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About JCB implements:

JCB is a British company famous for manufacturing agricultural equipment that needs no further introduction, Despite being an international brand, JCB has captivated the Indian market firmly and has been ruling ever since. JCB manufacturers make top-quality tractors and implements. All the JCB Farm equipment is of the finest quality and is loved by all, and there are various reasons behind it, be it the excellent quality products or high and universal functionality of JCB implements which can be used with every tractor, on every type of land, doing justice to the diversity of soil type India has.

We know that it is very important to look through all the information thoroughly before buying anything be it a tractor or an implement because buying an implement is no less than a huge commitment and since we know how to value your hard-earned money,tractorgyan has created this blog which contains all the information that you need to know while purchasing JCB implements.

Types of JCB farm Equipment:

There are mainly 4 types of farm equipment by JCB which are highly functional, heavy-duty, and universal since they can be attached to any tractor. They are the value of money equipment because they justify their costs given the long list of features and quality of JCB Implements.

The types of JCB implements differ from one another based on usage and price range the types of JCB farm equipment are

1. Dozer: Dozer is a blade attached in front of the tractor which helps in leveling the field. A dozer alone is useful but once it gets attached to the tractor it adds up to the utility and provides better results.

2. Backhoe Loader: Backhoe loaders are famously used for exploitation, excavation, digging, and dozing. The best part about the backhoe loader is that it has universal and works well on all types of land.

3. HD Ultra Sugarcane Loader: Perfect for sugar or sugarcane loading and reloading this HD Ultra Sugarcane is fit for every Indian farmer having sugarcane farms which are the majority type of farms in India.;

4. Ultra Loader: Fit for heavy lifting the Ultra Loader can lift 500-800 kilograms and can lift to the height of 15 ft. the reason why it is favored by everyone is the fact that it offers great fuel consumption which is lower than most of the equipment in its price range.

And the list of types of implements goes on and on.

Popular JCB Farm equipment in India:

JCB Implement




JCB 3DX Super


JCB 3D X Xtra



What is the price of JCB tractor implements in India?

The JCB tractor implements Price much like the standard feature of JCB is set in such a way that it compliments the JCB farm implements and all the features that come with it justifying the cost. These prices of course vary starting from as low as Rs.4,34,000 lakh for a mini tractor backhoe loader and can go up to Rs. 33,00,000 lakh for JCB 4DX a 92 hp powerful ecoxpress backhoe loader, giving you a humongous variety to choose from, showing that truly JCB has to offer something for everyone.

Apart from the two extremes, the highest and the lowest average price of JCB tractor implements includes price ranges such as Rs.10,10,000 Lakh for JCB 170, Rs. 14,68,000- Rs. 16,00,000 lakh for JCB 2DX.

Where you can find JCB agricultural Machinery?

Although JCB implements are quite famous and can easily be found it requires a most genuine source to get you the implements on the best deals possible, and that is exactly what tractorgyan is dedicated to.

Get the best deals not only on JCB tractor implements but also on all tractor implements at tractorgyan. We provide JCB implements at the best prices, busting all the myths about JCB tractors and implements, verified by our experts. For more keep visiting our page and never miss an update on the agriculture world.

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