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What are the major problems of agriculture?

29-Aug-2023 |  Asked by: Sanskar Konak

All Answers:


Agriculture plays an important role in improving the standard of living of farmers. Moreover, 18.3% percent of the country's GDP comes from the agriculture sector with 60% of farmers involved in agriculture practices. But farmers also face several problems in farming that affect their lives. This can arise from the procurement of inputs to marketing and post-harvest operations, farmers conquer various difficulties. The Biggest problems in agriculture faced by farmers are:

1. Small and fragmented land holdings
2. Lack of marketing and storage facilities
3. Lack of mechanization or modern equipment
4. Credit availability
5. Poor irrigation facilities
6. Soil fertility depletion
7. Inadequate access to crop insurance schemes
8. Impact of climate change
9. Price volatility
10. Improper storage facilities

   29-Aug-2023 |   Answer by: Lata Singh

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