Standard tractors in India

HP:- 35
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capacity:- 1200 Kg
HP:- 75
Cylinder:- 4
Lifting Capacity:- 1800 Kg
HP:- 45
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capacity:- 1200 Kg
HP:- 50
Cylinder:- 4
Lifting Capacity:- 1200 Kg
HP:- 55
Cylinder:- 3
Lifting Capacity:- 1200KG
HP:- 60
Cylinder:- 4
Lifting Capacity:- 1500KG

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About Standard Tractor

Some tractor brands or companies in the market are more significant than they seem to be. Standard tractors are one such example of it. The company is rooted up for producing and supplying heavy-duty useful tractors that are more like a worthy resource to a farmer than an asset of investment. In simple words, the company aimed at producing tractors models which are highly efficient and more oriented towards easing out farmers' work.

Standard tractors in India produce high-tech machines that are the best fit for farming operations. Agricultural activities involve various tasks from leveling the farmland to managing it on an extreme basis,  these tractors are magnificent in this space as they are innovatively designed and molded into one of the finest tractors of India. The prices for Standard tractors in India are not to bother about, the prices for these tractors are easily affordable and quite cost-efficient.

History Of Standard Tractor In India

Standard tractor company was founded in Chandigarh in India in 1975. The founder of the company was Sardar Nachhattar Singh and in late 1990 the sister company named Standard Tractors was registered. The company has established its roots before it launched its tractor product in the market in 2000. These tractors of Standard company are a true example of effectiveness and innovation. They are the best and the most resourceful asset that a farmer could ever ask for. There are 7 tractor models exquisitely launched in India and all of these have an engine of 35 HP - 90 HP. Standard tractor models in India are expected to grow and extend their market share in the near future.

The company is also known as the Standard Combines Pvt. Ltd, later with the increase in its market share and because of its gradual growth the company name has been changed to Standard Corporation Pvt. Ltd. the company manufactures highly efficient and quality combines and harvesters that are best in composition and its innovation. The tractor models launched here are exquisite yet technology-driven and are successful in fulfilling farmers’ needs. In the last few years of the company, it progressed and gradually grew into a successful unit. From a small production company to the leading manufacturers of combines and tractors in India, the journey of this company spoke all about its innovation and diversification.

Why are Standard Tractors in India the best company of tractors?

The standard tractors are the best and the renowned tractors in India, the company stands as one of the outstanding and highest growth in this space. Let’s know about some of its exclusive features which make it much remembered and the best in the industry.

  • The quality of products and services offered by the company are effective and efficient to help in the flow of material to the market. 
  • The tractors of this company fit in the budget of most of the farmers. 
  • Products for tractors here exceed the expectation of the customers. 
  • Customer satisfaction has been the responsibility here rather than just an aim. 
  • Standards tractors manufacture attractively designed products.

What are the popular Standard tractors in India in 2021?

Standard Tractor Price List 2021 in India is given below, the tractors of this brand are heavy-duty and extremely functional while operating them on the farming field. It is that company that launched 7+ tractor models in India which are best for farming and commercial activities. Below are the Standard best tractors with their HP and price range. 

Standard Tractors in India

Tractor HP

Tractor Price

Standard DI 345

45 HP

Rs. 5.80 Lakh - 6.80 Lakh*

Standard DI 335

35 HP

Rs. 4.90 Lakh - 5.10 Lakh*

Standard DI 460

60 HP

Rs. 7.20 Lakh - 7.60 Lakh*

Standard DI 450

50 HP

Rs. 6.10 Lakh - 6.50 Lakh*

Standard DI 475

75 HP

Rs. 8.60 Lakh - 9.20 Lakh*


What are the prices of Standard tractors in India in 2021?

The tabular data shows, in short, the cheapest Standard tractor model is Standard DI 335 with a 35 HP and price range of Rs 4.90 Lakhs - 5.10 Lakhs* and the most popular and famous tractor is Standard DI 345 with a price range of Rs 5.80 Lakhs - 6.80 Lakhs* and an engine capacity of 45 HP. Thus, these are the best 7 Standard tractor models in India that are launched to fulfill the farmer’s growing needs and wants at the best of the limits and capacity
Different from other brands these tractors of Standard also provide high economic mileage in the field, which makes them the most famous and the most demanded amongst all the other tractors. The features like the high lighting capacity, high fuel efficiency, powerful engine, large fuel tank capacity, and exceptional hydraulic lifting capacity make the tractor one in the million.

The prices of Standard tractors in India range from 4.90 to 5.10 Lakhs*. The standard tractors are super affordable tractors in India that are efficient in performance and available at the best price in the Indian market. However, to have a quality standard tractor that makes your land easier to manage and operational for farming, visit Tractor Gyan because we have complete information about all the tractors with updated and accurate information that helps in making buying and selling decisions easily. The prices for Standard tractors in India in 2021 are very cost-efficient and reasonable enough to be afforded by the farmers.

What are the second-hand Standard tractor prices in India in 2021?

Anything of quality never gets rust from the buyer’s bucket list and out of the use. Similarly, the used Standard tractors in India are available and listed with all the necessary detail of the tractors. The second-hand tractors of Standard company are all FREE listed by the sellers and best rated so that they can fit your budget. To purchase a second-hand Standard tractor in India, visit Tractor Gyan.

Who are the dealers of Standard tractors in India?

At Tractor Gyan you have a complete list of all the tractors that are best in quality and design. Standard tractors in India are best known for their innovation and modification of the tractors as they are unique and exceptional in their functions and operations. Standard tractor models are exclusive of their style and design. The tractors here are made of the latest and the updated technology that brings effortless handling and best management while working. So far the last study reveals that Standard tractors are dealers' choice as they carry fortunate goodwill in the market with favorable demand. The Standard tractor dealers are not that difficult to search. At Tractor Gyan find the nearby dealers of the tractor and book one for you soon, visit soon. 

Why Tractor Gyan for choosing and purchasing the best Standard tractor model in India?

At Tractor Gyan the tractor models of Standard are best to look for. Standard tractors are no doubt popular in this space yet it is not much difficult to purchase them. Choose your tractor model wisely by going through each and every detail about it. The information helps in making better purchasing decisions. Visit Tractor Gyan for getting updated and accurate knowledge of all the tractors.