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What are the applications of Sonalika Tiger Electric ?

11-Feb-2021 |  Asked by: Pavan

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Sonalika Tractors has recently raised the curtain from a new technological benchmark in the tractor industry in the form of India’s first field ready electric tractor, Sonalika Tiger Electric. It is in line with the brand’s commitment towards a greener tomorrow and with the Government of India’s ambitious move of introducing electric vehicles by the year 2030. Sonalika electric tractor hp is 35, IP67 compliant 25.5 kw naturally cooling compact battery. Sonalika Tiger Electric delivers seamless power as well as emission free and noise free farming in India and across the globe. It is economical to use as compared to the traditional diesel and petrol driven tractors. It is built on the proven tractor platform of Sonalika, which makes it farmer friendly and easy to use. Additionally, Sonalika Tiger Electric comes equipped with the same technological advancements that are offered to European and American farmers. Sonalika electric tractor price is Rs, 5,99,000 (ex-showroom). It is amazing news for the Indian farmers. Now, they can use this electric tractor to boost their productivity and also afford it at a reasonable Sonalika tractor electric price.
The Sonalika Tiger Electric tractor is equipped with an Etrac motor that is claimed to offer high power density and high peak torque with zero RPM drop for optimal performance. The motor is paired with an IP67-compliant 25.5kW natural-cooling compact battery that can be juiced up to 100 per cent using a regular home charging point in 10 hours. Sonalika is also offering an optional fast-charging system, which can charge Tiger Electric's battery in four hours. The new Tiger Electric tractor is equipped with the Sonalika transmission. It offers a top speed of 24.93kmph and a battery backup of 8 hours while operating with a 2-tonne trolley. The Tiger Electric is manufactured at Sonalika's vertically integrated tractor manufacturing plant in Hoshiarpur, Punjab.

   16-Feb-2021 |   Answer by: Ram

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