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The introduction of electric tractors is a ground-breaking development in the tractor industry. Electric Tractors are the future of modern farming because of their various benefits and advantages attached to their emergence from being cost-effective, accurate power, environment friendly, and many factors which it brings along. Electric Tractors are best for future farming as there has been extinction when it comes to fossil fuels. The Electric tractor price in India starts from Rs,5 lakhs onwards which is quite affordable and works in the long run. Sonalika, HAV tractors, and many more brands introduce electric tractors. Sonalika tiger electric, HAV 55 s1, HAV 50 s1+, and Cellestial 55 hp are some of the popular electric tractors in India.

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blogs ट्रैक्टर खरीदते समय किसे दें ज़्यादा अहमियत: हॉर्सपावर (एचपी) या टॉर्क?

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Recently Asked Question about Electric Tractors:

The Cost of an electric tractor in India Starts From Rs. 6.10 lacs*.

Yes, there are various electric tractors in India.

The price of e tractor in India is different depending on different brands and their models.

Sonalika, cellestial, HAV company made electric tractors.

Yes, there is various fully electric tractor in India, some are sonalika tiger electric, cellestial 35 hp, etc.

The capacity of its battery determines how long the electric tractor will run on a single charge. but generally, it lasts for 8 to 12 hours.

The speed of an electric tractor depends on different models. for example, sonalika tiger electric has 24.93km/hr. forward speed.

Sonalika tiger electric is the first electric tractor in India.

The charging time for an electric tractor is generally around 4 hours.

At tractorgyan, you can find electric tractors in India.

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About Electric Tractors In India 2023

Electric tractors in India are the most promising invention in the field of agriculture. It is a revolutionary step towards sustaining the environment and climate change. Electric tractors avoid the carbon emissions that are emitted from regular diesel tractors and offer clean and quiet operations. This new electric vehicle (EV) technology helps small-scale farmers and large agriculture companies reduce their carbon footprints while providing optimum performance, efficiency, and durability for a long period. These tractors are becoming widely popular for their benefits and affordability. Electric tractor prices in India 2023 are budget friendly for farmers looking for performance, and power in an eco-friendly way. Moreover, These tractors offer several benefits over traditional gasoline-powered models. This tractor brings low operating costs, low maintenance, and better maneuverability.

What are Electric Tractors?

These tractors are developed with new electric vehicle technology which utilizes electricity rather than diesel fuel for tractors to operate and generate power. These tractors provide the same performance as other regular gasoline tractors with the same power and efficiency, but with fewer carbon emissions which contribute to pollution control, climate change, and environmental sustainability.

Moreover, these electric tractors in India are an eco-friendly solution for businesses with tractor operations as this will eliminate the need to fuel diesel for operations. The ever-rising price hike of diesel in the current scenario is disturbing the budget of poor farmers, especially those facing losses due to natural or climatic disasters. In this case, These tractors are a profitable business investment under an affordable budget.

Some innovative electric tractors have introduced the function of automation to provide the best possible performance. 

Where can you use these Electric Tractors in India?

These eco-friendly electric tractors in India are used in agricultural lands, greenhouses, and horticulture farms, for moving goods within factories, and for hauling goods from the field to warehouses. Plus, these tractors weigh less operating cost than that gasoline tractors and need less maintenance due to the absence of engine oils and complex engine parts.

How do Electric Tractors in India work?

Electric tractors mainly operate with electricity on battery power rather than gasoline or diesel tractors. These tractors utilize the standard electrical outlet at a charging station or the farm’s electricity supply to charge the tractor battery or even solar energy. Further, this tractor’s battery supplies the power to an electric motor, which then allows the tractor to operate by its wheels through a series of gears and axles. Moreover, electric motors are highly efficient and strong which helps the tractors to put out a lot of torque and power with less energy consumption.

In addition, Electric tractors also include electronic and computer parts. These help in automating and monitoring the tractor's performance as well as make the best use of its energy, and provide the farmer with real-time data and analytics. This way, This tractor automates its functioning with the help of different technologies infused in it.

What are the Benefits of Electric Tractors in India?

  1. Eco-friendly Tractors

These tractors are eco-friendly tractors that help you contribute to environment sustainability and climate change thus, saving the planet by quitting carbon emissions. Moreover, electric tractor prices are highly affordable helping you save from ever-rising diesel prices in the country. Plus, these tractors are quiet and clean and operate very easily.

  1. Lower Emissions

One of the major benefits of electric tractors is reduced carbon emissions and contributes to protecting the environment. These tractors create very less carbon emissions up to 80% less than regular diesel tractors. However, a diesel engine only gets about a 45% efficiency rate when it gets converted from thermal to mechanical. On the other part, an electric motor reaches a 90% efficiency rate. Moreover, many companies now use polymer coating technologies to improve friction within the mechanics. It prevents wear and tear and increases the tractor’s working life.

  1. Save you Cost

These tractors bring very less operational and energy costs compared to diesel engines. It generates very less electricity charges compared to that of diesel fuels. This helps farmers in savings a good amount in the long run.

