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What are the different mini tractors in India?

28-Dec-2020 |  Asked by: Pavan

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Tractors below 30 hp and width, less than 1.2 m are classified as Mini Tractors in India. Although they are small in size they come with great efficiency, performance, and sufficient power so that they can work well with all types of implements.
Mini Tractors made up an estimated 10% of the entire tractor industry in 2018. Mini Tractors are designed to work in small spaces with optimum power and efficiency. because of their small size.
Mahindra Mini Tractors, Sonalika Mini Tractors, Kubota Mini Tractors, John Deere Mini Tractors are a number of the foremost popular brands of Mini Tractors in India. Also, Farmtrac Mini Tractors, Swaraj Mini Tractors, and Eicher Mini Tractors have a good customer base.
Mini Tractors are utilized by small landowner farmers, and also in special applications like inter culture and spraying of pesticides in vineyards and orchards and usually, most of the mini tractor came with 4WD options and side-mounted gear levers so it is also easy to handle and drive also. Because of reduced size, and development the mini tractor has a short turning capacity, which permits the tractor to effortlessly explore around deterrents without harm to the yield. It is valuable for cultivation crops.

Mini tractors that have advanced features and their price is just too affordable. They are suitable for farmers who are doing horticulture farming. They have a low hp range and therefore the price of mini tractors is additionally affordable. They also are referred to as a garden, orchard, compact, and Chota tractor.

Mini tractors are that the full package deal for all the farmers because it comes with all the essential features like heavy hydraulic lifting capacity, large fuel tank, 4 wheel drives, fuel saver, and lots of more. Many mini tractors accompany a strong engine that gives effective and efficient work on the sector. Compact tractor price in India is most reasonable for its customers in order that they will afford it easily. So buying a Mini tractor is that the full package deal for the farmers.

   02-Jan-2021 |   Answer by: Ram

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