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Trakstar Tractors

Trakstar tractors are manufactured by Gromax Agri Equipment Ltd under a joint venture of Mahindra & Mahindra & Govt. Of Gujarat. Trakstar tractor price in India starts from Rs. 4.81 lakhs* to 7.20 Lakhs* in 2024. Trakstar offers a variety of tractors ranging from 31 HP to 50 HP. Trakstar Tractors offers the best tractors for agricultural operations at affordable prices. Trakstar ensures better productivity and outcomes from their TRAKSTAR tractors and TRAKMATE farm implements. Trakstar tractors have a high-tech tractor manufacturing unit that is equipped with an in-house facility for manufacturing and testing. The most popular Trackstar tractor models in India in 2024 are Trakstar 550, Trakstar 540, Trakstar 545, and more.
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Trakstar Tractor Price List 2024 in India

Tractor 55 HPHP : 55

Cylinder tractor 4Cylinder: 4

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: 1650 Kg

Tractor 50 HPHP : 50

Cylinder tractor NACylinder: NA

tractor lifting capacityLifting Capacity: NA

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tractorsTrakstar Tractors Key Highlights

Popular Tractors Trakstar 540, Trakstar 545, Trakstar 550, Trakstar 531
Most Expensive Tractor Trakstar Hindustan 60 (7.10 - 7.95 Lakh)
Most Affordable Tractor Trakstar 531 (4.70 - 5.35 Lakh)

news blogsTrakstar Tractor Industry News Blog

वित्तीय वर्ष 2024 में भारतीय रिटेल ट्रैक्टर सेल्स में 7.55% की वृद्धि, बिचे लगभग 9 लाख ट्रैक्टर!
blogs वित्तीय वर्ष 2024 में भारतीय रिटेल ट्रैक्टर सेल्स में 7.55% की वृद्धि, बिचे लगभग 9 लाख ट्रैक्टर!

वित्तीय वर्ष 2024 के लिए फाड़ा की रिटेल ट्रैक्टर सेल्स रिपोर्ट आपको रिटेल ट्रैक्टर बाजार में वित्तीय...

रिटेल ट्रैक्टर सेल्स में जबरदस्त वृद्धि, जानें जनवरी 2024 में किन ट्रैक्टर कंपनियों ने किया कमाल?
blogs रिटेल ट्रैक्टर सेल्स में जबरदस्त वृद्धि, जानें जनवरी 2024 में किन ट्रैक्टर कंपनियों ने किया कमाल?

फेडरेशन ऑफ ऑटोमोबाइल डीलर्स एसोसिएशन या फाड़ा ने जनवरी 2024 के लिए अपनी रिटेल ट्रैक्टर बिक्री रिपोर्ट...

फाडा ट्रैक्टर सेल्स दिसंबर 2023: रिटेल ट्रैक्टर सेल्स में 0.22% की वृद्धि, 78872 ट्रैक्टर बेचे
blogs फाडा ट्रैक्टर सेल्स दिसंबर 2023: रिटेल ट्रैक्टर सेल्स में 0.22% की वृद्धि, 78872 ट्रैक्टर बेचे

ट्रैक्टर उद्योग जगत के लिए, फेडरेशन ऑफ ऑटोमोबाइल डीलर्स एसोसिएशन (FADA) की रिटेल बिक्री रिपोर्ट यह ज...

Mahindra Tractor Sales in November 2023 is 32,074 Units, Shows 5% Growth YOY
blogs Mahindra Tractor Sales in November 2023 is 32,074 Units, Shows 5% Growth YOY

Mumbai, December 01, 2023: Mahindra & Mahindra Ltd.’s Farm Equipment Sector (FES), part of...

महिंद्रा एंड महिंद्रा लिमिटेड की नवम्बर'23 ट्रैक्टर सेल्स में 5% की वृद्धि, 32,074 ट्रैक्टर बेचे
blogs महिंद्रा एंड महिंद्रा लिमिटेड की नवम्बर'23 ट्रैक्टर सेल्स में 5% की वृद्धि, 32,074 ट्रैक्टर बेचे

महिंद्रा एंड महिंद्रा लिमिटेड के फार्म इक्विपमेंट सेक्टर (एफईएस), जो कि महिंद्रा ग्रुप का एक हिस्सा,...

महिंद्रा एंड महिंद्रा लिमिटेड की अक्टूबर'23 ट्रैक्टर सेल्स में 3% की गिरावट, 49,336 ट्रैक्टर बेचे
blogs महिंद्रा एंड महिंद्रा लिमिटेड की अक्टूबर'23 ट्रैक्टर सेल्स में 3% की गिरावट, 49,336 ट्रैक्टर बेचे

महिंद्रा एंड महिंद्रा लिमिटेड के फार्म इक्विपमेंट सेक्टर (एफईएस), जो कि महिंद्रा ग्रुप का एक हिस्सा,...

