very effective and efficient as well so that everyone can afford them. Being in the farming equipment industry for quite a few years we can say with experience that it is the need of the hour to not only make more of such jugaads but also to make it available for our farmer friends all around India. Hence our message to all the #Jugaadus is that you keep inventing, we’ll keep promoting your inventions which could help you reach potential customers.
We would be more than happy to list it under a new segment called JUGAAD so that many more jugaadu kamlesh' can reach the customer base they deserve and the farmers can get the convenience they desire.


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