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  • Swaraj 960 FE
 tractor brand


 tractor model


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tractor Cooling System

Cooling System

Water Cooled with no loss tank, Oil cooler for engine oil

 tractor Wheel Base

Wheel Base

2200 MM

 tractor Lifting Capacity

Lifting Capacity

2000 Kg

tractor Cylinder

Engine Cylinder


Swaraj 960 FE is a 55 HP tractor. It has a 3-cylinder engine that can generate a displacement of 3480 CC. The operational engine RPM is 2000. The tractor is compatible with all implements. It has 8 forward and 2 reverse gears for better speed. 

The Swaraj 960 FE price is Rs. 8.15 Lakh* to Rs. 8.45 Lakh* in India. This price range is affordable and farmers can easily purchase this tractor.  

Swaraj 960 FE Price and Variants (On Road Price)

Swaraj 960 FE on-road price starts from Rs.8.15 Lakh* - Rs. 8.45 Lakh* in India 2024. This is the only variant of this tractor. But farmers want to see its 4WD variant. At an affordable Swaraj 960 4x4 price on road.

Swaraj 960 FE Price in India 2024 (Ex-Showroom Price)

Swaraj 960 FE ex-showroom price is Rs. 7.65 Lakh* to Rs.7.90 Lakh* in India. 

Swaraj 960 FE Specifications

Swaraj 960 FE is packed with many advanced specifications. 

  • Engine:- Swaraj tractor 960 FE comes with a 3-cylinder engine that operates at 3480 CC displacement and 2000 RPM. The power required to operate this tractor is 44.74 kW. The Swaraj 960 hp is 55. 
  • Transmission:- The transmission type used on this tractor is constant mesh and it comes with 8 forward and 2 reverse gears. The clutch type used here is dual/single clutches. The maximum forward speed of this tractor is 33.5 Kmph while the maximum reverse speed is 12.9 Kmph. 
  • PTO:- Swaraj 960 PTO HP is 51. It has an advanced multi-speed PTO. You also have a reverse PTO option. The PTO speed is 540 RPM. 
  • Hydraulics:- The tractor can easily lift up to 2000 KG weight with the help of a 3-point linkage option. 
  • Dimensions:- The Swaraj 960 FE weight is 2330 KG and its total length is 3590 mm. The width is 1940 MM while the height is 2340 MM and The wheelbase is 2200 MM. 

Swaraj 960 FE Features

  • It comes with a water-cooled no-loss tank cooling system. 
  • It also has an oil cooler for engine oil. 
  • The ground clearance for this tractor is 410 mm. 
  • This tractor comes with a 3-stage oil bath-type air filter. 
  • The brake system of this tractor uses oil-immersed brakes. 
  • It comes with a power steering system.  
  • It has multi-speed forward and reverse PTO. 
  • The fuel tank of Swaraj 960 FE is 61 litres.

Swaraj 960 FE Benefits

  • Swaraj 960 FE tractor is made of premium-grade material that can handle wear and tear for years. 
  • The service interval of the tractor is high. Hence, farmers don’t have to spend a lot on its servicing. 
  • The 960 Swaraj hp engine is fuel efficient and consumes less fuel. 
  • The large fuel tank ensures that farmers don’t have to refuel the tractor during on-field operation. 
  • The 410 mm ground clearance helps farmers to move the tractor on the field without damaging the crop. 

Swaraj 960 FE Review

Swaraj 960 FE online reviews show that this tractor can perform heavy-duty farming activities on the ground. The users are glad of the multi-speed reverse PTO as it increases the functionality.  

Most of the reviews talk about its 4wd variant which the company provides at a budget-friendly Swaraj 960 4x4 price. But, some farmers need more gear options. TractorGyan provides a dedicated section for user reviews. You can check it out to get to know more about how good this tractor is in real-time and which features impress farmers the most. 

Swaraj 960 FE Dealers and Availability

Swaraj 960 FE dealers are all across India. Swaraj dealers are the best possible source to get a tractor with genuine parts and a validated warranty. Swaraj dealers in India will also have professional sales personnel who can help you understand the Swaraj 960 price on road, features in a better way. 

If you’re having trouble finding Swaraj 960 FE dealers near you, TractorGyan can help you. The platform provides a dedicated dealer listing page. On this page, farmers can find the Swaraj dealer address and the Swaraj Tractor 960 dealer contact number. As this information is correct, farmers can easily find dealer details. 

