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What are the features of the Eicher 380 super DI?

20-Jan-2021 |  Asked by: Pavan

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Eicher 380 SUPER DI comes with a Single/Dual Clutch Clutch and this improves its capacity and makes it outstands in its field.
Eicher 380 SUPER DI tractor comes with an option to choose between Dry Disc Brakes / Oil Immersed Brakes brakes that provide it with a viable grasp and it also prevents slippage.
It has an exceptional mileage with a fuel capacity of 45 Lit that results in longer working hours.
Eicher 380 SUPER DI has both Mechanical and Power Steering options and 8 Forward + 2 Reverse Gear Box.
Eicher 380 comes with a combination of Constant and Sliding Mesh with Side Shift for comfortable drivability for Indian Farmers because it’s very easy to operate.
Eicher 380 equips with 8 Forward + 2 Reverse Speed Gearbox. On-Road Eicher 380 has a Maximum Speed of 33.80 kmph in forwarding direction.
For cooling Eicher 380 equips with Water-cooled Technology.
Eicher 380 comes with Live Speed PTO and Single Clutch Only.
Eicher 380 Tractor is available with the option of Manual or Power Steering, and both Disc Brake or Oil immersed Brakes.
Eicher 380 also has better resale value in comparison to competition tractors due to low maintenance cost, high fuel efficiency, better ergonomics which takes care of farmers comfort and superior grip on Road and farm also.
Eicher 380 40 Hp tractor has a 45-litre fuel holding capacity and 1200 hydraulic lifting capacity with its total weight 2045 KG.

   27-Jan-2021 |   Answer by: Ram

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