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Founded in 1780 by Wilhelhmus Lemken, it is one of the oldest machine manufacturing companies in India. With 241 years of experience in this field,  Lemken has expert competence for gentle primary soil quality, with versatile nature, efficient tillage procedures, and precise sowing technology which can be witnessed by the history of successful innovations which have been introduced by Lemken through the ages and are still in use. Lemken being an international company ensures the utmost quality products to its customers regardless of where they live.

Tractor implements by Lemken:

Lemken provides a variety of tractor implements made with top-quality material which are universal, efficient in use, and come under a budget, and don’t forget about the top-level compatibility with Indian agricultural lands. Here is the list of tractor implements provided by lemken curated just for you so that you can get every information in a click without wasting your time, surfing on the web.

  1. Plough or plow: When you decide to plant seeds in the land be it fresh new land or the one which has been cultivated before, you cannot just simply cultivate seeds in the land, you need to make the land ready for the seeds to be sown, in other terms you need to soften the soil before inserting seeds in it. Therefore plough is used for this purpose. Lemken provides 2 top-class ploughs which are made with the latest technology and impeccable material, to make the 1st step of the farming journey easy for you. The two ploughs are- a) Mounted Plough, b) Semi-mounted plough. Used for the purpose of tillage.

  2. Reconsolidation: Land consolidation can be termed as readjusting and rearrangement of the already used land in other terms the land on which farming has already been done and crops have already been cultivated. It is often used to improve the sustainability of the land. Reconsolidation of the soil is important for the sake of rural development as well, you don’t need to have multiple agricultural lands, with the reconsolidation of your soil you can ensure that your land is healthy and can be used as many times as you want. In simpler words, you can use reconsolidation implements to renew your soil for multiple uses, Lemken offers the best reconsolidation implement, - Furrow presses which comes under tillage implements.

  3. Seedbed preparation: After your land is reconsolidated and plough it is ready to be sown with seeds, but sowing one seed at a time can be hectic and so they are sown in bundles which are called seedbeds, and to prepare the seedbeds harrow implements are used and when it comes to harrows, Lemken has the best one to offer lemken has the all-rounder harrow series -  power harrow. Which insures the best quality functionality for your farm. Comes under the tillage category of implements. 

  4. Stubble cultivation: Stubble crops are the remains of the grain crops after they have been cultivated, these green remains are used as green manure to improve soil quality. Lemken offers a variety of stubble implements they are- a) Compact Disc Harrow, b) Cultivators, c) Gigant. Also considered as tillage implements.

  5. Seeding implements: seeding implements are the implements that are attached at the back of the tractor and used for the purpose of sowing seeds in your land, because sowing these seeds one by one is basically impractical therefore, seeding implements are used. Lemken provides a series of seeding implements which are:  a) Saphir (mechanical seed drills), b) Solitaire (pneumatic seed drill), c) seeding combinations, c) Seedhub 5 (sowing catch crops).

Features of Lemken Implements:

  • International quality products.

  • Universal implements

  • Implements are painted with a sophisticated electronic dip-paint coating machine that uses electricity to paint the implement parts before the paint is baked for long-lasting protection against corrosion.

  • We have huge automated machines for hardening and tempering our implement’s surface.

  • After completion, our products go through a series of quality checks which are conducted by our highly skilled employees leaving no room for any mistakes and correcting them immediately if any is found.

  • Made with the latest technology to keep up with the ever changing trends, ensures the longevity of the implements manufactured by Lemkens.

  • With the popularity of lemeken, the guarantee of the best quality product to be delivered is by default the primary perk one gets.

What are the prices of Lemken Implements in India?

Being an international brand, one may think Lemken might have a high price range but the reality is 360 degrees of this, the implements manufactured by Lemken are not only made with the latest technology but also at great prices. 

The prices of Lemken Implements in India start at just Rs.15000*, ranging up to 20000-30000 rupees. Lemken provides the best implements in these price ranges along with great after-sale services. Even though it is bihan international and Lemken is an international company the main goal of the firm is to provide the same quality products to their customers but at prices which are suitable for their country and region.

Although the on-road prices of the models of implements may vary as per their model and previous usage.

By previous usage one might think that second hand models are not as good as the new ones but that is not the case with Lemken's implements the quality of the products is so good that even when it is second hand it looks and works as a brand new model would. 

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