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Kartar 2WD Tractors

Kartar is best known for creating advanced tractors that understand farmer`s needs and empower them, The Kartar 2WD tractor is one such range. 2WD or Two-wheel drive tractors are also known as 2x2 tractors. Kartar 2wd tractors are lightweight and are often cost-effective as compared to 4WD tractors.

In 2WD tractors, the tractor weight is on a single rear axle and is designed to perform by using only 45-50% of the actual engine capacity. The engine power of 2WD tractors is within the 4-150 kW range. Kartar 2-wheel drive tractors have a small turning radius because of which their handling is easy. Most of the Kartar 2WD tractors are designed to support multiple farming implements like cultivators, rotavators, and seeders.

Some of the most famous Kartar 2WD tractor models are Kartar 4036, Kartar 5136, Kartar 4536 and Kartar 5936 2WD. The Kartar 2x2 tractor design is so attractive and easy to use. Kartar tractor Tractors offers one to six years of warranty on all Kartar 2WD tractor models.

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Kartar 2WD Tractors Customer Reviews

tractor model Kartar 5136

user review


 04 May, 2024

New kartar tractor acha hai

tractor model Kartar 5136

user review

Sanjay rambhau kharode

 19 Feb, 2024

Kartar tractor best

tractor model Kartar 5936 2WD

user review

Surjeet Singh

 09 Feb, 2024


tractor model Kartar 5136

user review

Naresh kumar lodhi

 08 Feb, 2024

Kartar 5136

tractor implementsTractor Implements

Recently Asked Question about Kartar 2WD Tractors:

How many Kartar 2WD Tractor models are available in India?>

6 Kartar 2WD Tractors models available in India.

What is the duration of warranty on Kartar 2WD Tractors?>

Kartar 2WD tractors warranty duration varies from model to model.

Where you can get Kartar 2WD Tractor price?>

At Tractorgyan, you can get Kartar 2WD tractor prices.

Where you can find Kartar 2WD Tractor dealers near you?>

At Tractorgyan, you can find Kartar 2WD tractor dealers near you.

How much is the servicing cost for Kartar 2 Wheel Drive Tractors?>

Kartar 2 wheel drive Tractors servicing costs vary depending on the problem in the tractor.

What are the advantages of Kartar 2x2 Tractors?>

The Advantages of Kartar 2x2 Tractors are cost-effective, small turning radius, easy handling, and so on.

Where you can get complete details about Kartar Two Wheel Drive Tractors?>

At Tractorgyan, You can get complete details about Kartar Two Wheel Drive tractors.

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About Kartar 2WD Tractors in India

Kartar 2wd Tractors are one of the best 2-wheel drive tractors in the country, and if you are looking to buy one, there is no better place than Tractor Gyan to start your research.

Kartar is truly a one-of-a-kind tractor manufacturing company in India. The brand is known for making powerful tractors. And the Kartar 2WD tractor proves this. The Kartar 2x2 tractor is revolutionary. In 2WD tractors, the weight lies on the single rear axle (rear two wheels get power from the engine), designed to perform at 45–50% of the engine's capacity.

Farmers across the country have relied on Tractor Gyan for all tractor and farming-related queries. And it stays the same when it comes to Kartar 2WD Tractors.

Popular Kartar 2WD Tractors In India:-

Kartar 2WD tractors offer enormous power and are admired by all farmers around the world. Kartar 2 by 2 tractors provide advanced engine technology, which provides smoother and more powerful operations. Additionally, the Kartar tractors come with advanced features such as a power transmission that allows for effortless shifting and a three-point hitch system that makes attaching and detaching implements easier. This makes Kartar 2WD tractors the ideal choice for farmers who need powerful and reliable tractors for their work.

The most popular Kartar 2WD tractor models in India are:-

1. Kartar 4036: This Kartar 2x2 tractor is a powerful tractor with top-notch built-up quality. Let's see the amazing specifications of the same:

● HP: The Kartar 4036 is a 42 HP tractor. One of the most powerful tractors in the Kartar 2WD category.
● Lifting Capacity: This Kartar tractor can lift up to 1800 kg seamlessly.
● Price: The price range is Rs. 6.40 to Rs. 6.60 lacs*.

2. Kartar 4536: The Kartar 4536 is another powerful tractor in the Kartar family that belongs to the 2WD series. This 2WD tractor has a powerful engine and is capable of doing heavy-duty farming tasks with utmost ease. The specifications are as follows:

● HP: This is a 48 HP tractor with amazing features.
● Lifting Capacity: 1800 kg is the lifting capacity of the Kartar 4536.
● Price: This Kartar 2-wheel drive tractor Price is Rs. 6.90 to Rs. 7.10 lacs*.

Benefits of Kartar 2WD Tractors:-

Apart from delivering powerful performances, Kartar 2 by 2 tractors are known to have many more benefits, which are listed below:

● Kartar 2wd Tractor prices are affordable and made to fit the purchasing power of Indian farmers belonging to different economic levels and also the maintenance cost of these tractors is low.
● Kartar 2wd tractors' small turning radius makes them perfect for small farmland where tractors have to work in narrow spaces.
● The Kartar 2WD tractors are easy to operate and they use less energy to power the wheels because only 2 wheels get the power from the engine in this way they are more fuel efficient.
● Kartar 2-wheel drive Tractors can perform all the primary farming tasks better in dry farmland such as lifting weights, pulling implements, sowing seeds, spraying, harvesting crops, and so on. Kartar 2WD tractors are capable of doing it all.

Where to go for authentic information about Kartar 2WD Tractors in India?

Whenever there is a need for authentic and updated information about Kartar 2x2 tractors or any other farming-related query, there is only one place you need to check, and that is Tractor Gyan.

Because it is only at Tractor Gyan that you will find 100 percent authentic and up-to-date information about Kartar 2WD tractor prices, which gets published on our website only after being verified by tractor enthusiasts. For more updates, visit Tractor Gyan.