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Tractor Straw Reaper in India

Straw reaper is a tractor attachment that helps in cutting, threshing and cleaning the straw in one go. It helps the farmer with the easy chopping of straws with minimum labour, time and efforts required. Currently, there are many straw reapers with various efficiencies and specifications are present in the market giving you a variety of option to choose from. Price of the straw reaper in India: Rs. 1.00-3.50 Lacs*

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Recently Asked Question about Straw Reaper Tractor Implements:

A Straw reaper consists of check nut, PTO shaft, addle agricultural tool, radiator side UC brackets, sprocket reaper, straw reaper stand bush and many more.
Straw reapers in India are available from Rs. 230000 to 365000.
Top companies for Straw reapers in India are Sonalika, Dasmesh, Kartar, Bakhsish, Landforce and Swaraj.
No, use of straw reapers in rain causes physical damage.
Minimum 35 HP or above required to run Straw reaper.
Straw reapers are available in the range of approx 140cm to 300cm.
Amount of subsidy and process can change by state to state wise, to know more about subsidy you can visit
If you want to know about any brand of Straw reaper, you can visit, where you will get complete information like price, features and many more about Straw reapers.

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About Tractor Straw Reaper price list in India 2022:-

Some tractor implements in India take care of the agricultural land and makes farming a great deal of effort for the farmers. Straw Reaper is the kind of chopper machine that cuts and cleans the straw, threshes, and the crop residuals obtained from the farm into minutes extractions. Usually, the straw reaper machine cuts the wheat stalk through an oscillating blade that reels through and pushes back the output towards the auger. Straw reaper implement always helps in minimizing the efforts of the farmers by providing the best and simplified solution.

The reaper consists of a threshing cylinder that cuts and contains the stalks into small pieces against the concave, this simplified method of using a straw reaper minifies the efforts of the framers in managing a whole lot of farm and helps them focus better on productivity and efficiency. Straw reaper price in India is between Rs 2.30 lakhs to Rs. 3.65 lakhs.

What are the components of a straw reaper?

Straw Reaper machine is the combined results of various assembled parts that collectively work for clearing the thresh and minimizing it into small components. Have a look at some of its amazing parts listed out here

  1. It has heavy gearboxes that provide feasibility in work and efficiency in performance.
  2. Blades in the thresher drum are very sharp and give a clear and edgy cut to the small components that are produced with it. Weeds are very stiff and these blades help in cutting them swiftly and transferring them to small tidbits.
  3. A special hand lever is also attached with the straw reaper so that it can perform well and extraordinarily. For stone trapping and adjustments, the hand lever functions excellently.
  4. A threshing cylinder is the next main component of the mini straw reaper, the cylinder helps in cutting down the complex thresh into small components and sending it back through for facilitating other functions too. 

What is the price of Straw Reaper? 

The Straw Reaper Price ranges between Rs 230000 lakhs - Rs 365000 lakhs*. Thus, the straw reaper is an important implement to be used by the farmer for agricultural purposes, keeping in mind its usability and performance the price of the straw reaper is kept nominal and pocket-friendly. If you want to know more about it then visit TractorGyan. from popular to basic, we have a complete list of tractor straw reaper implements for you. 

These are the popular Straw Reaper Brands in India 2022 are Mahindra, Sonalika, New Holland, and Swaraj.

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