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Is Sonalika a good tractor?

10-Aug-2023 |  Asked by: Ravindra Jha

All Answers:


Yes, Sonalika is considered one of the best tractors in India due to its exceptional features, benefits, versatility, affordability, and wide range tractor portfolio from 18 HP to 90 HP range. It manufactures different tractors that are distinguished based on their hp, features, hydraulics capacity, and uses. Sonalika offers a variety of 2WD and 4WD tractors for every kind of use with the best torque and power. These tractors are classified into compact hp tractors, medium hp tractors, and high hp tractors. Compact tractors range <30 HP that provides better torque, speed, and hydraulics lift. Medium hp tractor range from 31 to 45 hp range, which is mainly used for small to medium land holdings. Whereas, high hp tractors range from 46 to 90 hp, which has several models to offer you advanced features and benefits according to the requirements.

Besides these technicalities. If we look at the company profile, Sonalika is considered the 3rd largest manufacturer of tractors in India and among the top 5 tractor manufacturers in the world. Moreover, it is the largest exporter of tractors from India to international markets. Sonalika tractors win the trust of more than 15 lakhs customers in 150 countries of the world.

   10-Aug-2023 |   Answer by: test

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