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Tractor Straw Reaper in India

Tractor straw reaper is a great implement for farmers involved in the cultivation of crops like wheat, rice, and barley. It combines cutting and threshing operations in a single operation. The straw reaper price is Rs.2.90 Lakh*- 4.00 Lakh* in India.

In India, some of the most advanced straw reaper models are the Sonalika Straw Reaper, Dasmesh 517 Straw Reaper, Mahindra Straw Reaper, Jagatjit Straw Reaper, and New Holland Straw Reaper. These models are mostly within the 20-80 HP range.

TractorGyan has a dedicated listing of straw reaper models from brands like Mahindra, Sonalika, New Holland, Dashmesh, and Malkit. Zero-till, self-propelled, tractor-mounted, small-scale, and heavy-duty are a few leading straw reaper categories.

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Recently Asked Question about Straw Reaper Tractor Implements:

A straw reaper is a tractor attachment that helps in cutting, threshing, and cleaning the straw in one go.

The best straw reapers are the Land Force straw reaper, Kartar straw reaper 61, Swaraj straw reaper, etc.

The Straw reaper price is Rs.2.90 Lakh*- 4.00 Lakh*.

At tractorgyan, you can find the latest Straw Reaper models in India.

The best straw reaper brands in India are Sonalika, Dasmesh, Kartar, Bakhsish, Landforce, and Swaraj.

The amount of subsidy and process can change by area wise, to know more about Straw Reaper subsidy you can visit tractorgyan.com.

At tractorgyan, you can find an updated straw reaper price list.

Mainly there are 2 types of straw reapers: Automatic Super Seeder, and Semi-automatic Super Seeder.

To operate the straw reaper, a minimum of 35 hp or above tractor is required.

A straw reaper consists of a check nut, PTO shaft, addle agricultural tool, radiator side UC brackets, sprocket reaper, straw reaper stand bush, and many more.

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About Tractor Straw Reaper in India 2024

A straw reaper is a crucial farming implement. It is a chopper that chops thrash and cleans the straw all at once. Following the combined harvest, the remaining wheat stalks are sliced by oscillating blades while being pushed back into an auger by a rotating reel. The auger and guide drum feed the stalks into the machinery where they are chopped into small pieces by the concave threshing cylinder. 

Farmers use it to process straw and other crops. It automates the labour-intensive tasks of crop harvesting and processing. 

With the help of straw reaper tractor implements, farmers can complete the harvesting on time. It is a versatile farming equipment as it has to handle crops like wheat and barley. 

Straw reaper prices in India start from Rs. 2.90 Lakhs*. According to the features and types of straw reaper, the straw reaper price can go as high as Rs. 4.00 Lakhs*. 

What is Tractor Straw Reaper Price in India 2024?

The straw reaper price starts from Rs. 2.90 Lakhs*. Based upon the straw reaper brand and features offered, the straw reaper prices increase. This can be as high as Rs. 4.00 Lakhs* in India. 

Straw Reaper Models Straw Reaper Models Price
Kartar Straw Reaper 56 Rs. 2,95,000*
Malkit Straw Reaper Rs. 3,40,000*
Ks Agrotech KSA 756 DB (Plate Model) Rs. 3,43,000*
Dasmesh 517 Straw Reaper Rs. 3,95,000*
Mahindra Straw Reaper Rs. 4,00,000*
Jagatjit Straw Reaper Rs. 3,50,000*
Garud Straw Reaper Rs. 3,50,000*

Straw Reaper Components

A straw reaper handles many farming tasks like harvesting and straw processing. This is why tractor straw reaper implements feature multiple components. 

  • Cutting Mechanism: The cutting mechanism of a tractor straw reaper features sickly bars or blades. The sickle bar and blades have sharp edges that cut the crop. They move back and forth to cut the crop perfectly and from the base. 

  • Real or Pick-up Device: The next important tractor straw reaper component is a real or a pick-up device. It is located near to the cutting mechanisms. A crop is cut, and a pick-up device collects it. It has rotating bars and spikes.  

  • Conveyor System: The conveyor system of tractor straw reaper implements has belts to transport the cut crop to the processing stage.   

  • Threshing Mechanism: The threshing mechanism of a tractor straw reaper plays the part of separating grains and straws. It uses a drum with beaters or rasp bars. With the help of these components, straw reapers can separate the grains from the straw. 

  • Cleaning System: A straw reaper tractor implement has a cleaning fan or sieves to remove chaff and other impurities from the crops.   

  • Straw Management: The straw reaper has a mechanism for discharging the straw residue after the grains are separated. This straw can be used for various purposes such as fodder, bedding, or other agricultural applications.

Straw Reaper Features

Tractor straw reaper implements are feature-rich to make sure that farmers are enjoying the best possible help. 

  • The sharp sickle bars or blades of a straw reaper tractor are made from cast iron or steel for better productivity. 

  • The conveyor belt moves and carries the harvested material easily. 

  • Straw reapers are powered by an onboard engine or through the power take-off (PTO) of a tractor. 

  • Some straw reapers allow for the adjustment of cutting height.  

  • Many straw reaper tractor models are designed to handle multiple crops. 

  • A straw reaper tractor implement has a fully belt-operated mechanism. 

Straw Reaper Specifications

The available straw reaper for sale models have different specifications. For instance: 

A straw reaper tractor needs tractor support to operate. The implementation of HP and PTO HP of a straw reaper varied hugely. The implementation power of a mini tractor straw reaper is between 15 HP to 40 HP. High-power straw reaper tractor implement can have high tractor HP between 40 HP- 70 HP. 