  1. Low-cost Maintenance

Electric tractors include fewer replacement parts than that gas-powered or diesel tractors. This brings lower maintenance costs to the user. It does not require an oil change or other complex engine maintenance. Therefore, these tractors are more reliable in saving your time and money from frequent services and maintenance.

  1. Renewable Energy Integration

These ev tractors also offer the flexibility to charge their battery through renewable energy sources such as solar or wind power. This allows the farmers to get the clean energy benefit and helps them reduce their carbon emissions. Electric tractors are eco-friendly options with no extra expenditures required.

  1. Reduced Noise Pollution

These tractors operate with less noise compared to diesel tractors. This feature becomes useful for farmers that operate their land near residential areas. This helps in reducing noise pollution and minimizes disturbance to nearby locations.

  1. Increased Efficiency

Electric tractors don’t depend on combustion engines, thus making them capable of providing consistent power without the requirement for idle or warm-up time. Hence, it makes them highly efficient in terms of energy usage and overall productivity. 

Why should you consider buying an Electric Tractor?

These tractors are manufactured with the latest technology that helps in sustaining the environment and climate change with less harmful gas emissions, low noise, etc. It also benefits the user in various ways compared to diesel engines such as low maintenance, easy working operations, long life, reduce noise, etc. Thus, electric tractors are becoming widely popular, the reason is farmers looking for affordable tractors are turning towards these eco-friendly tractors. Moreover, there are other several factors you can consider before buying. These factors are as follows:

1. Purchase Price

Electric tractors are highly affordable in India. Electric tractor prices in India in 2023 generally start from 5 lakhs*. This price is affordable for farmers looking for budget-friendly tractors with the same power, performance, and efficiency as other regular diesel tractors.

2. Energy Costs

Electric tractors cost less in terms of energy as these tractors can be cheaper to run over time by using less energy. These ev tractors can even utilize renewable energy resources such as solar and wind power to generate more energy.

3. Maintenance Costs

These tractors include fewer replaceable parts than gasoline tractors, which cost less maintenance as well as frequent oil changes required in the engine than that required in diesel tractors. Thus the tractor is easy to maintain with longer durability.

Features of Electric Tractors in India

  • Electric tractors have electric motors that provide optimum power for many agricultural and other light-hauling tasks.

  • These tractors have rechargeable batteries to store and supply electricity and power to the tractor.

  • Some tractors have regenerative braking technology, which converts the kinetic energy generated into electrical energy during braking, thus making the tractor more efficient.

  • These tractors operate quietly without creating any noise Compared to traditional diesel tractors, thus minimizing noise pollution in nearby surroundings.

  • Many tractors follow the concept of electro-mobility and ensure 100% torque at 100% time. For. e.g sonalika tiger electric.

  • Electric tractors have a highly efficient motor that offers high energy efficiency with optimized power density and high.

  • Most commonly, These tractors have a battery capacity range of 250-350 A that can be charged in around 10 hours at home and as quickly as 4 hours with the fast charging system.

  • These tractors have a better-lifting capacity to operate varied implements and attachments.

  • This tractor comes with Oil-immersed brakes ensuring better vehicle safety and control in varied land conditions.

  • Electric tractors also come with Big tyres that create strong traction with greater stability.

What are the different uses of Electric Tractors?

  • Electric tractors can be used for many agricultural operations such as tilling, plowing, planting, seeding, fertilizing, spraying, etc.

  • These tractors help in the gentle handling of equipment to maintain product quality. These ev tractors can efficiently harvest crops like fruits, vegetables, grains, etc.

  • These tractors can even be used in moving farming products and equipment within farms and storage facilities.

  • These tractors are highly suitable for small-scale and urban farming, where one needs to follow noise and emission regulations.

  • These Eco-friendly electric tractors save your running cost to a great extent as that diesel engine tractors.

  • These tractors are capable of operating various agriculture implements with zero RPM drop, saving your fuel cost.

  • It offers faster coverage of the land area in less time.

Popular Electric Tractor Models in India 2023

These are the best electric tractors in India to use for various farm operations.

Tractor models



Sonalika Tiger Electric    

35 HP       

Rs. 5.05-5.95 Lakhs*.

HAV 50 S1

47.5 HP

Rs. 9.99 Lakhs*.

HAV 55 S1+

51 HP

Rs. 13.99 Lakhs*.

How tractorgyan will help you find the Best Electric Tractor in India?

Electric tractors in India are revolutionizing farmer's life with affordable and powerful performance. There are several tractor brands in India that are manufacturing electric tractors with an aim to make farmers' lives easier and contribute to a sustainable environment. These tractors offer High torque, low running cost, and zero emissions.

Tractorgyan is the leading and trusted platform that provides you with the best tractor ranges. We aim to provide you with the best assistance in buying the tractor according to your needs. Our platform helps you get the reviews, features, and dealers and you can compare and shortlist the tractors of your choice. We ensure that you will get the best price tractor from us with the best deals. So get the accurate electric tractor price from us! 

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