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Latest Tractors in India

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Swaraj 735 FE E

Are you looking to buy a latest tractor model which was launched recently? But can’t decide what to buy and from which company to go? Do not worry tractor gyan is here for your aid, we understand that buying a new tractor is a kind of investment most important one which requires a vast knowledge in the field, but going to individual shops or sites is not practical and very time consuming hence to make things easier for you we have curated a list of Latest tractors in India for you to look at. This list consists of Latest tractors of various price ranges and sizes from small fit for daily tasks to heavy-duty bulky types. The horsepower ranges from 11 to 140 Hp.

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Recently Asked Question about Latest Tractors:

The latest tractor models in India 2024 are Massey Ferguson 254 Dynatrack, New holland 3630 TX Special Edition and John Deere 5210 Gear Pro.

The latest tractors are available from brands like Mahindra, Massey Ferguson, john deere, eicher, and many more.

Best latest tractors to buy in India are Eicher 380 Prima G3, Mahindra yuvo tech plus 415 DI, Farmtrac 60 epi Supermaxx and so on.

Popular latest tractor models in India are Sonalika DI 52 RX Tiger, Massey Ferguson 6028 MaxPro narrow track, Swaraj 733 FE, and more

You can find the latest tractor details like tractor price, tractor features, tractor reviews, and so on at tractorgyan

The latest tractor series in India are Mahindra yuvo tech plus, eicher prima G3.

At tractorgyan, You can find the latest tractors in India.

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Understanding Latest Tractors

The latest tractors in India refer to the newly launched or most recent agricultural tractors that are available in the market. As farming needs keep on evolving with time, tractor manufacturers in India regularly release new tractors or update the current ones. 

These latest tractors in India will have the latest innovations, designs, and capabilities. These tractors may have improvements in engine technology, fuel efficiency, automation features, operator comfort, and more. From mini to heavy-duty tractors, the latest tractors are part of each category. 

Benefits of New Tractors In India: 

As the latest tractor models will be the most recent ones and will be equipped with top-notch features, they’re likely to offer multiple benefits. 

  • The latest tractors will have powerful and modern engines that are likely to deliver better performance on the field as compared to outdated tractor models.  
  • Latest tractors are likely to be more versatile and handle the majority of the tasks with advanced technologies. 
  • Many modern tractor models will have advanced technologies like GPS and precision agriculture systems. This enables precise planting, fertilizing, and harvesting. 
  • Based upon the latest tractor models, you can even get to enjoy safety features such as roll-over protection structures (ROPS) and seatbelts. This way, safety is better with these tractors. 

Latest Popular Tractor Price in India

The latest tractor price in 2024 in India mainly depends on tons of factors like features, facilities, and brand. You can check out the latest tractor price list 2024 at TractorGyan to learn about the prices of the latest tractor models. 

The Latest Mini Tractor in India With the Price

  1. CNH Industrial Blue Series SIMBA 20 - A part of the blue series, this is one of the best new tractors in India's mini tractor category as it offers 9F+3R gears and mechanical gears. Its cost is affordable. 
  2. Mahindra OJA 3140 - This latest tractor in India has a 40 HP 3-cylinder engine, 12F+12R gears, and power steering. Its price is Rs. 7.35 - 7.50 Lakh*.
  3. Mahindra OJA 3136 - Out of all the new tractors in India, this one from the OJA series grabbed the most attention because of its affordable cost and features like a 4WD drive system, power steering, and 2500 RPM. 
  4. Mahindra OJA 3132- This new tractor in India has a 36 HP tractor, 4WD drive system, and constant mesh with synchro shuttle transmission. It’s a pocket-friendly option.  

Latest Electric Tractor In India With Price

Sonalika Tiger Electric - This mini electric tractor from Sonalika operates at 11 KW power, can lift up to 500 KG weight, and has a 2WD drive system. As it’s available at Rs. 5.99 - 6.33 Lakhs*. It fits well in the budget. 

Recently Launched Latest Tractor Series In India

1. Massey Ferguson 254 DynaSmart 2WD- This tractor is part of new tractors from Massey Ferguson and has features like power steering, oil-immersed brakes, and a 58 58-litre fuel tank. 

2. Massey Ferguson 9563 Smart (Trem-IV)- It belongs to the latest tractor models of Massey Ferguson and has a 63 HP engine, 8F + 8R, and LPTO, RPTO, MSPTO, and GS PTO clutch type. The latest tractor price of this tractor is designed as affordable. 

3. Swaraj Target 630 - The notable tractor information about this tractor is a 29 HP engine, 2800 engine rated RPM, dual PTO, and 4 WD drive system. The latest tractor price is Rs. 5.35 Lakhs*. 

4. New Holland 5620 Power King (Trem-IV) - This latest tractor has positive tractor reviews related to its advanced HPCR engine that has a water-cooled cooling system and 2300 engine-rated RPM. According to the latest tractor price list for 2024, its cost is Rs. 11.24 - 13.45 Lakh*.

Having the help of new tractors in India works best for the farmers as the latest tractor models from trusted brands allow farmers to have modern features and advanced specifications. 

At TractorGyan, you get verified tractor information about new tractors. You can compare the features, and learn about the latest tractor prices, and tractor reviews. So, stop using outdated tractors. Get the right new tractor at the right price with TractorGyan. 

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