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What are the tips to drive a tractor?

24-Dec-2020 |  Asked by: Pavan

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1.Prevent Collisions
• Left-turn collision
The tractor begins to turn left at the same time that a road user attempts to overtake resulting in a collision.The police advise that the tractor driver ensures all manoeuvres are clearly signalled.
• Sideswipe collision
A motorist could be side-swiped by a tractor when attempting to overtake it. This could happen when the tractor is towing equipment which is extra wide or long.The police advise that reflective materials should be used to mark the extreme front points of the equipment.

• Rear-end collision
The road user does not see or mis-judges the speed of a tractor and hits the rear end.The police advise that tractors not capable of exceeding 25mph may use an amber beacon to ensure that they are clearly visible to other road users. In certain circumstances the use of a beacon is obligatory. Tractor drivers should also make sure that their brake lights are fully working and brakes used to clearly show to other motorists that they are slowing down.
2. Performing a walk around before you start
Some people just hop on their tractor turn the key and go to work. Taking a few seconds to walk around the tractor and visually check it over can save you lots of time and potentially prevent injuries. Look for low tires, leaks, missing linkage pins, and debris in the grill.
Always pull the dipstick and check your engine oil before you start your tractor for the first time each day. You will get the most accurate reading because most all oil has had time to drain back down into the pan.
3. Not balancing your load
There are so many epic tractor fail videos about tipping and rollovers. Most tipping incidents are due to working on sloped or soft ground, or to heavy, unbalanced loads. Make sure you’re on solid ground and you’re using the right equipment for the job. For example, On a slope you should have a heavier tractor and wide tires with good traction.
4.Missing maintenance
Tractors last a long, long time, but only with proper maintenance. Just like a car, you need to change the oil, use fresh fuel, and regularly check belts, lights, lubrication, and every part of the machine that can possibly go wrong. It’s just too expensive not to.
Keep track of working hours and stick religiously to your maintenance schedule . Learning to do regular maintenance, like clean filters, grease the joints, and check fluid levels will help you avoid trouble. Using the wrong tractor hitch pin. Hitch pins are such a small thing that people don’t give them much thought. If you have a tractor that requires a hitch pin to pull implements, make sure you get the right size or you could cause all kinds of havoc.Eyeballing it isn’t accurate. You need a pin that’s small enough to fit the hole, and strong enough to pull your load. Don’t guess.

   26-Dec-2020 |   Answer by: Ram

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