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Worldtrac 75 RX 2WD / 4WD


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Worldtrac 75 RX 2WD / 4WD




Water Cooled

Cooling System

2250 / 2350 MM

Wheel Base

2500 Kg

Lifting Capacity


Engine Cylinder

Sonalika worldtrac 75 or WT 75 is a powerful tractor by sonalika designed to handle tasks for large farms. This tractor's bigger size ensures more work in the farms without any interruption. This special tractor is loaded with many best features that let a farmer generate more revenue with his farming skills. This sonalika tractor is a 75 hp bigger sized tractor that offers a 4 cylinder powerful engine. With its efficient and powerful engine, it can easily handle even the toughest tasks of farming. The transmission system of this tractor is consist of a dual-clutch and uses a synchromesh type of technology that gives smooth gear changing operations. With its 12 forward and 12 reverse gears, this tractor can easily work on a number of speed options and can be utilized for a variety of farming applications like plowing, soil rotation, and heavy haulage operations. This tractor is installed with advance and powerful hydraulics that provide it an amazing lifting capacity of 2500 kg and OIB ( oil-immersed brakes ) gives a powerful braking experience to the farmer. The power steering of this tractor gives comfort and amazing driving performance to the farmer and a 65-liter fuel tank gives more space for fuel and added working hours to the tractor. This sonalika tractor model got bigger sized tires, a front tire with a size of 7.5 x 16 and a rear tire with a size of 16.9 x 30. These large-sized tires ensure less slippage on the farm and cover more distance in the farm