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Recently Asked Question about Trakstar Tractors

What is the Trakstar tractor HP range?

The Trakstar tractor HP range starts from 31 hp to 50 hp.

What is the Trakstar tractor price range?

Trakstar tractor price range starts from Rs. 4.81 lakh to Rs. 7.20 lakh in India 2024.

Which is the most fuel-efficient Trakstar tractor?

The most fuel-efficient Trakstar tractor is the Trakstar Hindustan 60.

Which is the best tractor in Trakstar?

Trakstar 540 is the best tractor in Trakstar tractor.

Where can I find an updated Trakstar tractor price list?

At tractorgyan, you can find an updated Trakstar tractor price list.

Which is the best Trakstar 2wd tractor in India?

The best Trakstar 2WD tractor in India is the Trakstar 531.

Where can I find a Trakstar tractor dealer and showroom near me?

At tractorgyan, visit the Locate tractor dealer page to find a TrakStar dealer and showroom.

What is the Trakstar tractor average lifting capacity?

Trakstar tractor's average lifting capacity is 1400 kg.

How many tractor models are available in Trakstar tractor brand?

5+ Tractor models are available in the trakstar tractor brand.

Which is the best 45 hp Trakstar tractor?

Best 45 HP trakstar tractor is Trakstar 545

Which Trakstar tractor model has the best hydraulic lifting capacity?

Trakstar 536 has the best hydraulic lifting capacity of 1400 Kg.

Which is the most popular Trakstar tractor in India?

The most popular Trakstar tractor in India is Trakstar 550.

Which Trakstar tractor model works well with tractor implements?

All Trakstar tractor models work well with tractor implements.

Which are the latest models of Trakstar tractors?

The latest model of the Trakstar tractor is Trakstar 540.

What is Trakstar's most powerful tractor?

Trakstar's most powerful tractor is the Trakstar 550, with a 50-hp engine.

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About Trakstar Tractor Price list in 2024 in India

In India, Trakstar Tractor offers six tractor types with horsepower ranging from 30 to 50 hp. the Trakstar Tractor Price in India ranges from Rs. 5.90 to Rs. 9.00 lakh.
Gromaxx is an agri-equipment company. Whose mission is to improve the lives of farmers by providing the best mechanization solutions. The business thinks that only by gaining Growth from his inputs a farmer's livelihood in India change.

TRAKSTAR and TRAKMATE, the company's inexpensive mechanization options, strive to do this. Gromaxx Agri Equipment Ltd manufactures Trakstar Tractors (erstwhile Mahindra Gujarat Tractor Ltd).

According to them, a farmer's life can change when he can get the most out of his input. To do so, it equips Indian farmers with high-tech tractors. They are both fuel-efficient and strong while remaining within a reasonable price range. It ensures a comfortable and smooth ride for its customers. Thanks to its modern braking system and powerful engine. The tractors of Trakstar are built to be compatible and last a long time.

History Of Trakstar Tractor In India

Trakstar tractors were the first tractors made in India in 1912. In India, Pashabai Patel imported tractors, which made farmers' jobs more efficient. Trakstar tractors are Mahindra & Mahindra's third brand. This brand offers 30 to 50 HP tractors, which is considered the best among other tractor brands.

The perfect tractors are those that have all the greatest specs and functions to execute. It is also crucial to understand the tractors' efficiency.

The Trakstar tractors were developed to combine technology with the farming industry.

In India, the Trakstar tractor models are the best in the tractor category. Elaborate designs and metallic structures that make it a high-demand vehicle. Tractors and farm implements were in high demand after independence and World War II.

Trakstar tractor toll-free No. :- 1800 212 6545

Which are the Popular Trakstar tractors in India?

The Trakstar is an agri-equipment company that revolutionized the tractor industry in India. The goal of launching this high-quality tractor is to better the lives of Indian farmers. Farmers' development and growth are critical for their advancement and upliftment. Yet, it is critical to be updated with new technologies to give the farming culture greater vigor and force.

Trakstar tractor models in India are the best example of the tractor industry's current and inventive trends. The most popular Trakstar tractor new models are the Trakstar 540, trakstar 531, and more. This tractor brand in India has engines that range from 30 to 50 horsepower. Trakstar tractor prices in India start from 5.90 lakhs*. The most expensive tractor in the category costs Rs 9.00 lakhs and is considered the best model.

 Trakstar Tractor HP Range

Trakstar is an all-rounder tractor manufacturing company backed up by Gromax. Offering a wide range of 6 tractor models with a Horsepower range starting from 31 HP and going up to 50 HP.

The company believes in providing huge facilities for the aid of farmers. By believes that farmers’ lives can be made better by improving their inputs which is ensured by Trakstar Tractors. Even though the Trakstar tractors provide 6 models in the two horsepower range. The best tractor models under the same are stated below with their specifications.

