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Compare Swaraj 735 FE and New holland Excel 3600 2

Having said that an intelligent consumer would always compare the product that they are willing to purchase with the competitive ones. Like if you want to purchase between Swaraj 735 FE and New holland Excel 3600 2, a comparison over both is a must. The tractors are a big investment and choosing the best and the worthiest is more important. Having an informative comparison amongst the tractors that farmers are willing to purchase, is the simplest form of helping them and guiding their purchase decision.
Here is the easy to understand and comprehensive comparison between Swaraj 735 FE and New holland Excel 3600 2. Both of the tractors are competent enough and compatible for better agricultural work and commercial applications. Both tractors are the production of highly renowned and established brands having amazing market share. Having said that they also consist of features and benefits that differ in nature and thus make both of them better than each other. Taking a perfect guide on these features and other specifications is very important to show up for a better purchasing decision, have a look to these great features -

The Swaraj 735 FE tractor in India is one of the most recognised and renowned in the space, it has got a 39 HP engine with ultra efficiency having great performance and amazing benefits to give to the farmers. The tractor also has 3 cylinders with amazing capacity and outstanding performing ability. The displacement cc is 2734 CC, having power-packed efficiency. The tractors too have got 1650 RPM with sufficient torque and great fuel consumption capacity. The price of Swaraj 735 FE tractor in India is worth Rs 5.45-5.90 Lacs*. The lifting capacity of the tractor is 1000 Kg. The PTO HP is 33 HP HP. Dual single clutch is another specification of the tractor, with 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gears.

The New holland Excel 3600 2 tractor is the modern and modistic model launch of the brand having great efficiency and potential for farmers to see a great future. The New holland Excel 3600 2 tractor has an engine of 49.5 HP and has 3 cylinders, that has got amazing high specifications having great power and performing capability. The New holland tractor has a displacement cc of 2931 CC that is one of the plus points in having such a tractor. The cooling system is oil-cooled with 540 RPM. The torque power of this tractor is 205 Nm and great fuel consumption power. The lifting capacity of the tractors is 1800 kg, with the PTO power of 45 HP. It has a dual and single clutch with 8F + 2R gears that also have power steering and extra mileage performance. The price of New holland Excel 3600 2 tractors is Rs. NA*.

Thus, now you have amazing information in hand about both the tractors that will give you immense help and support while making the best purchase decision. These tractors are best for agricultural and commercial uses. Hence, to get a better comparison of any tractors that you are looking up to, visit Tractor Gyan and get the best comparison details on them.


Name Of Engine engine name
RV-3 XM+3A
FPT S8000 Series
HP hp
Engine Cylinder engine cylinder
Displacement CC displacement cc
2734 CC
2931 CC
Cooling System cooling system
Water Cooled with No loss tank
Engine RPM engine rpm
Torque torque
205 Nm
Power power
29.82 kW
Specific Fuel Consumption fuel consumption


Name Of Transmission transmission name
Single Dry Disc Friction Plate
Constant Mesh
Number Of Gears number of gears
8 Forward + 2 Reverse
8F + 2R
Max Forward Speed max maximum forward speed
2.30 to 27.80 Kmph
33.95 kmph
Max Reverse Speed maximum reverse speed
2.73 & 10.74 Kmph
10.16 kmph
Clutch Size clutch size
280 mm
Clutch Type clutch type
Single Clutch Dry Friction Plate
Double Clutch


Pto Hp pto hp
33 HP
PTO Type pto type
6 Spline
Eptraa PTO
PTO Speed pto speed
1000 RPM/540 RPM
540, 540E, Reverse, Ground Speed


Pump Flow pump flow
Lifting Capacity lifting capacity
1000 Kg
1800 kg


Fuel Tank Capacity tractor tank capacity
Length tractor length
3470 MM
3510/3610 MM
Wheel Base wheel base
1950 MM
2115/2040 MM
Height tractor height
2255 MM
2386/2370 MM
Tractor Weight tractor weight
1895 KG
1945/2145 KG


Brakes Type brakes type
Dry Disc Type/Oil Immersed Brakes
Multi Disk Oil Immersed
Steering steering
Manual / Power
Power Steering
Tyre Size tyre size
6.5X16 / 7.5X16 / 8X18 / 8.3X24 / 9.5X24, 14.9X28


Misc. Options
  • LIFT
  • TYRE
  • LIFT
  • TYRE
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Which is best tractor for you, Swaraj 735 FE Tractor or New holland Excel 3600 2 Tractor?
Should you buy Swaraj 735 FE Tractor or New holland Excel 3600 2 Tractor? Find out which tractor is best for you - compare the two tractors on the basis of their Price, HP, Cylinder, LIFTING CAPACITY, and other features and specifications. Swaraj 735 FE Tractor and New holland Excel 3600 2 Tractor ex-showroom price varies from city to city. To know the price click here. Swaraj 735 FE Tractor has 39 HP, 3 Cylinder engine while New holland Excel 3600 2 Tractor has 49.5HP, 3 Cylinder engine.

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