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What are the different methods of sowing?

15-Jan-2021 |  Asked by: Pavan

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Different types of sowing:

? Broadcasting:
The easiest and simple method of sowing seeds. In this, you just have to spread seeds randomly just like a random throw and you can do that either manually or mechanically. This method is cheap but it doesn't ensure proper spacing, depth and nice coverage of soil over seeds.

? Dibbling:
This one is a little expensive but it leads to the proper placing of seeds. Basically in this technique, we place the seeds in holes at a uniform distance and depth then cover them with soil. The process is time-consuming but you can use the dibbler (a kind of instrument that creates holes)for placement of seeds.

? Drilling:
We have to sow the seed in a hole in a row and then we close the hole with soil. For creating holes we can use seed drill and also seed cum fertiliser drill. Just like dibbling the output of this technique is also great but it's both expensive and time-consuming.

? Transplanting:
As the name of the method suggests that there is some transplantation involved here. Basically, we transplant a seedling to the field from nursery. We can use transplanter to shift the seedlings.

? Check row planting:
This one is the most systematic way of sowing. We sow seeds in two perpendicular rows which maintains the uniform distance between plants and it can be achieved with the help of machine known as check row planter.

? Seed dropping behind the plough:
In this process, we placed the seed in random order but it has to be done behind the plough. One person has to handle the plough and the other has to place the seed. This process is widely used in villages but this requires lots of efforts which makes it quite hectic.

? Hilldropping:
In this method, you just have to spread the seeds at constant intervals because of which the space between plants is constant throughout the field.

The journey from seed to plant is too much beautiful and your selection about everything makes it more interesting.

   22-Jan-2021 |   Answer by: Ram

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