Trakstar Tractors Under 31- 40 HP:-

Trakstar 31 HP - 40 HP tractors are fit for low to medium levels of tasks. Trakstar tractors provide amazing tractors under the horsepower range of 31-40 HP. With stylish bodies, impeccable style, and packed features hard to pass on. The best Trackstar Tractor under this HP range is Trakstar 536 an amazing tractor. That comes with 3 cylinders and can lift up to 1400 kg, this trakstar 35 hp tractor price in India starts from Rs. 4.55 Lakh* and goes up to Rs. 5.35 Lakh*.

Trakstar Tractors Under 41-50 HP:-

Trakstar Tractors under the range of 41-50 HP fit for medium-large tasks. It has a strong build-up with amazing features you can never resist. The best trakstar 41 hp - 50 hp tractor is Trakstar 545 a 45 HP tractor. that can lift up to 1400 kg of weight, with a water-based cooling system and a wheelbase of 1950 mm. This trakstar 45 hp tractor Price is Rs. 6.60 Lakh* - Rs. 6.50 Lakh*.

What is the Price of Trakstar tractors in India?

Trakstar tractors' Price proves that high-quality products usually don't come at high prices. Trakstar tractors are now available in a more inexpensive and cost-effective price range. The Trakstar tractor Price list in India is affordable and within reach of a farmer's budget.

The company is looking for methods to improve the farmers' standard of living by making affordable vehicles. Trakstar tractor prices start from Rs 5.90 lakh*, with the most costly tractor costing Rs 9.00 lakh*. As a result, the models of this organization are priced under ten lakhs. which is believed to be quite inexpensive and simple to incur for farmers of various classes.

Trakstar Tractor Price List in India 2024

Trakstar Tractor Models Tractor HP Tractor Price
Trakstar Hindustan 60 50 HP Rs. 7.70 - 8.30 Lakh*
Trakstar 540 40 HP Rs. 5.45 - 5.80 Lakh*
Trakstar 536 36 HP Rs. 5.25 - 5.65 Lakh*
Trakstar 550 50 HP Rs. 5.95 - 6.89 Lakh*
Trakstar 545 45 HP Rs. 6.60 - 6.50 Lakh*
Trakstar 531 31 HP Rs. 4.55 - 5.35 Lakh*
Trakstar 450 50 HP Rs. 6.50 - 6.80 Lakh*

Where can we find Trakstar tractor Videos?

Trakstar tractor videos provide you with all the specific information in detail. All the videos on the Tractor Gyan channel have provided you with detailed information on Trakstar tractors. So take a tour of the TractorGyan YouTube channel. To get all updates about trackstar tractor prices, features, and news.

Where to get second-hand Trakstar tractors in India?

Alternative methods for easing the job of farming and the agriculture industry are always beneficial. Used trakstar tractor models to provide farmers with the best and quality-prone tractor. In their budgetary constraints.

At Tractor Gyan, we assist sellers in listing their used Trakstar tractors in India for FREE. Along with the true pricing and other facts. So if you're looking for a Second-hand Trakstar tractor in India, Tractor Gyan is the place to go.

You'll most likely find all the information here to assist you in making an informed decision. About whether to buy the tractor model or not. Having a second-hand Trakstar tractor of comparable quality to a new tractor is not a bad deal. You should take advantage of it.

How to get Trakstar tractors on loan?

Getting a Trakstar tractor loan will be stress-free and quick with Tractor Gyan. We have provided all the details on how to get tractors on loan.

On the Tractor Gyan website, you get all the information about paperwork, EMIs, and other related issues. Our website will provide you with a variety of plans to help you save money on your tractor. So, go to and check out the financing section.

Who are the dealers of Trakstar tractors in India?

It is critical to have dealers around the country to promote and sell tractors. This enables businesses to expand across the country. Trackstar tractors have gained recognition and an indestructible reputation in India. Thanks to the Trakstar tractor dealers.

This tractor model performs offers efficiency and performance. So, it is unsurprising that the market will accept it and create high demand for it. Even for small or large, fertile or difficult land, farmers prefer Trakstar tractor models. Turning and twisting tractors is not difficult for farmers anymore. These tractors make work simple and convenient for everyone.

Trakstar Tractor has 225 dealers and 13 offices across India. Allowing for a smooth flow of tractor sales and promotion. Tractor Gyan can help you find dealers near you in India. We have a comprehensive list of Trakstar tractor dealers in India. Who can assist you in finding the finest tractor for your needs.

Tractorgyan is your go-to place for everything related to agriculture and tractors. It is only here that you can rest assured that you have been catered to the authentic and latest information about the tractor industry and the agriculture world.

Trakstar Tractor sales in FY 2024

According to the retail tractor sales report FY'24 by FADA, Trakstar Tractor sales are 3,197 units in FY 2024 with 0.36% market share.