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What are the latest technologies in agriculture?

28-Dec-2020 |  Asked by: Pavan

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In recent years, the adoption of digital technologies in precision agriculture has been adjusting the ways that farmers treat crops and manage fields. One doesn’t have to be an expert to see how the technology has changed the concept of farming making it more profitable, efficient, safer, and simple.
Since fields are location-based, GIS software becomes an incredibly useful tool in terms of precision farming. While using GIS software, farmers are able to map current and future changes in precipitation, temperature, crop yields, plant health, and so on. It also enables the use of GPS-based applications in-line with smart machinery to optimize fertilizer and pesticide application; given that farmers don’t have to treat the entire field, but only deal with certain areas, they are able to achieve conservation of money, effort, and time.

Predicting yields, as well as conducting almost real-time field monitoring, with a view to detecting a variety of threats with satellite data in service has never been so easy.
The sensors are able to give imagery in various spectra, allowing for the application of numerous spectral indices, such as the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI). NDVI allows for the detection of vegetation content, the amount of wilting plants, and overall plant health.


With the assistance of drones, farmers have an opportunity to define crop biomass, plant height, the presence of weeds, and water saturation on certain field areas with high precision. They deliver better and more accurate data with higher resolution in comparison to satellites.

Precision Planting makes collecting data from within the seed trench a reality, without having to get down on ones’ hands and knees or even make another trip across the field since it’s integrated within the planter itself. According to Precision Planting, “unprecedented sensing capability will allow farmers to not only map row-by-row organic matter, soil moisture, and furrow residue but also to perform on-the-go control of planting population

   05-Jan-2021 |   Answer by: Ram

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