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Home| Tractors Question| What are the features of Swaraj 735 FE?

What are the features of Swaraj 735 FE?

03-Feb-2021 |  Asked by: Pavan

All Answers:


Swaraj 735 FE comes with Fuel efficient water cooled 3-cylinder engine and power steering for greater stability in transport or in comfortable driving.
Swaraj 735 FE comes with oil immersed brakes which improve braking efficiency and need less maintenance and last longer.
With the assistance of 8+2 gears options Swaraj 735 FE can achieve forward speed in range of 2.3 to 27.8 kmph.
Swaraj 735 FE is fitted with larger tires for better grip and fewer slippages during field operation. The Swaraj 735 FE fitted with 6 X 16 front tyres and 12.4 X 28 or 13.6 X 28 rear tyres.
Swaraj 735 FE also features a stabilizer bar to regulate the sway of heavy implements like a rotavator.
Swaraj 735 FE comes with a hydraulics lifting capacity of 1000 kg to be used on various equipment.
Swaraj 735 FE provided the 6 spline type of PTO at speed of 540 and 1000 PTO rotations per minute, at power output of 33 HP.
Swaraj 735 FE weighs 1895 kg on scale and has an overall length of 3470 mm.
The Swaraj 735 FE is a 2 wheel drive type tractor.
Swaraj 735 FE has a gearbox with 8 forward + 2 reverse gears.
735 FE has a Maximum Speed of 27.80 kmph in Forward and 10.74 kmph in reverse.
Swaraj 735 FE also has better resale value in comparison to competition tractors due to low maintenance cost, high fuel efficiency, better ergonomics which takes care of farmer's comfort and superior grip on road and farm also.
Swaraj 735 FE Price is approx 5.60 lac but it may vary as per the variant and location.
Swaraj 735 FE comes with the 12 V 88 Ah battery.
735 FE comes with automatic depth and draft control, for category- I and II type implement pins.
Swaraj 735 tractor total weight is 1895 KG and the wheelbase is 1950 MM provides a small turn capability.
Swaraj 735 FE comes with the 6 spline type of PTO at a speed of 540 and 1000 PTO revolutions per minute, at a power output of 32.6 HP.
Swaraj 735 FE has an overall length of 3470 mm and 1695 width.
Swaraj FE 735 tractor has 1000 kg lifting capacity to elevate heavy implements.
Swaraj 735 FE has High fuel efficiency, Mobile charger, Parking Breaks, and many other additional features.
Swaraj 735 FE has Stabilizers Bar
Swaraj 735 FE has Diaphragm Type Single Clutch
Swaraj 735 FE has Bigger 13.6*28 Rear Tyre For Better Gripping
Swaraj 735 FE has Better Braking Efficiency
Swaraj 735 FE has Fuel Efficient Water Cooled 3 Cylinders Engine

   08-Feb-2021 |   Answer by: Ram

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