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What are the applications of Eicher 5660 super di?

27-Feb-2021 |  Asked by: Pavan

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Eicher 5660 Super DI is a high-range tractor backed by powerful engine for hassle-free drive. With an rpm of 540, the model perform different kinds of farm operations well. The design of the tractor keeps you moving smoothly even during the longest hours of journey. With standard gearboxes, it comes with dry disk and oil immersed brakes (optional). Eicher 5660 Super DI runs with an optimal speed and can lift large quantity of weight. Power steering lets you drive smoothly on smooth and rugged land surfaces. Overall, this tractor model is reasonably priced, reliable and need less maintenance. Eicher tractor 5660 is the best selling tractor model of Eicher Tractor Company. Eicher 5660 SUPER DI is one of the most liked tractor models by the Indian farmers in the 50 - 55 HP range. In different regions of the nation, the Eicher tractor price is distinct and reasonable for farmers. Eicher 5660 is the best performer in the field and does work with efficiency. Eicher 5660 tractor is a dual-clutch reliable tractor with 100% satisfaction. It is a favourite tractor of farmers in India. 5660 Eicher has a bundle of features such as disc brake or oil-immersed brakes, heavy lifting capacity, oil path type, and both manual and power steering. Eicher 5660 is a 2 WD tractor with a special combination of engine, reliability and durability. Eicher 5660 has a water-cooled engine that keeps a long time in the field and gives high productivity for farmers satisfaction. Eicher 5660 is a 50 Hp tractor with 3 cylinders and 3300 CC engine capacity that generates an engine rated RPM 2150. It has an oil bath type air filter that prevents the engine from dust particles. Eicher 5660 consists of several tools and features which is advantageous for all farming purposes. The valuable features of this Eicher model are displayed below. Eicher 5660 price is Rs. 6.55 lakh. All farmers can easily afford Eicher tractor 5660 price in India. Eicher 5660 price is budget-friendly and cost-effective for all small and marginal farmers. Eicher 5660 SUPER DI has 8 Forward + 2 Reverse Gear Box. It has a lifting capacity of 1700 Kg which can easily elevate heavy implements. Eicher 5660 SUPER DI has options like Oil bath type, Disc Brake, Oil Immersed (Optional), 42.5 PTO HP. Eicher 5660 SUPER DI Tractor comes with a powerful engine of 3067 CC to give you a superior driving experience. Not only this tractor comes with a great toughness but it also comes with 3-cylinders to provide you with great power along with superb toughness.

   03-Mar-2021 |   Answer by: Ram

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