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Explain about XM Series by Swaraj

13-Jan-2021 |  Asked by: Pavan

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In the XM series 724, XM Orchard NT is a 25-30hp category tractor, with a powerful & fuel efficient two-cylinder water-cooled engine. It has a special design that makes it highly suitable for inter-cultivation & orchard operations and many more such applications as its outer to outer width has been narrowed to 1092 mm.

Further in the XM series, Swaraj 834 XM is a 35hp category tractor with a powerful & fuel-efficient 3-cylinder water-cooled engine. It’s equipped with oil-immersed brakes, bigger rear tyres, taper front axle. Its Special features are the mobile cum carrier charger and stabilizer bar. The special Oil-immersed brakes make braking highly effective. It has a very special feature of bigger rear tires that help in better gripping and less slippage during field operations. It is ideal for use with a disc harrow, cultivator, and rotavator.

   15-Jan-2021 |   Answer by: Ram

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