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Malkit Tractor Implements In India

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Recently Asked Question about Malkit Tractor Implements:

The price of Malkit farm implements starts from Rs. 15000.
Straw Reapers are made by Malkit.
1 model is available in Malkit Implements.
At tractorgyan, you can find the updated Malkit tractor implements price list.
Malkit Straw Reaper is the most popular Malkit implement among farmers.
Malkit tractor implements are compatible with all tractors so there is no specific requirement of hp.
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Singh Brothers founded MalkitAgroTechPvt. Ltd. in 1988. (Malkit Singh &Charan Singh). The company began by manufacturing and exporting self-propelled combine harvesters, then expanded to include Maize Combine Harvesters, Kompact & Track Mounted Combine Harvesters, and other products. MALKIT AgroTechPvt. Ltd. (an ISO 9001-2015 certified company) is based in Nabha, Patiala, Punjab, and has a really world-class production facility spanning over 8 acres.

Malkit AGRO TECH is a top-tier Manufacturer, Exporter, and Supplier of products such as Self-Propelled Combines, Agriculture Straw Reapers, Maize Special Harvester, Happy Seeder, RotoSeeder, Tractor Driven Combines, Maize Harvester, Straw Reapers, and Maize Harvesters, among others.

Malkit AGRO TECH goods are well-liked among Indian farmers and those in surrounding nations. These products are known for their high quality and dynamic features such as optimum performance, application-specific designs, precise operations, low fuel consumption, long service life, and so on. These goods are also available in customised form, according to the specifications and requirements of clients, in addition to the normal range.

Malkit AGRO TECH has developed expertise in the production of Combine Harvesters, which are built by skilled and experienced workers. The use of high-quality raw materials ensures the products' durability, efficiency, and long service life.

Combine harvesters with innovative technology are equipped with a variety of head options for harvesting a variety of crops, including rice, wheat, soyabean, corn, and many others. Self-propelled combines, tractor-driven combines, maize harvesters, special harvesters, agriculture straw reapers, MalkitHarvestors, and straw reapers are all part of Malkit AGRO TECH's exclusive product line.

What are the USP of Malkati Agro Tech Tractor implement?

· Malkit AGRO TECH has more 25 tractor implements product produce under this belt. This demonstrates Malkit AGRO TECH's versatility and large production base.

· One of the most fabulous and appreciated feature of Malkit AGRO TECH is they produce product using high quality material and also test their product before keeping them in the market.

· Malkit AGRO TECH products have dynamic features like optimal performance, application-specific designs, precise operations, minimal fuel consumption, long service life, and other vigorous aspects.

· Malkit AGRO TECH have more than 3000 satisfied customers which makes this company more trustworthy and dependable.

· MALKIT AgroTechPvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System (QMS) certified company that designs, manufactures, and delivers combine harvesters and agricultural implements.

· MALKIT AgroTech products are tested by the Indian government's various testing departments. Farmers in Demostice and Overseas Markets trust all of Malkit AGRO products.

Effective and Dependable Tractor Implements from Malkati Agro Tech

MALKIT Straw Reaper:

MALKIT AgroTech has developed expertise in the production of Straw Reaper, which is carried out by skilled and experienced workers. The use of high-quality raw materials ensures the products' durability, efficiency, and long service life. In one pass, the MALKIT Straw Reaper cuts, threshes, and cleans straw. When used with tractors, the Straw Reaper delivers remarkable results. MALKIT Straw Reaper uses less fuel, is more efficient, and is simple to operate and maintain.


MALKIT AGRO TECH PVT. LTD., MALKIT AGRO TECH PVT. LTD., MALKIT Ltd. is an ISO recognised company that manufactures, supplies, imports, and exports long-lasting agricultural rotavators. Our engineers construct the equipment we offer using cutting-edge techniques and methodologies. The Agricultural Rotavator that is being offered can be used on any sort of soil. This rotavator is ideal for tractors with 40 to 60 horsepower. Our clients can get the offered rotavator at a reasonable price from us.

The MALKIT rotavator prepares the field for seeding in one pass. Its gear makes it more sturdy and strong than traditional chain Rotavators. MALKIT rotavatorsaves time and prevents tractor wear and tear, as well as being more fuel efficient and preserving soil moisture.


MALKIT AGRO TECH is a reputable name in the agricultural industry, manufacturing, selling, and exporting high-quality RotoSeeders. Drills are extensively used to seed a variety of crops, including maize, wheat, peas, and mustard, among others. MALKIT AGRO TECH's Roto Seed Drill is well-liked by customers for its outstanding qualities such as low maintenance, ease of handling, simple operation, and extended functional life.

MALKIT AGRO TECH has a highly effective system. Seed Drill is widely used to sow a wide range of crops such as maize, wheat, peas, mustard, and others. MALKIT AGRO Seed Driller is in high demand in the market due to its durability, speed, and performance. Seed Drill Machine is a low-maintenance equipment that is simple to operate and manage.


In recent years, a Happy Seeder has been created that can plant wheat seed without becoming clogged by paddy/rice straw. The Happy Seeder is a PTO-driven tractor attachment that cuts and lifts paddy/rice straw, sows wheat and other crop seeds into bare soil, and mulches the sowed area.

MALKIT happyseeder is environmentally friendly since it allows you to sow wheat in residual moisture while also improving soil health. MALKIT happyseeder is more fuel efficient and helps to keep the soil moist. It fertilises the land by mixing the remnants of the previous crop in the soil, and it is especially beneficial in sugarcane, banana, vegetable, and rice fields.

What is the price of Malkit Agro TechTractor implements?

Tractor implements from the MALKIT brand start at around Rs. 20,000. These instruments are inexpensive and efficient, offering excellent value for money. The prices of MALKIT tractor implements are quite inexpensive and easy to fit into any farmer's budget. MALKIT is a well-known brand for using advanced technology and customised ways to improve these tools' versions, allowing farmers to utilise them more efficiently at all times. The on-road price of MALKIT has always been below the framers' budget, making the brand more well-known and ideal for everyone. Without a doubt, this is the farmer's favourite brand.

Where to get information about Malkit tractor implements in India?

There is no other place then TractorGyan on internet where you can find a complete and brief information about Malkit tractor implements. On TractorGyan one can get each and every information about Malkit products, their prices, their features and also the detail about company R&D.

TractorGyan provide detailed information about Malkit products and also provide facility to compare each and every products with different brands. One can say TractorGyan is one stop site where one can get all the information about different brands and their products. TractorGyan also provide information about different tractors of diverse brands available on Indian market. TractorGyan is featured with many different sections such as tractors, implements, products, insurance, loan and many more.

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