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What are the features of John Deere 5050D?

07-Jan-2021 |  Asked by: Pavan

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John Deere tractor 5050 D plays a very important role for farmers because of the tractor’s unmatched power, performance, productivity, and reliability. 5050 D has a durable mechanical front-wheel drive which supports longer operation durations. It is available in both 2 WD and 4 WD, and this agricultural tractor is suitable for all heavy-duty farming applications. It has a tillable steering column which enhances the overall comfort, along with this the technology equipped makes the movement of the implements easy, which makes this tractor a very performing tractor in the industry. 5050 D has been made in a way that saves fuel, reduces noise, and increases engine life.
It has a Selective control valve and Power Steering for the smooth functioning of the tractor. Hydrostatic power steering ensures a smooth steering operation with fewer operating efforts. Power steering utilizes common oil, so no routine check is required and provides high durability.
John deere 5050 D comes with 3 cylinders and 50 hp engine generating 2100 engine rated RPM and has 2900 cc powerful engine capacity making it a very smooth functioning tractor.
John Deere Tractor 5050 D has 8 forward and 2 reverse collar shift gearboxes and a single/dual-clutch option.
It also comes with a mobile charging point with a holder which will help the operator to charge a phone while driving a tractor.
It offers Enhanced operator comfort. And also Enhanced tractor maneuverability.

   11-Jan-2021 |   Answer by: Ram

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