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How can I improve soyabean cultivation?

28-Dec-2020 |  Asked by: Pavan

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Soybean called golden beans belongs to the legume family. It is native to East Asia. It is a rich source of Protein also an excellent source of fiber. Oil extracted from soybean contain a small amount of saturated fat. In Punjab, it plays an important role in crop diversification.
It gives good results when grown on well drained, fertile loamy soils. the pH of 6 to 7.5 is favorable for the optimum yield of soybean. Waterlogged, saline/alkaline soils are not suitable for its cultivation. Low temperature affects crops severely. We can prepare the field by giving two to three ploughings followed by planking. The first fortnight of June is the best time for sowing Soybean.
While sowing use row to row spacing of 45 cm and plant to plant spacing of 4-7 cm. Sow seeds at depth of 2.5-5 cm. Sow seeds with help of a seed drill.

   04-Jan-2021 |   Answer by: Ram

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