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Compare Swaraj 735 FE vs VST 932 DI

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Swaraj 735 FE v/s VST 932 DI

Swaraj 735 FE v/s VST 932 DI Tractor Features

Feature comparison is the most important because this helps us to determine which model has more to offer. Have a look at the detailed Swaraj 735 FE v/s VST 932 DI tractor features comparison.

Swaraj 735 FE comes with a 3-cylinder engine of 40 HP power whereas the VST 932 DI HP is 30 and it uses a 3-cylinder engine. The engine capacity of Swaraj 735 FE is 2734 CC cc while it’s 1642 cc cc in the case of VST 932 DI. Both the tractors have water-cooled engines.

If we compare these two models on transmission, Swaraj 735 FE has 8 Forward + 2 Reverse gears and VST 932 DI has 9F + 3R gears. But, the Swaraj 735 FE uses an independent PTO clutch and the VST 932 DI comes with a single/dual clutch.

Steering adjustment is absent in both models. Swaraj 735 FE has only Manual / Power steering but you can choose from Power Steering steering if you purchase VST 932 DI.

Turning radius with brake feature is absent in Swaraj 735 FE but is present in VST 932 DI.

Swaraj 735 FE uses DCV whereas VST 932 DI has Category - II .

The wheel drive of Swaraj 735 FE is 2WD and 4WD in the case of VST 932 DI. Both tractors use ADDC control for managing the weight lifting. But, you can lift up to 1000 Kg with Swaraj 735 FE and up to 1250 Kg with VST 932 DI.

Compare Tractor Price of Swaraj 735 FE v/s VST 932 DI

Comparing Tractor prices is important for making a decision. The Swaraj 735 FE price in India is between Rs. 5.95 - 6.15 Lakh* whereas the VST 932 DI price in India is within the range of Rs. 5.80 - 6.30 Lakh*. Both the tractors are affordable and easily available in India.


Name Of Engine engine name
RV-3 XM+3A
Trem IIIA, Naturally Aspirated DI Engine
HP hp
Engine Cylinder engine cylinder
Displacement CC displacement cc
2734 CC
1642 cc
Cooling System cooling system
Water Cooled with No loss tank
Water Cooled
Engine RPM engine rpm
Torque torque
109.4 Nm
Power power
29.82 kW
23.86 Kw


Name Of Transmission transmission name
Single Dry Disc Friction Plate
Fully Synchromesh
Number Of Gears number of gears
8 Forward + 2 Reverse
9F + 3R
Max Forward Speed max maximum forward speed
2.30 to 27.80 Kmph
22.32 kmph
Max Reverse Speed maximum reverse speed
2.73 & 10.74 Kmph
12.08 kmph
Clutch Size clutch size
280 mm
Clutch Type clutch type
Single Clutch Dry Friction Plate


Pto Hp pto hp
33 HP
PTO Type pto type
6 Spline
PTO Speed pto speed
1000 RPM/540 RPM
540@2340, 1004@2500


Lifting Capacity lifting capacity
1000 Kg
1250 Kg


Length tractor length
3470 MM
2510 mm
Wheel Base wheel base
1950 MM
1520 mm
Height tractor height
2255 MM
1390 mm
Tractor Weight tractor weight
1895 KG
1240 Kg (unballasted)


Brakes Type brakes type
Dry Disc Type/Oil Immersed Brakes
Oil Immersed Brakes
Steering steering
Manual / Power
Power Steering
Tyre Size tyre size
F(6X12), R(9.5X20)


Misc. Options
    • ENGINE
    • LIFT
    • GEAR BOX
    • TYRE
    • ENGINE
    • LIFT
    • GEAR BOX
    • TYRE
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    Which is best tractor for you, Swaraj 735 FE Tractor or VST 932 DI Tractor?
    Should you buy Swaraj 735 FE Tractor or VST 932 DI Tractor? Find out which tractor is best for you - compare the two tractors on the basis of their Price, HP, Cylinder, LIFTING CAPACITY, and other features and specifications. Swaraj 735 FE Tractor and VST 932 DI Tractor ex-showroom price varies from city to city. To know the price click here. Swaraj 735 FE Tractor has 40 HP, 3 Cylinder engine while VST 932 DI Tractor has 30HP, 3 Cylinder engine.

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