Tractor Straw Reaper Implements Benefits

  1. The tractor straw reaper machine proves to be environmentally friendly as it uses less amount of fuel.

  2. It aims to deliver high performance with less or no human labour efforts.

  3. Superior separation performance is provided. The concave bars are breached by the short piece (straw). The straw is hurriedly linked to the trolley by a double blower, which also separates the dust particles.

  4. Farmers can use straw reaper machines to process and clean multiple types of crops. Hence, they can save operational costs. 

  5. An agricultural straw reaper finely cuts the crop waste. This waste can be later used as fodder for livestock. This way, a tractor straw reaper in India helps in straw management. 

  6. The automated efficiency of a tractor straw reaper in India allows farmers to cover more acreage in a shorter amount of time. This increases the efficiency of farmers. 

What are the Uses of Straw Reaper Machines in Agriculture?

A straw reaper tool can help farmers in multiple tasks. For instance: 

  • Farmers can use a straw reaper machine tractor to harvest standing crops like wheat and barley. 

  • A straw reaper tool has a threshing mechanism. It helps farmers to separate the grains from the straw. 

  • Farmers can remove straw, chaff, and other unwanted materials from the crop with the help of an agricultural straw reaper.  

  • Farmers can use an agricultural straw reaper to prepare the farming land for the next crop by efficiently removing the residue. 

Tractor Straw Reaper Types

To address the different farming needs, there are many types of straw reapers in India. 

  • The most common type of straw reaper is a standard straw reaper that has only one standard cutting system, reel, conveyor, drum, and cleaning system. This type of agricultural straw reaper is suitable for various kinds of crops. 

  • Next, we have a self-feeding tractor straw reaper in India that has the additional feature of feeding the harvested crops automatically. This reduces the manual efforts. 

  • A multi-crop straw reaper tool can handle various types of crops in one go. It has adjustable settings to harvest different types of grains. 

  • We also have a hydraulic-controlled straw reaper for sale that has hydraulic systems. The system prompts easy adjustments and control of various functions. Zero tillage straw reaper tractor implements are designed to cut and process the soil with soil tillage. It keeps soil healthy. 

  • Farmers can buy straw reapers with heavy-duty capacity for large farms. These machines need high tractor HP and PTO HP to operate. 

  • A rotary straw reaper uses a rotary cutting mechanism for harvesting. The rotary design offers efficiency in cutting and processing the crop.

Best Straw Reaper for Sale

The Indian market offers multiple options to buy straw reapers at an affordable cost. Below mentioned are leading straw reapers for sale with straw tractor reaper prices in India. 

  • Kartar Straw Reaper 56

Kartar Straw Reaper 56 is a dependable straw reaper tool with features like 50-55 tractor HP, adjustable cutting height, and a fully belt-operated mechanism. The straw reaper price for this model is Rs. 2,95,000 Lakh*. 

  • Bakshish Straw Reaper 56

Bakshish Straw Reaper 56 is a reliable straw reaper tractor implement for Indian farmers. It needs 35 HP or above tractor implement power and has a working capability of two trollies per hour. The tractor straw reaper price in India is affordable in India. 

  • Ks Agrotech KSA 756 DB (Plate Model)

Farmers can buy this straw reaper tractor implement to enjoy features like a double blower, heavy chassis, heavy transmission gear, and free tool kit, and movable grain storage. The tractor ks straw reaper price in India is Rs. 3.43 Lakh*. 

  • Malkit Straw Reaper

This is an affordable tractor straw reaper in India that requires 50 HP power to operate. The weight of this straw reaper is 1950 kg. It can handle the chopping capacity of 2-3 trolleys per hour. The tractor straw price in India for this model is Rs. 3,40,000*. 

  • Dasmesh 517 Straw Reaper

Get this agricultural straw reaper and enjoy features such as 56" chassis length, double blower, and 1900kg body weight. This straw reaper price is Rs.3,95,000 * in India. 

How to Choose the Right Straw Reaper

Choosing the right straw reaper tractor to implement in India is easy if farmers keep these tips in India. 

  • Choosing the right straw reaper is crucial for farmers to optimize their harvesting and crop residue management processes. Here are key factors to consider when selecting a straw reaper:

  • Understand the type of crop you’re harvesting and the size of the farming land. Different straw reapers may be better suited for specific crops. Also, farming land will help you understand the implementation of HP of a straw reaper tool.  

  • Determine whether you prefer a straw reaper with an onboard engine or one that operates using the tractor's power take-off (PTO).

  • Always go for a straw reaper with adjustable settings. This will help you use one machine for different kinds of crops. 

  • Evaluate the feeding mechanism of the straw reaper. If you need to save a great deal of time and own a large farming land, go with a self-feeding straw reaper tool. 

  • Choose a straw reaper with sturdy construction and durable materials. 

  • Research the reputation of the manufacturer or brand. Try to read the Straw Reaper tractor reviews online. 

  • Set a budget for the purchase of an agricultural straw reaper. Go for a straw reaper for sale that offers the best value at an affordable straw reaper price in India. 

Why Choose Tractor Gyan to Buy the Best Straw Reaper Machine? 

Farmers need to do a lot of research about straw reapers online. They have to gather information about available models of straw reaper for sale, types of straw reaper tractor implementation,tractor reaper machine price, bhusa machine price, mini tractor reaper price ​and straw reaper price. 

TractorGyan provides all this crucial information under one platform. Farmers can make a wise decision about which straw reaper model to buy , what is the straw reaper price range, bhusa banane wali machine price,reaper machine price in india  . 

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