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What are the Benefits of Electrifying Auxiliaries?

31-Dec-2020 |  Asked by: Pavan

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A typical tractor contains several auxiliaries, including hydraulic and coolant pumps, air brake and A/C compressors, and a radiator fan. Traditionally, these have been coupled to the engine and their performance depends on the engine’s speed. With fully electric tractors, there is no constantly-running engine to power the auxiliaries, so electrifying them is a matter of necessity for power-on-demand.
Air Brake Compressor
Since the build-up of air pressure is dependent on the speed of the compressor, one benefit of decoupling the air brake compressor from the engine is the ability to fill the compressor tank faster, especially compared to a low, idle speed which would also be an engine operating point where a coupled compressor would become a significant load.
A/C Compressor
Similar to the air compressor, de-coupling the A/C compressor from the engine allows full speed and full load operation to quickly cool down the cab, even with the engine off. This could also allow for a cabin pre-cool (or pre-heat, in the case of an electric heater) feature for the operator.
Engine Radiator Fan
When coupled to the engine, the radiator fan is a large parasitic load and provides its poorest cooling performance during idle. On the other hand, electrifying the radiator fan would not only increase fuel economy but also enhance cooling performance and possibly run at higher speeds. Electrifying the fan also introduces the new feature of being able to run the fan in reverse to clean out the grill.

   08-Jan-2021 |   Answer by: Ram

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