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CNG Tractors

Introduction CNG tractors are an eco-friendly alternative to traditional diesel engine tractors. With reduced emissions and conservation of fossil fuels, a CNG tractor makes farming a sustainable practice. A CNG tractor can save up to 70% on operational costs. Hence, farmers can make farming a bit more affordable and increase their profit margin with the help of the best CNG tractor.

CNG Tractors Tyre Price: The CNG tractor price in India is cost-effective.

Popular CNG Tractor Tyres in India: Not many tractor manufacturers are offering CNG tractors in India. India’s first CNG tractor was launched by Mahindra. This tractor model has 45 litres and 24 KG gas onboard capacity.

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What is the CNG tractor price?

CNG tractor price in India varies according to the brand and the model

Which company made CNG tractors in India?

Mahindra company made CNG tractors in India.

Where you can find CNG tractors in India?

At tractorgyan, you can find CNG tractors in India.

What are CNG tractors?

CNG tractors run on Compressed Natural Gas, offering an eco-friendly alternative to traditional diesel-powered tractors.

How do CNG tractors benefit the environment?

CNG tractors produce lower emissions, reducing air pollution and contributing to a cleaner and greener environment.

Are CNG tractors as powerful as diesel tractors?

Yes, CNG tractors are designed to provide comparable power and performance to diesel tractors, offering a sustainable alternative.

Can existing diesel tractors be converted to CNG?

Some models can be retrofitted for CNG use, but it's essential to consult with manufacturers or specialists for compatibility and safety.

What maintenance is required for CNG tractors?

CNG tractors generally require regular maintenance, similar to diesel tractors, with a focus on the CNG fuel system. Consult the manufacturer's guidelines.

Can CNG tractors be used for all types of farming operations?

CNG tractors are versatile and suitable for various farming operations, providing power for plowing, planting, and other agricultural tasks.

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About CNG Tractors

CNG tractors in India are modern farming tractors that use natural gas for combustion. Natural Gas is used in a compressed form as fuel in a CNG tractor. As compared to traditional diesel-based tractors, a CNG tractor is a cleaner farming vehicle. 

CNG tractors are available in different models and features. A CNG tractor can handle small to mid-scale farming activities easily. 

India first CNG tractor was recently launched and is capable of conducting various types of haulage and agricultural activities. 

CNG tractor prices in India are within the affordable range. Farmers can save up to 55% of operational costs by using a CNG tractor. 

CNG Tractors Price 

CNG tractor price in India 2024 varies according to the brand and the model. Presently, there is only one CNG tractor available in India for sale. The CNG tractor price on road is affordable.  

CNG Tractors Features 

CNG tractors are laced with many advanced features for better performance delivery. 

  • The CNG tractor India battery produces low vibrations. 

  • This CNG tractor in India has fuel filters for cleaner emissions. 

  • For better fuel storage, a CNG tractor has high-strength, lightweight composite or steel cylinders. 

  • The fuel injection system of a CNG tractor supplies gas in a highly controlled manner. 

  • The high-pressure regulator controls the pressure of the gas. 

CNG Tractors Specification 

  • A CNG tractor will have a battery to power the tractor. 

  • The gas is filled in the cylinder at a pressure range between 190-200 bar pressure. 

  • It has 3 or 4 tanks for storing water and gas. 

  • Depending upon the storage tank capacity, a CNG tractor in India can store up to 24 KG of gas. 

CNG Tractors Benefits 

  • A CNG tractor can reduce emissions by up to 70% after using a CNG tractor. 

  • This tractor creates 3.5 dB lower noise than a diesel engine. 

  • CNG tractor India can help farmers reduce their operational costs as CNG is a cheaper fuel compared to diesel. This tractor uses natural gas for emission which causes less air pollution. 

  • A CNG tractor mileage is better because combustion is mostly proper and there is no fuel wastage. 

Latest CNG Tractors Models 

India's first CNG tractor was launched by Mahindra and the CNG tractor mileage of this model is better. This CNG tractor in India has a water storage capacity of 45 liters and 24 KG gas on-board. The CNG tractor price in India 2024 for this model is affordable and it can help farmers to save Rs.100 per hour as compared to diesel tractors. 

Why is a CNG tractor a Better Option Than a Diesel and Electric Tractor?

A CNG tractor in India is better than diesel and electric tractors because CNG tractors are eco-friendly tractors. They produce less harmful gasses and populations during the usage. 

With their usage, the level of harmful pollutants like carbon monoxide and particulate matter is reduced in the ecosystem. Hence, the greenhouse effect is controlled with its usage and air quality is improved. 

A CNG tractor also produces less noise. CNG tractor mileage is far better than a diesel and electric tractor. 

Know The Differences That Matter - Electric Tractor vs Diesel Tractor vs CNG Tractor

Learn How CNG Tractors are Transforming Agriculture 

CNG tractors are helping farmers to reduce their operational costs. CNG is an affordable fuel. Its long-term usage is more affordable than a diesel tractor. 

Because CNG is cleaner and more environmentally sustainable fuel compared to traditional fossil fuels, farmers can make agriculture a sustainable practice with the help of a CNG tractor in India. 

Why Choose TractorGyan to Buy CNG Tractors at the Best Price?

A CNG tractor in India price is an advanced tractor that helps farmers save operational costs and reduce air pollution. With its help, farmers can make farming easy and less cost-extensive. 

However, it’s important to know about the features of CNG tractors, CNG tractors on-road prices, and CNG tractors India specifications before purchasing a CNG tractor in India.. 

TractorGyan is India’s leading online marketplace where farmers can learn about CNG tractor prices in India 2024 and available models.This information will help farmers to make a wise decision.

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