Swaraj 960 FE Warranty and Maintenance

Swaraj 960 FE warranty is 2000 hours or 2 years from the date of purchase. This warranty covers key parts like the engine, transmission, PTO, and brakes. If farmers get any operational issues on any of the parts during the warranty period, they can claim the repair under the warranty. 
In addition to this warranty, farmers need to know about basic maintenance information. Swaraj 960 FE engine parts should be well-lubricated and changed at the right time. Also, farmers need to check if the key parts of the Swaraj tractor 960 Fe are working fine. They should be servicing the tractor at regular intervals. 

Regular maintenance helps a farmer increase the Swaraj tractor 960 FE life and productivity. 

Why Choose Tractor Gyan For Swaraj 960 FE tractor?

Swaraj 960 FE tractor is capable of taking care of large-scale and heavy-duty farming easily. The tractor can work in all kinds of soil situations and conditions. Farmers can make the right choice to purchase 960 Swaraj tractors. But, they need to know about the Swaraj 960 price, specifications, and warranty. 

TractorGyan provides a crisp overview of Swaraj 960 FE tractors. The detailed listing at TractorGyan covers aspects like Swaraj 960 price, features, warranty, and benefits. 

The comparison tool of TractorGyan helps farmers to find out whether the Swaraj 960 FE tractor is better as compared to other models. 

Customer Reviews of Swaraj 960 FE Tractors

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Swaraj 960 FE

user review

swaraj 960 hp has one of the best tractor hp and 960 swaraj tractor is worth buying.

user review

Swaraj new tractor model Swaraj 960 ki kimat mujhe shi lgi. maine aasani se 6 feet rotavator chlaya iske sath.

user review

Swaraj 960 Fe Price is so affordable

user review


user review

eek dum majboot tractor hain humare seher mein to sb iss tractr ke fan hain iski mileage bdi achi aur engine bhi chlane mein bhi bhut aaramdayak hain eek dum first class tractor hain

user review

तकतभर ट्रैक्टर है तो हर काम में करता है। इंप्लीमेंट सारे चलते है इससे रोटावेटर बड़ा, पलाउ प्लांटर सब चला सकते है इससे। थेशर के लिए भी बढ़िया है ट्रैक्टर खेत में आराम से किसी भू जामीन पर जुताई करों कितनी ही देर काम करो फ्यूल टैंक 60 लीटर कैपेसिटी है आराम से काम करो। ट्रैक्टर का एवरेज ठीक ठाक है इस श्रेणी के हिसाब एक नंबर मॉडल है।

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Recently Asked Question About Swaraj 960 FE Tractor:

What is the Swaraj 960 FE price In India?

Swaraj 960 FE Price is Rs. 8.15 - 8.45 Lakh* in India.

What is the Swaraj 960 FE HP Category?

Swaraj 960 FE is a 55 HP tractor.

What is the Swaraj 960 FE PTO HP?

Swaraj 960 FE PTO HP is 51.

What is the Swaraj 960 FE lifting capacity?

Swaraj 960 FE lifting capacity is 2000 Kg.

What is the type of Swaraj 960 FE steering?

Swaraj 960 FE has Power Steering.

How long is the Swaraj 960 FE warranty?

Swaraj 960 FE Comes With 2 Years warranty.

Where can i find Swaraj 960 FE dealer near me?

At tractorgyan, You can find Swaraj 960 FE dealers near you.

Which types of brakes used in Swaraj 960 FE tractor?

Swaraj 960 FE tractor has Oil Immersed Brakes.

What is the number of gears in Swaraj 960 FE?

Swaraj 960 FE has 8 Forward+ 2 Reverse gears.

What is the Swaraj 960 FE transmission type?

Swaraj 960 FE has Constant Mesh transmition.

What is the number of engine cylinder in Swaraj 960 FE?

Swaraj 960 FE has 3 cylinder engine.

What is the Swaraj 960 FE RPM?

Swaraj 960 FE generate 2000 Engine RPM.

What is the Swaraj 960 FE displacement CC?

Swaraj 960 FE Displacement CC is 3480 CC.

What is the Swaraj 960 FE tractor Clutch Type?

Swaraj 960 FE has Single / Dual.

What is the Swaraj 960 FE fuel tank capacity?

Swaraj 960 FE fuel tank capacity is 61 Lit.

Which are the best selling tractor models of Swaraj tractors?

Swaraj 744 FE, Swaraj 744 XM, Swaraj 735 FE, Swaraj 717, and Swaraj 963 FE are the most popular swaraj tractor models.

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